August 28, 2009

Reality Rundown: The Chicken, the Egg, and the Hot Mess

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Top Chef - The cheftestants enter the Top Chef Kitchen to see a big ol' craps table; each chef will roll the dice and the number they get is the number of ingredients they have to use in their Quickfire dish. No one is "lucky" enough to roll snake eyes, but simple ingredient Kevin pulls a 10 which he pulls off well. One of the the brothers (the tattooed one) makes an 8 ingredient gazpacho molecular gastronomy style that wins him the $15k. Padma then tells the chefs they will have a battle of the sexes and cater a Bachelor/Bachelorette party (the women cook for the bachelor, men for the bachelorette). And the dishes need to incorporate 3 of the couples favorite shots. Ashley is not into this challenge because she thinks it's unfair to make the gay chefs cook for an event that she can not partake in legally; so Ashley better not go into catering. She ends up making a watermelon carpaccio that wins praise, but also creates a shitty pannecotta which hurts her in the long run Jennifer, who I have deemed the real life Cutthroat Bitch, goes out on a limb with octopus and does well; I think she's my favorite cheftestant. The men have pretty much awesome dishes across the board; the winner of this week's elimination challenge is the other brother Brian, who makes this meringue/avocado thing. Sibling rivalry indeed! The bottom 4 ladies are called in to get their beatings, and Preeti claims she thought her dish was good because the guys kept coming back for seconds. Preeti, if a party is serving free shots for the entire time, they're going to eat anything, even if it tastes like crap. But the obvious choice to go home is Eve, who yet again makes horrible tasting shrimp. She packs up her knives and in a week, I'm sure I'll forget she was ever here. (Image from

Big Brother - After Russell's nominations, all hell breaks loose. Russell decides if he's going out, he'll go out with a bang, fighting with Jeff and Jordan (and even pointing out all the pounds Jordan's packing on by chowing down on cookie dough all day). Russell works Kevin to try and keep him in the house, which is a tempting offer if Kevin and Natalie weren't too busy discussing how great it will be to evict Jeff next week; Jeff's so gullible for believing this 2. Before the eviction, we get to see Jessie in his neon pink wrestling pants hanging around the Jury House and watching his goodbye video messages from the HGs (and he's disappointed Chima didn't leave him one- he finds out the truth later). The next evicted HG, Lydia, greets Jessie with some punches and slaps, claiming she's pissed from comparing notes with Natalie, but I give her 20 minutes before she's trying to give Jessie some sweet jury house lovin'. Back in the BB house, Natalie gives a delightful speech where she already thanks everyone for promising to keep her in the game. Russell, surprisingly, gives a very polite speech and says the personal attackes were just part of the game. Julie gets a little tricky and it almost sounds like Natalie's gone, but c'mon, it's obvious Russell is gone (3-0). In his interview with Chenbot, Russell explains he definitely would've stuck to the final 4 deal and then team with Michelle at that point. Big mistake Jeff! The episode ends on another "To Be Continued" HOH competition, which involves carrying a teeny cup of hot chocolate across a slippery runway (or in this case, a graham cracker) and fill a giant fishbowl with a marshmallow in it; first to get the marshmallow out wins HOH. Yes, a challenge we see every year but this time with a s'mores theme. But Julie teases something else: another twist in the form of a mystery door in the HOH room! (Original image from

Project Runway - For the next challenge the designers will be designing for a supermodel and TV/movie actress: it's Rebecca Romijn-Stamos-O'Connell! And did I mention she's preggers with twins? High fashion maternity wear is the task, and it can be for any sort of occasion. Before focusing on the design, am I the only one who thinks designer Nicholas looks like a Tim Heidecker character? Skipping the workroom drama (like 2 people fitting into a giant pair of shorts), let's get to the runway! Eternally orange Michael Kors is absent this week, so noted designer Monique Lhullier is the guest judge and I can't believe how young she is- I always imagined some old bat (no offense Monique!) Shirin makes this beautiful chardonnay colored dress with some cool hand-stitched braiding and a wool coat lined with a flower print. Althea makes a really pretty evening gown that shows a lot of boobage, but great color. Shirin wins immunity this week, and well deserved it is! Ra'mon, a favorite from last week, makes a really tailored dress that has a resemblance to a wonderfully purple bowling ball bag. Mitchell, who sent an almost nude model down the runway last week, has a great concept of a fun "out to coffee with the girls" outfit, but makes some hideous shorts. But alas, Malvin is by far the worst. His concept is about a bird sitting on it's baby egg, so his baby bump looks like a giant sling/stork baby holder, and the top has features. His look is deemed too much a hot mess to handle and he's auf'ed. Thank god, because he was the dullest, strangest one there. He made James Paul from The Fashion Show look interesting. Next week: working in pairs! (Image from