August 4, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Psych

8/04/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served No comments
Being an avid TV watcher, I often get asked "What shows do you recommend?" There are some obvious answers every time (Lost, Mad Men, etc.), but I watch a lot of quality TV that I wish everyone else watched too. So from time to time, I'd like to give you readers some suggestions of what to watch. Ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure...

Psych (on USA) is a show I didn't get into until this past winter, and man, am I glad I found it. Psych is about Shawn Spencer, a guy with an amazing eye for detail pretending to be a psychic to help solve crimes. Shawn is accompanied by his BFF Gus through mysteries full of humor, intrigue, and an abudance of pop culture references. There aren't too many shows out there that try to remember the title of a Shia LeBoeuf movie about holes, and then argue in another who gets the locker with the poster of Tubbs from Miami Vice. What makes this show work best is the friendship of Shawn and Gus. They might be my 2nd favorite TV BFFs behind Turk and JD, so that's big. And let's not forget other characters, including stick-in-the-mud Detective Carlton Lassiter, Shawn's ideal lady Detective Juliet O'Hara, Police Chief Karen Vick, and Shawn's former cop dad played by Corbin Bersen. This cast plays off each other perfectly, making the show one of the funnest hours of my TV week. Ever since I lost my beloved Veronica Mars, I figured I'd never find another detective show that fantastic writing, acting, comedy and good mysteries, but Psych has filled that void.

's new season starts this Friday at 1oPM on USA, so set your DVRs and get ready for laughs. (Image from TVShowsforAll)