August 19, 2009

Reality Rundown: Chima Later, Alligator

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Big BrotherAmerica's Best Dance Crew

Big Brother - Lydia, Natalie, and Chima are reeling in the "devastating loss" of Jessie from the house. So much so that they have a toast, cry about the good times- essentially it was like a wake and as if he died. It's pathetic and even their alliance-member Kevin is over it. He reminds us viewers via the DR that Jessie nominated Chima and Lydia for eviction, and once even voted to evict Lydia. What a great guy! Natalie, clearly delusional, tells us voters we made a mistake and can't understand why good people like them have to go. Sigh. In good news, Michelle is the new HOH, but most of the house consider Michelle a wildcard in the game. Michelle reveals to Jordan, Jeff, and Russell that her target this week is Chima and everyone is ecstastic to get out the dark cloud raining upon the BB fun. Chima is one huge diva: whining, complaining, and being a jerk to production. In complete show filler time, the house gets food for the week except for one day of slop, Jeff "proposes" to Jordan and Lydia has a stuffed magical boy unicorn named Dae Yum Yum. Michelle warns that her nominations are not going to be like, and boy is she correct: Michelle nominates Chima and Natalie for eviction, openly saying that Chima is a strong woman and her desired target. Next time: someone gets so out of control they are removed from the BB house. (Image from

Veto night- or is it?! Yes, it's the night we've been waiting for: the truth about what went down this Friday in the BB house is here. Post-nominations, Chima wants to quit the game and Kevin tells her to suck it up because if she leaves, they lose a vote in the jury, but she declares she won't let them have the satisfaction of evicting her from the house. The night before veto competitions, BB often assembles a practice game to give everyone a fair shot, so Kevin implores Chima to get out of bed and practice, so she obliges. Upon going outside, Chima is told by the voice of BB to put on her microphone; she responds by giving the finger. The viewers are then treated to a delightful montage showing Chima constantly being a pain in the ass, ignoring BB's instructions and threatening to throw a fit on TV to get CBS a fine with the FCC. Chima's alliance begs her to put on the mic, so Kevin retrieves the mic (it is a rule that you must be mic'ed at all times in the house). Chima takes the mic and throws it into the hot tub! Rut-roh! BB a short time later asks her to pick up a replacement mic, but she refuses to get up off the washer/dryer (omitted from the show: Chima, Lydia, and Natalie decided to hog the washer all night so Jeff couldn't do his laundry). Someone else brings Chima another mic, and she puts it on for a split second, and removes it again. Returning to her sacred bed, the voice of the show's producer, Allison Grodner, comes over the intercom and tells Chima to come to the Diary Room- Chima enters and leaves. Grodner then brings all the HGs to the living room and announces Chima has been ejected from the game for not following the rules. Everyone is in shock, and Natalie of course tries to blame this on Michelle, but for once Lydia makes sense and says it was Chima's choice and there was a twist in the game- get over it. (Screencap from HoneyNut on JokersUpdates)

The next day, Michelle retrieves a note from the DR saying since 1 of her nominees left, her HOH reign is over and a new HOH competition will happen. The competition is putt-putt, where you need to hit your ball into a windmill that has point value slots; highest from each round is eliminated and gets to pick a silver platter with a prize under it. Lydia is the 1st out (as usual) and picks the tray with HOH under it; she then spends the rest of the time downing Mimosas. Natalie wins a Hawaiian vacation and Russell gets a phone call from home, so trades his call for the vacation. Natalie beings bawling saying this phone call is the best thing to happen to her and thanks Russell. In my LOL moment of the night Russell says, "I didn't do this for you. I want the vacation." It comes down to Jeff and Jordan and Jeff asks Jordan what prize she wants and chooses HOH. Jeff throws the game and lets Jordan win. Jeff takes the vacation from Russell and gives him a Spa Treatment. Jordan takes HOH from Lydia and gives her... the annual BB unitard (this year, with a superhero theme). Lydia proceeds to be a drunken mess, calling Jordan a ho, screaming at everyone, and slurring her words. 2nd LOL moment: Michelle yells at Lydia, "Wear your unitard, bitch!" Lydia begs for them to vote her out, and Jeff lets her know that in no way will they grant her that wish- LOL again. Love these people. Jordan nominates Lydia and Natalie for eviction and the POV competition, ceremony, and eviction will all be live Thursday. Wow, talk about a long recap! (Screencap from Yzerman19 on JokersUpdates)

America's Best Dance Crew - More like America's Best Dance Snooze- am I right? I was warned by my family that this season stinks and the episode was boring, and perhaps I should have heeded said warning. I fast-forwarded a lot; sorry, but the crews don't have "it" this season. Moving on: this week was the Beyonce Challenge where each crew was given a Beyonce hit and a dance move from the video to master (like the Charleston, booty poppin', etc). I am all about Vogue Evolution featuring this transgender woman who is apparently an underground sensation- they were basically the only crew I liked. The bottom, voted by America, are Artistry in Motion and AfroBoriké. I was pretty surprised Artistry in Motion was in the bottom considering how crappy Beat Ya Feet Kings were last week and this week and should be gone. So the bottom 2 crews perform their numbers and both are impressive, especially AfroBoriké, who brought a very sexy routine out. Artistry in Motion, whose challenge was to incorporate a chain like the "Diva" video, were held back by the prop and despite a great routine are sent walkin' out... but not before they cry about inspiring America. Problem is, it couldn't have been that inspiring cause they got rid of you week 2. Sorry Artistry in Motion- I did like you! (Image from