September 9, 2009

Reality Rundown: Please Let These 2 Shows End Now

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America's Best Dance Crew - This week the crews are assigned a dance craze to include- oh, and they also have to incorporate a trampoline. Sigh. So lame, so stupid. And these "dance crazes" are so unknown to me, but I guess maybe some know them- like the Ricky Bobby? I just don't care. Massive Monkees are the best crew, which isn't saying much as I still think they are sub-par. My brother thinks the Monkees and Afroborike will be final 2- we'll see. The bottom 2 are We Are Heroes and the sassy Vogue Evolution. After their dances, it's clear We Are Heroes killed it and finally fan-favorite Vogue Evolution is made to walk it out. And to think, we thought they'd win the whole thing. But I have to agree: while they had a great energy, a lot of their dancing was sloppy. Next week: final 4, which means closer to this show finally ending. (Image from

Big Brother - The nightmare continues. Natalie is HOH and decides to try and fool the house into thinking her and Kevin aren't aligned so plans to nominate him. Kevin is not pleased, and Jordan is still mourning the loss of Jeff. Natalie gets her HOH room and we see a picture of her infamous boyfriend, who looks way older. The HGs comment on this, but no one seems to bring up that he's much older than an "18 year old." Also, the HG play in a luxury competition for clothes- fast forward.

Onto the good stuff: Pandora's Box is back! Natalie receives a note saying that for the 1st time ever, a loved one is allowed in the house, but if she accepts, she can't play in the next POV competition. Natalie thinks to herself, "Screw Kevin," opens the door and is greeted by her boyfriend. Since they only have 5 minutes, he immediately gets down on one knee and proposes. Wahoo. Natalie is offered 15 more minutes with her b/f if she agrees to annoy the house, so of course she does. The remaining HGs are plagued by a giant baby, a little person dressed as a cat, and a giant bug. Natalie of course uses her time with her b/f to chat about life at home, and discuss how she'll need to lie about what happened. I'm sure her fiance is pleased. And does Natalie ever take a break from lying?

So after Pandora's Box, Natalie comes up with the worst lie ever, saying that there's a new twist called Final 2 Reversal and if she gets to the final 2, whatever votes are cast get swapped. It's maybe the worst lie ever, and they aren't buying it. Kevin eventually tells her it's BS and in no way would someone take Natalie to the finals knowing this, so she fesses up. But she has to be an a'hole so tells them "You got got by an 18 year old" and then tells them she got engaged, etc. But they think she's a liar! HA! Ever read Peter and the Wolf, Natalie? At nominations, Natalie continues her reign as an asshole by showing up in the HOH robe, crown, septar, and sunglasses. She looks like Flavor Flav. She nominates Kevin for strategy and Michelle for strictly personal reasons. I wish Pandora's Box magically evicted Natalie on the spot.

Tuesday episode: POV competition, live ceremony, live eviction and part 1 of the final HOH competition (there are 3 parts). This episode spends a lot of time with Natalie constantly saying she wants Michelle out, while Kevin considers his options. Hopefully he's telling the truth in the DR, cause he said he wants Natalie gone next. Let's skip all the filler and get to the important stuff: Kevin wins the POV and saves himself from eviction. Jordan is put up as the replacement nominee, and despite Michelle's speech (while wearing devil horns) that explains she'd lose in the final 2, Kevin evicts her.

The episode ends with Kevin, Natalie, and Jordan holding onto a key while walking on a rotating log in fake in climate weather; whoever wins this is one step closer to the finals. One week left, and I can't wait for this season to end. (Images from &