August 3, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Name: Kiptyn and Reid, The Bachelorette
SERVED: DOUBLE SERVING! Another season of The Bachelorette has come and gone and, as usual, broke some hearts in the process. In this week's finale, Jillian didn't just have to devaste one man and reject one proposal- but TWO! First, Kipytn poured his heart out to Jillian and told her he couldn't wait for a future together. Unfortunately for Kiptyn, Jillian's response was, "I'm in love with someone else." Ouch- SERVED. After dumping of Kiptyn, Jillian was ready to tell Ed she loved him and accept his proposal. But, another obstacle enters this drama: Reid. Rejected in the previous episode, Reid came all the way back to Hawaii to finally tell Jillian he loved her and wanted to be together forever, and even proposed to her. And for a second, it seemed like Reid may have changed Jillian's mind... but he didn't. Jillian dumped Reid again. Ouch- DOUBLE SERVED. And to make it better, the jilited suitors then have to return for the After the Final Rose special and re-live the heartbreaking night and reunite with the woman who broke their hearts and try to man-up. Poor guys got SERVED by love. (Original images from

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