September 2, 2009

Reality Rundown: Pandora's Box... of Cash!

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America's Best Dance CrewBig Brother

America's Best Dance Crew - OK, ABDC... you've redeemed yourself (kinda). This week was definitely an improvement over the last 2. The challenge this week is to incorporate Bollywood moves, and the crews did some good stuff. Rhythm City might be my favorite routine, because I said if I were dancing I'd end the routine with a pose like Vishnu with arms all over, and they did! Crowd favorite, Vogue Evolution, danced well but we learned of their backstage drama. It appears the face of the group, Laomi the transgender, is having some diva movements and making her crew uneasy. The bottom 2 crews are Beat Ya Feet Kings (and if you're a regular reader you know my feelings about them) and We Are Heroes (who creep me out a bit). We Are Heroes really brings it this week- it was a high energy, well done routine, though I think pulling their bras out of their shirts was sort of a no-no in terms of Bollywood. Beat Ya Feet Kings are commended for having heart, but I still agree with last week's comments: stop watching Youtube and do something original. Luckily, my viewing is saved and Beat Ya Feet Kings are sent walkin' it out back to DC. (Image from

Big Brother - Or as I call it, The Jordan and Jeff Hour. But first! The HOH competition continues from last week and once Natalie sees Kevin taking the lead, she gives up and decides to slip and fall, lose her cup, and be a jackass. Have I mentioned I can't stand her? Kevin ends up winning the coveted HOH, leaving Natalie relieved for the 1st time in 3 weeks. Kevin gets his HOH room, but I fast forwarded. Michelle feels totally alone in the house and spends some time crying by herself- pretty depressing! Natalie is so anti-Michelle (just because Michelle got Chima out), and at this point it's annoying and sad, but Kevin is kinda thinking maybe it would be better to go back on his deal with Jeff. Jeff tells Kevin that when he used the veto last week, it nullified his final 4 deal with Michelle and he wants Michelle out too. Kevin is now plagued with the decision of eliminating a hated HG and being in the good graces, or actually playing the game. (Image from BuddyTV)

In other BB house stuff: Jeff usually likes brunettes, Jordan wants to live with her mom for a long time, and Natalie is terrified of bugs. Can next week's HOH be an endurance in a tub of spiders? Kevin decides to nominate Michelle and Jeff, hoping Jeff won't win POV, cause if Jeff sticks around, Kevin's in big trouble.

Mystery revealed! Behind the secret HOH door is: Pandora's Box. The HOH has the option to enter a room and release $10k to the house, so Kevin decides why not. He enters the room, puts his hand into a giant box, and suddenly his wrist is grabbed and locked in. Outside, it is Pacman Jones' greatest dream: money flying from the sky. It's pretty funny to see them grabbing all the cash while Kevin is locked away and seeing it on a TV monitor. Kevin gets a clue on the TV screen that there is a key in the house to unlock him, so he screams for Natalie and Jeff. Natalie tells Kevin sure thing and heads downstairs... to collect more money! Greed changes everything! Jeff ends up finding the key, but holds onto it for a bit (eventhough Kevin lied and said that in order to keep the cash, Kevin has to be unlocked). Kevin is finally released and is able to scoop up $600, while the others grabbed thousands. Is this really all the box brings? Seems like a dull twist.

The HGs get some pretty sweet spacesuits for a late night veto competition: the infamous face blends. Each screen will show 2 HGs faces mashed together, along with an alien; correctly identify the mash-up and best time wins the veto and an entertainment center. Judging by the photos, Jessie and Laura would create a huge headed, horse toothed alien, while Jeff and Jordan would have weird lopsided eyes. Natalie decides to make an effort for once, but alas, too late: Michelle wins the veto! Jeff becomes a jerk now that he knows he's out the door. Michelle tries to come to Jeff's aid, making an excellent point to Kevin that if Natalie gets to the end, Natalie will win for sure; Michelle shows Kevin that bringing her to the final 2 would be a better scenario for him. Michelle smartly uses the veto on herself and Jordan is deemed the replacement nominee, planning to make sure she is the one evicted this week, not her BFF Jeff. (Screencap from RealityDaze)