August 26, 2009

Reality Rundown: Offering a Sacrifice to Otev the Veto God

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Big BrotherAmerica's Best Dance Crew

Big Brother - Sunday's episode begins where Thursday left off, which is the "entralling" can-dropping into tubes HOH competition. Kevin and Jeff are the leaders, but when a penalty golden can is introduced into the game, Russell gives Kevin a 1 minute penalty and it allows to increase his lead and shortly after, Jeff gets 25 cans and wins HOH. The 2 with the lowest can count are this week's Have Nots and Michelle and Russell get to spend the week dining on slop, churros, and chitlins. As soon as Jeff gets HOH (along with some embarrassing childhood bowl-cut pictures), his paranoia/stupidity sets in again. He really thinks Russell wouldn't hold up the Final 4 deal and considers nominating Russell instead. Russell is flabbergasted at these accusations and admits to Jeff that at some point, yes he'd nominate Jeff, but not until the 4. Kevin and Natalie continue to try and work their magic, and offer Jeff a Final 4 deal too. What the show didn't show: Natalie and Kevin saying next week Jeff is their target. But Jeff and Jordan are gullible and start to take the bait. Other events: Jeff is the house gardener, Jordan hopes Jeff will take her to Hawaii but won't have sexy times there, no one gets what a neuroscientist does, everyone is too stupid to question how Natalie could win a Las Vegas tournament under the age of 21 (as she reminds us, she's 24 pretending to be 18), and Russell really hates losing at poker. The episode ends with Jeff nominating Kevin and Natalie, but he tells us viewers in the DR this is just a plan to make Russell feel safe and that Russell is in fact his main target. Sigh. Why don't they just hand the $500k to Natalie now. (Original image from

Post-nominations, Russell still isn't feeling to safe. He actually sees that nominating him is a strong move, but also dumb since they have a solid final 4. Jeff is doing a pretty crap job at hiding his feelings and is blowing Russell off. But Jeff is in a cranky mood all around, being pretty snippy to Jordan as well. It seems like Jeff too has gotten a case of douchebag-itis with the power of HOH. So the veto competition is kinda weird. There is a giant gorilla tiki god thing named Otev (which takes Jordan a few minutes to realize is "veto" spelt backwards); Otev is going to rap clues about the evicted HGs and then players need to run around the yard and find bananas with that HGs name; last to find the banana is eliminated. Good news is, the voice of Otev is evicted HG (and my pick to win) Casey the Banana Man! In the end, and after throwing a banana at Michelle, Jeff wins the veto. Kevin and Natalie again approach Jeff about a final 4 deal, saying they play straightforward and don't lie, and promise next week Jeff won't be nominated. Cue next scene: Natalie and Kevin in the kitchen saying next week they will definitely nominate Jeff- a-duuuuuh. At the veto ceremony, Jeff decides to use to veto to save Kevin. Russell is put up as a replacement nominee, not just because he's a strong competitor, but Jeff can't get past Russell voting to save Jessie the week Jeff saved Russell with the Coup D'Etat. Russell promises in the DR that there will be hell this week, so we'll have to wait until Thursday to see. While taking out Russ is a smart move, I guess I'm just PO'ed because I think Jeff is just handing this game to Natalie right now- have they considered jury votes at all (not just who wins competitions?) Dumb! (Screencap from

America's Best Dance Crew - This season sucks. Don't take my word for it, take the judges. Shane Sparks outright says that no one seems to have it this season. This week all the crew's take on the martial arts challenging, having to do kung fu, etc. It's another awful challenge. I can't even say which crew was my favorite, because I didn't have one. While I like Vogue Evolution, they were sloppy this week, but I hope they stick around and win. All the crews were pretty bad. I still don't know how the Beat Ya Feet Kings avoid the bottom 2 each week because they're really bad. AfroBoriké might have been the worse- so dull, so lacking in energy. Ugh- there isn't much to say about this show. The bottom 2 are Rhythm City and and Southern Movement. I thought Southern Movement might have eeked a victory, but mainly because I was painting my nails while they both performed and not concentrating. I was wrong and Rhythm City lives to dance another week, which I'm glad because I liked this crew the 1st week. (Image from