August 15, 2009

Dharma Initiative Flip Videocamera

8/15/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , , No comments
For my birthday, I got to get myself a Flip Mino HD digital videocamera courtesy of my wonderful family, so I could share some cool videos from my upcoming Disney trip, share even more Schroeder memories, and of course start my lifelong dream of winning America's Funniest Videos. Available in solid colors, the Mino also has the option to choose a design gallery or design your own. I originally planned to pick one of their designs and they were so cool, but suddenly, I had a burst of inspiration: the Dharma Initiative from my favorite show ever, Lost. I searched the web for a Dharma logo and spent some time trying to pinpoint the perfect font (I ended up using Franklin Gothic Medium- in case you want to try and do this as well). So I put the design together in basic Windows Paint of all places and uploaded and resized my design in their little design wizard to print on the Flip Camera. A week later, my camera has arrived and it. Is. Awesome. Flip has really outdone itself: it's perfect! I highly recommend this awesome product. You can put whatever image you want on it and there's no extra charge. Now, time to take some videos (and avoid any Oceanic Airlines flights).

*In case you ask: I don't think ABC is too keen on websites sharing Dharma Brand logos and products via the web (actually, I know that for fact!), so I'm not going to distribute the design file. I made this design file for personal use only, but wanted to share the idea with fellow Lost fans. I made sure to mention my steps to creation above to help you out if you'd like to replicate it.