August 12, 2009

Reality Rundown: What Died on JC Chasez's Head?

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New! America's Best Dance Crew - It's the return of ABDC, or if you want to call it the full name RJPABDC (because for some reason producer/American Idol judge Randy Jackson has to declare it his own). Season 4 is back with a... slight pulse? There are no immediate stand-outs like Quest Crew or Beat Freaks from last season; more average crews. But before I recap, I'll share with you my favorites: b-boys Massive Monkees, "hick-hop"crew Southern Movement, Rhythm City, and Vogue experts Vogue Evolution. Now, let's summarize! The 9 crews have no specific task this week; they simply get to showcase what their crew does best and prove they deserve to be there. The usual judging panel is back with Shane Sparks rocking one fingerless glove, Lil' Mama (whose look I wasn't digging), and JC Chasez who has dyed his hair an unatural shade of black and with a hairline that looks like hair plugs. But frightening hair aside, ABDC has one of my favorite judging panels because they are very critical and all offer insightful opinions (there's no Paula Abdul here). Some crew routine thoughts. Beat Ya Feet Kings have a good backstory, but weren't impressive to me. AfroBorike, while great at their Latin dancing, had sub-par hip-hop moves. Massive Monkees were the first to really bring it and made remember why I liked this show, and Rhythm City was pretty flawless. Ladies crew Artistry in Motion were good, but not great; however, SYTYCD season 2 finalist Donyelle is in this crew, so that makes me happy. Since America can't vote this first week, the judges select the bottom 3 and those 3 have a dance battle and 1 crew is eliminated. Fr3sh, from New Jersey, doesn't want to be known as a "second rate Kaba Modern or SoReal Cru," but unfortunately their choreography is indeed second rate and lacking inventiveness and are the first walking it out of the ABDC arena. (Image from

Big Brother - In post-Ronnie BB house, most seem glad he's gone, but Jessie claims he'll "avenge" him. But now Chima is the HOH with all the power... but we know she's not! Jeff is busy keeping his power, deemed in the house as "the Wizard," secret (maybe not so well; on the feeds, I think everyone has figured out Jeff has it). But until Jeff overthrows Chima, everyone must fear her wrath, and by everyone, I mean Russell and Lydia. While Russell tries to kiss butt and apologize, it's too late. We also learn about Chima's troubling past, which is that she was raped by a serial killer but she was able to escape (the serial killer was later caught and executed). Yikes. Onto this week's Have/Have Not competition. The doorbell to the BB house rings and they open the door to: Jeremy Piven. I'll skip the "hug it out" jokes and get right into the competition, which is also a luxury comp. The winning team will get a screening in the BB house of his new film The Goods (and they will be the Haves this week). The competition makes little sense: each team needs to sell cars, and in order to sell the cars, they need to fill up the station wagons with a bug of crap in the backyard that has point values; highest points win. Oh and they also have to fit themselves in the car, which provides a lot of head-to-butt action. Jessie, Russell, Natalie, and Jordan win based on a giant 17 point teddy bear Jordan insisted on shoving in, so they are happy. Lydia, Jeff, Michelle, and Kevin are the Have Nots, which allows Lydia yet another reason to complain. Nomination time: Michelle fears she might have a chance of going on the block, while Russell knows it's a done deal that he's up. Chima decides to nominate Russell and Lydia, but we all know this doesn't matter much: Jeff has the real power this week, and Chima is going to shizz bricks when it happens. (Image from

On Tuesday's episode, Lydia and Russell are reeling from their nomination. Well, Lydia is reeling; Russell is taking it in stride, but angry and ready for a new alliance. He approaches Jeff (who we know could be Russell's savior this week) and offers to partner up with Jeff & Jordan. But even those not on the block are panicking, and by that I mean Jessie. The best part of this episode is seeing Jessie's cocky arrogance fade away in a matter of days into utter fear that he is going to be backdoored (definition: put up as the replacement nominee and evicted without having a chance to win the Power of Veto) by the wizard power. Knowing that only the HOH and the POV holder are safe from the wizard, Jessie is desperate to play in POV and figures either he'll get picked or someone would select him for player's choice. Color Jessie shocked when both nominees pull player's choice so Lydia selects her BFF Kevin and Russell picks Jeff. The POV competition was a lame duck (or chicken). Donning chicken suits, there is a large chicken wire fence with eggs on the other side and in order to win POV, you needed to get a dozen eggs over the fence successfully; it was eggs-hilarating to watch (complete lie: so boring). Kevin ends up winning the POV and Lydia is sure her Sugarbear will save him. Nope! Kevin wants to "respect the HOH's decision," avoid becoming a target, and claims this is to help them in the long haul. Lydia takes this as well as we'd expect: she pouts and whines a lot. Meanwhile, Jessie's paranoia continues, so much so that he even talks to Jeff and Jordan, hoping to sway them not to use the power if they have it, despite ignoring them for most of the time in the house (Jeff tells Jordan he'd like to see Jessie and Natalie on the block against each other). In the end, Kevin decides to not honor his friendship with Lydia and leaves her safety in the game in jeopardy. So the big question is: will Jeff use the Coup D'Etat Thursday to save Russell? And if so, how huge of a target with Jeff become? And will Chima break everything in plain sight as promise? (Image from BuddyTV)


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