August 7, 2009

Reality Rundown: America Crowns a New Favorite Dancer!

So You Think You Can Dance - Performance finale! All the dancers will go all key-party this week and dance with each other, along with a solo. There was a group number about cheerleaders and jocks by Wade Robson which was fun, but I feel like the girls didn't dance a lot. Jeanine and Evan did jazz and it looked great, but I didn't feel like it was a "finale" number; more about technique than wowing the audience. Kayla and Brandon do a Broadway routine that was of course excellent. Brandon and Evan team up for hip hop and poor Evan gets decimated; his dancing is subpar and he's such a nice guy for this mean and nasty routine. Jeanine and Kayla perform a Mia Michaels' contemporary piece that has them going all over the stage and pulling off layers; it was nice, but I admit, I did a few chores while this was on. Kayla and Evan take on a jive with a country western flair; I didn't mind it, but guest judge Adam Shankman used my earlier argument that it wasn't "finale material." Poor Evan is slammed again, but let's remember people, it's America's favorite dancer, not best. Jeanine and Brandon finish off the night with an amazing paso doble and it's clear, these are the top 2 (Nigel is the only judge who has the balls to say who he thinks deserves the win). I'm sure you're wondering, who am I routing for? My pick to win is Jeanine, and yes, I voted for her tonight! (Image from BuddyTV)

FINALE! This 2 hour extravaganza is 2 hours of the best routines from this season. So if you're paying to go to the live tour, this is 96% of what you'll see... but it's entertaining! Plus you get to see all the wonderful dancers that were booted off the show. I will say my favorite routine all season was Travis Wall's contemporary piece, followed by Brandon and Janette's Argentinian tango. We're also treated to Mia Michaels' group number to "One" except in the grand finale when the dancers go behind the mirrors, they come back out... and it's all the judges! What I love about seeing the judges dance is it shows that they are all credible; these are dancers who know their shizz. Onto results: Kayla is the 1st to be let go (which I guessed would happen, mainly because Evan was in a costume to dance and they wouldn't crush your dreams then make you dance right away). Shortly after, little lovable Evan was let go, leaving Brandon and Jeanine to duke it out. 21 million votes were cast (mine included) and America's favorite dancer is... JEANINE!!!!! Jeanine's at a loss for words and shocked, but we all knew she had it in her. See you all in the fall for SYTYCD season 6! (Original image from BuddyTV)

Top Chef Masters - For the Quickire (which I almost forgot happened) the chefs have to create an upscale burger, therefore I get really hungry and then angry because I had just brushed my teeth for the night. Michael Chiarello and Rick Bayless tie with 4 stars each (and might I add, Michael is always in awe of Rick). Onto the elimination challenge, which was a doozy. They are cooking lunch for actress Zooey Deschanel (her sister Bones better be there!) Oh wait, there's a catch: she's vegan (no meat, fish, eggs, dairy). And gluten-free (no wheat). All these chefs panic because that's a lot of restrictions. Art Smith decides to take on the kiss of death: dessert. He buys pre-made rice ice cream because he isn't sure how to make it properly, and then adds fresh strawberries and a fantastic peanut brittle. Michael Chiarello blows the whole table away with a delicious quinoa pasta, which I guess is wheat-free pasta, but it's again noted by the critics panel that the pasta was store-bought. In the end, the lovable and hilarious chef-to-Oprah Art Smith is eliminated for his bad dessert, keeping up the Top Chef streak. Next week: old Top Chef contestants return as sous-chefs! And Dale from Season 4 ain't takin' it! (Image from

Big Brother - Will the rat finally be exterminated tonight? Tonight's all about the fighting, but sadly, they cut it to only 1 fight, and not even the good part. The other night 3 huge fights erupted in the BB house, but we only got to see a bit of the Russell/Michelle/Chima fight. I'm sure you can Youtube or Clipser all 3, but here's a condensed 4 minute version which sums up the one phrase used the whole fight and it's pretty awesome. ANYWAYS, Russell's paranoia sets in pretty quick, and after Michelle mentions Chima wanting to backdoor him, he goes nuts, Chima goes nuts. It's very loud and Jordan comments that Chima's "real sassy." In Ronnie the Rat news, he thinks he can get a sympathy vote from Jordan and Jeff, so interrupts their makeout session to whine. They ignore him pretty much and keep kissing (except when Ronnie rips a huge fart). But most importantly, the house has been abuzz about the mystery power, or as they keep calling that person, "the wizard." We see a set of athletic legs in board shorts enter the Diary Room- IT'S JEFF!! (who hilariously couldn't pronounce the word- hey, we know he can't spell- "technotronics" anyone?) Jeff has to keep this power a complete secretly and obviously doesn't use it this week to take Ronnie or Lydia off the block. Ronnie makes a delightful speech, crying about being so happy to get on the show, but then takes a chance to get one last dig in at Michelle calling her "the worst human being I have ever had the misfortune of meeting." SERVED! But in the end, Ronnie is evited 4-3. YESSSSSSS. Now I can enjoy the live feeds. Julie questions Ronnie is the post-eviction interview and he just doesn't seem to see what a hypocrite he is. Anyways, good riddance Ronnie, my least favorite HG of all time. Onto the HOH competition! The night before, BB played all these lame and annoying messages recorded by fans to the house (and sadly, BB left out of the show how most messages were commenting on Natalie's disgusting hygiene and not showering for a week); HGs have to answer True/Fale questions about the calls, last one remaining is HOH. And the new HOH is... Chima! And I really don't care because JEFF is the one with the real power this week. Will he use it? Stay tuned and find out! (Original image from