July 9, 2009

Water for Douchebags

7/09/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , 2 comments
I was on one of my favorite blogs this morning, USA Today's Pop Candy, and found this startling link in her Early Buzz links. Here's the thing: we all need water to live, but let's be honest... there isn't a bottle water yet that screams, "I'm a dehydrated douchebag and need to quench my thirst." Well, rest assured d-bags, you can drink happily. Ed Hardy, purveyor such high fashion items like t-shirts and hoodies with ugly tattoo prints, has launched a bottled water line. According to that Pop Candy link, it's not a joke. Dear god... what is this world coming too? At least when Donald Trump launched Trump Ice, I laughed hard but at least he's a brand that expands to a lot of different stuff. Ed Hardy Water... I think I'm speechless for once. (image from The Water Loft)

Disclaimer: Not all people who wear Ed Hardy are douchebags. I just hate the style. My apologies if you are reading this blog and own Ed Hardy clothes and are offended. I'm just expressing my opinion- I'm not here to make friends!


Anonymous said...

Finally, deebs will have something to do in between working out and turning their baseball caps slightly to the left.

BTW, my verification word was "bragu". Sounds like a city in eastern Europe.

Mel Got Served said...

Or a poor's man pasta sauce!