August 13, 2009

Reality Rundown: America Kinda Helps Evict Jessie... Again!

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Top Chef MastersBig Brother

Top Chef Masters - Final 4! Host Kelly announces that they saved the best Quickfire for last: the blindfold taste test. Each chef is blindfolded and will taste 20 different ingredients and have to identify them. What we learned? This shizz is hard even for top chefs. Elimination challenge: prepare a buffet lunch for 200 guests. Don't worry, they'll have help courtesy of previous Top Chef contestants (including Richard Blais!) The Masters get to interview each chef to pick their staff (3 each). What we learned? No one wants to work for Michael Chiarello at all. After picking their teams, the chefs assemble their menus and Rick Bayless and Hubert Keller are really good about using ideas from their staff: Michael, not so much. Also, Michael gets into a fight over fridges with Anita's sous chef Dale- drama! After prep, they head to the hotel where the buffet is being held: but it's outside! This throws Anita Lo for a loop since she planned to do a raw fish bar, but the show must go on. They have to dump 1 of their chefs and finish the meal prep. Rick makes a delicious Mexican buffet with avocado ice cream using Richard Blais' skills. Hubert makes a feast with like 18 dishes, and they all taste amazing. Michael is a toss up, some good, some bad. Anita's raw bar doesn't go over well, and the rest of the food isn't great either, so the judges deem him the last chef to pack up her knives and leave. Next week: Finale! AND Top Chef classic returns! (Image from

Big Brother - Elimination night and all we want to know is, will Jeff use the Coup D'Etat? This episode was taped earlier in the day, out of fear all hell would break loose, so it might even be edited for content. But first, we sit through a lot of house drama to show all the drama involved with Russell on the block. He's trying his hardest to stay, even pleading to Jessie, who is still bitter he didn't get to play in POV. Russell ain't dumb and knows Jessie is just selfish and wanted to win POV to keep himself safe. Everyone knows Jeff is the wizard (not shown on TV: Wednesday night an entire room said "I have the mystery power" out loud so then it would be void. Jeff was not in the room) We also get to see Chima's grandparents and friend talk about Chima- yawn! Don't care! It's the 30 minute mark and because it's so late, I'm expecting Jeff sadly won't use the power. Time to vote! Julie asks one last time if whoever has the power wants to use it... and Jeff stands up! A few gasps in the room and Jeff turns pale- it's hilarious. Jeff first takes down Lydia and replaces her with Natalie. He then says he'd also like to take down Russell and puts up Jessie... and then Jessie proceeds to rip off his polo to reveal a T-shirt with himself shirtless on it calling himself, "The Man, The Myth, The Legend." His speech kinda makes no sense, except he tells Jeff this was a smart move. The final votes are 3 (Michelle, Kevin, Jordan) to 2 (Russell, Lydia)... and Jessie is evicted!! He completely blows off Kevin and hugs his ladies and leaves ths house. Julie Chen makes fun of Jessie for sleeping 12-13 hours a day and it's off to the Jury House for him. Onto the HOH comp! 2 at a time, HGs have to listen to a clue about a former competition and choose if it was HOH, POV, or Have/Have Nots. It comes down to Michelle and Kevin, and Michelle wins! Suddenly, the other side of the house is not so happy. Poor sports! But pat yourselves on the back America: we gave Jeff the power and he finally got Jessie off our screens! (Image from TV Grapevine)


jason said...

I cheered when Jessie and Nat were put up, and cheered even more when Jessie was kicked out. Thank god that dumba** meathead is gone!