August 9, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Oliver & Company

8/09/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
I've always considered Oliver & Company in my top Disney movies, but sadly, most others do not. It was a film that didn't get the credit it deserved, and I doubt I'll ever be getting a picture with Oliver and Dodger at the parks. And talk about soundtracks! Hands down the most talented group of musicians on the soundtrack- c'mon, Billy Joel plays the lead dog, Dodger, and writes a ton of tunes for the soundtrack. We used to blast that cassette all the time with our accompanying O&C Pillow People. Have you seen Oliver & Company? Well check out the awesome song "Why Do I Worry?" by Mr. Joel himself and remember the fonder times of cell animation and the childhood voice of Joey "Whoa" Lawrence.