August 5, 2009

Reality Rundown: Send home Ratticus!

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The Next Food Network Star - Finale! We learn more about Jeffrey and Melissa's families, background, etc. but I don't pay too much attention- I just need to know the winner! But in order to choose a winner, both finalists will put together a pilot show of their impending Food Network show, produced by FN star Alton Brown, which will be shown to a live audience and the judge's panel. Jeffrey's show is called The Ingredient Smuggler and it's about cooking cuisine from around the world in your own kitchen. I like the idea and the food looks great, but I couldn't tell you where in my local area I'd be able to buy this unique ingredients. Melissa's show is The Kitchen Survival Guide where she'll teach viewers fast recipes and lots of tips. I definitely prefer this show over Jeffrey's. The recipes seem easier and include ingredients I could find anywhere, and her 4-step chicken looks to die for. Before we learn the winner, we have to sit through a bit of a reunion with the castoffs which is fun and all, but c'mon- who's the winner? Drumroll please. The winner is... Melissa!! Hooray- finally the person I want to win Food Network star actually does! Melissa show begins next week, so I checked and found out her show is called Ten Dollar Dinners with Melissa d'Arabian and is on Sundays at 12:30PM. I know I'll be tuning in and trying some recipes! (Original image from

Big Brother - We begin where we left off on Thursday: the HOH competition. Everyone gets dizzy and wants to puke, which is entertaining to watch. Kevin and Lydia fall first and get to pick a "graduation present" mystery box; Kevin wins $5k and Lydia wins a 42" flatscreen TV. The next 3 to fall are Ronnie, Natalie, and Jordan. Ronnie and Natalie's boxes are empty (GOOD!) and Jordan gets to determine who is on slop. Chima falls next, which Jesse sees as a sign of his impending doom, and then Michelle falls, exposing her lady parts in the process. Russell and Jeff make a deal that would guarantee Jeff/Jordan safety and Ronnie on the block. Russell accepts and is the new HOH, and the butt kissing begins. The show gives Ronnie a favorable edit, with him imploring America to give him the mystery power, and to this I say VOTE JEFF!! Jordan decides to play fair with her slop picks and draw names from a hat (they also get squash and squid for the week); the Have Nots are Kevin, Natalie, and Jessie, who of course acts like a big baby. Russ' alliance want Kevin/Lydia on the block since they're floaters, but at nomination it's clear who Russell wants gone: Ronnie. He calls Ronnie a snake and says the only way to catch a snake is with a mongoose, and Russell has deemed himself the mongoose (I shall call Russell "Rikki Tikki Tavi") Of course the show closes with another Ronnie DR session where he calls himself King Cobra and I beg of you American viewers who only watch the show and not feeds: DO NOT GIVE RONNIE THE POWER! (Original image from

POV Episode! Lydia and Ronnie are of course pissed to be put up, but Ronnie is the target so he knows he has to scramble. His alliance (Chima, Jessie, Natalie) try to convince Russell it's Lydia they should get out, but no dice. In showmance news, Chima has the hots for Russell, but it's not reciprocated; they fight so much he considers putting her up if the POV is used. Both sides of the house know this week that quiet, awkward talker Michelle is the swing vote. Ronnie tries to play nice to show that she could be part of their 5; she's not buying it. He also fake cries to Russell, and he ain't having it either. Time to play the POV competition! The HGs done togas and get Greek names (Jessephus, Chimacus, etc.) and have lots of objects to study in the yard, then they will have to make numerical guesses, such as "How many feathers in this hat?" and "How many rats are in the cage?" (and yes, Russell makes the amazing joke to Ronnie "Did you count yourself too?") It's sort of like poker where you can either stay with your guess or fold, so loser Ronnie decides to fold every time. While it seems the veto is Jessie or Russell's for the taking, Michelle comes out of left field and wins the veto! Now the swing vote is this week's power player! Now that Michelle has the Veto, Ronnie decides to not play nice and essentially threaten her to use it to save him, or else; puh-lease! Russell and Michelle bond and realize they could make a good pair in the house and a new alliance is formed. At the POV ceremony Michelle tells Ronnie, “I’ll give you a chance to lie first, I mean, speak,” but clearly she is not saving this rat nerd. Michelle does not use the POV and nominations stay the same. (Image from aliasdaredevil from RealityBBQ Forums)