September 25, 2009

Reality Rundown: Sweep the Leg, Ben!

The Biggest LoserTop ChefProject RunwaySurvivor

The Biggest Loser - It's the dreaded week 2, where weight loss tanks and contestants start crying. Host Alison Sweeney poses a challenge: if all the contestants combined weight loss is 150lbs, then no one goes home this week. Fail and 2 people go home. So of course panic sets it and Bob and Jillian know they're screwed. B&J ultimately make the decision to push them really hard this week, knowing in week 3 the contestants will most likely lose less weight. Everyone is working really hard to avoid elimination, except Julio who was saved last week. He seems to be this season's prerequisite lazy guy. Not Joelle lazy, luckily. Oh, and Tracey, the woman who passed out last week and went to the hospital, is back, alive, and ready to drop some weight.

Even the producers knew 150lbs is probably impossible week 2, so there are a couple challenges to help the contestants bring down the amount of weight they have to lose. There's trivia about calories and cooking healthy, then a balance beam task where phone calls from home are also won (yawn! you've been gone like a week) After working as a team to complete these challenges, the losers are able to lower the total weight loss needed down to 115lbs. At the weigh-in, everyone is dropping lots of lbs (even lazy Julio, who likely will think doing no exercise will give him big numbers again). The contestants easily pass the 115lb mark and even pass original 150lb goal. Everyone is ecstatic that no one goes home and gets another week on the ranch. Let's see if week 3 becomes the new hell week on campus.

Top Chef - Quickfire! The cheftestants need to create a duo of dishes that portray the angel and devil of being a chef. Sort of like the stupid vice challenge, but now it's 2 dishes. Old Robin, who is loathed by everyone and considered the weakest, ends up winning the Quickfire and immunity for a salad and apple crisp inspired by her battle with cancer and wanting to eat sugar but needing to be healthy. The other chefs are pissed.

For the elimination challenge, the chefs draw knives of classic dishes that they will need to deconstruct. For those of us non-foodies, deconstruction is where you take the dish apart and serve parts of the dish separately; after eating the dish, it should feel like you ate the full dish. Yeah, kinda confusing but I'm still hungry. And the guest judges this week: Penn and Teller. Oy-vey- here comes the unfunny. And it turns out, basically everyone sucks at deconstruction. Ginger-beard Kevin wins this week with his take on chicken mole and wins a set of Caphalon pans to reward him- wahoo, product placement! The bottom 3 clunkers are: Ash who apparently never read a recipe for shepherd's pie, Laurine for overcooked fish and no chips, and perennial bottom-placer Ron who really didn't understand the concept of deconstruction with his paella. Snarky British judge Toby Young is back and doesn't appreciate anyone f'ing up shepherd's pie, but it's Ron's last chance at failure and he's sent packing.

Project Runway - The designers get to dabble into what Hollywood is known for: costumes. Each design pulls a card with a film genre which they will need to design a costume for. Althea, Louise, and Irina are film noir, Ra'mon and Nicholas pick Sci Fi, Carol Hannah and Logan are action/adverture, and Christopher and Gordana take period piece. Poor Epperson and Shirin don't even get to pick and are stuck with Western.

Sci-fi fanatic Ra'mon's original design is a horrible bodysuit hot mess, so he ditches his design with only 2 hours left in the night and makes a lizard outfit- it's awful and the hot mess Tim Gunn said it could possibly become. Nicholas finally makes a winner with this stunning white space/ice queen look- from head to toe, his model looks like a movie character. Epperson, who got the stinkiest genre, makes this fantastic dress of denim that truly looks like old west, but refreshingly new. I still don't get the Christopher love, but his period piece was nice I suppose. Gordana's flapper dress is again called boring and unmemorable, while Louise is finally onstage in the bottom 3 for her even duller look. The bottom 2 comes down to Louise and Ra'mon and the hot mess that is the lizard queen is auf'd.

Survivor - Evil's Russell's ego hits an all-time high because he finds the immunity idol without ever receiving a clue. I guess kudos are deserved, however, thumbs down to whatever crew member hit the idol since it was in the most obvious tree-with-a-hiding-space ever. So Russell decides to confide in Jaison that he has the idol to gain his trust. Not trusting Russell is old lady cop Betsey who is onto Russell and has now become his new #1 target.

The reward/immunity challenge is a mixed between basketball and cage fighting. The survivors have to fight for 3 balls and try to make shots. Well the game gets violet fast. Probst warns that the next contestant to take a cheap shot will be the first survivor ever to be ejected from a challenge. So insane Ben from Foa Foa decides to sweep the leg ala Karate Kid on good Russell from Galu and is kicked out of the game (Get him a body bag!). Galu wins immunity and the reward (fishing gear), but there's a new twist. Exile Island is gone; now the tribe leader has to send a member from his own tribe to spend the day at the losing tribe's camp and that person gets to also attend Tribal Council and see what shizz goes down. I'm loving this twist. Russell decides to send Yasmin.

Post-challenge, Foa Foa's resident old guy, Mike, has to get checked out by medical. He's in pretty bad shape and his blood pressure drops extremely low. Medical decides this isn't healthy and Mike must be removed from the game. Good bye guy I forgot about!

At Foa Foa's camp, Yasmin tries to give them advice who to get rid of so it's a fair fight and not like "taking candy from a baby." This infuriates Russell, but what doesn't? Yasmin then decides to confront Ben for his cheap shot but mainly because Ben tackled her and other women in the challenge, rather than going after guys. Ben tries to defend himself with a weak argument and shows his colors when he says he wants Yasmin to go away and "eat ketchup sandwiches and drink Kool Aid." Oh brother. Yasmin also received a clue to find the immunity idol at Foa Foa's camp but good thing she didn't waste time searching- it's taken! The tribe is now divided on who to send home: weak, old Betsey or the a'hole of the tribe.

At Tribal Council, where Yasmin observes, Ben calls her "ghetto trash" and I really thought for a minute he finally dug his grave. He also says he has no regrets for his poor sportsmanship in the challenge, while Betsey openly wonders why she's the only one who brought her bag and Ben isn't ever a consideration for elimination. After a delightful rendition of the Cops theme song when she casts her vote to eliminate Ben, lady cop Betsey is the next torch snuffed.