September 4, 2009

Reality Rundown: This Pasta Salad is Preeti, Preeti, Preeti Bad

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Top Chef - Po-ta-toes! The cheftestants are tasked to create a dish inspired by potatoes for the Quickfire challenge. I would've made sweet potato fries, but I'm sure that wouldn't make the cut. Tattoed Jesse again bombs with a really spicy soup; Cutthroat Bitch Jen is the victor again with some mussells and blue potato dish and wins immunity.

For the elimination challenge, they will make a buffet for 300 members of the Air Force with canned and dry goods and limited equipment. Since Cutthroat Bitch has immunity she is deemed executive chef, while the remaining chefs decide to pair up to create a dish. Jesse and Caribbean Ron look like destined for elimination, making clam chowder in 115 degree weather, but it's better than expected. The Cooler Brother and Ed Hardy-wearing Michael are the top pair, but Michael made a 2nd dish, a horrible shrimp salad, so is brought into both the judging panel for the best, but also for the worst and he is livid. I'd eliminate him just based on his fashion sense. Preeti and some other lady (we'll call her Unforgettable) made the dullest pasta salad ever; Unforgettable at least knows it sucked. Preeti keeps claiming it tasted great, if not better than the rest; her delusion sends her packing. (Hilarious image from Best Week Ever)

Big Brother - Live show! Jeff and Michelle propose an intriguing deal to Natalie: save Jeff and they will throw HOH to her, guaranteeing her a spot in the final. Another boring package video about Michelle's husband routing her on and defending her poor memory. We see Russell enter the jury house, and Lydia and Jessie dropping the bombshell that Natalie is lying about her age and surprisingly, this is actually pissing them off more. Apparently basing your entire time in the house on a big lie doesn't sit well with others.

Onto the vote: Jordan makes the same old speech, but Jeff decides to call out Natalie saying she promised to keep him safe and if her word and swearing on her family means something, she'll vote the way she promised. Natalie votes to evict Jeff and Michelle votes for Jordan. Kevin breaks the tie and sends Jeff out the door. Julie points out that Jeff was a total moron for trusting 2 people that he never spoke to until last week. And now the HOH competition. It's fact or fiction questions, and Michelle and Jordan are tied to win! Wahoo! But wait, Natalie catches up and in a tie breaker, Natalie wins HOH. Her first response is the nasty, vindictive bitch in her screaming this is vindication for Chima. Chima left the game on her own accord, GET OVER IT. My feeds shall be off this week. (Original image from

Project Runway - Cowbunga dude! This week the designers get paired up and have to create a surf/beach look (and we get to see Tim Gunn in flip flops!) Immediately, teammates Qristyl and Epperson butt heads on prints, and Ra'mon and crappy Mitchell aren't on the same page. Tim comes into the workroom with a note from Heidi: time to create a 2nd look, this time an avant garde look. 24 hours for 2 completely different looks? Everyone is stressed. Mitchell and Ra'mon shockingly are the top scorers, but Mitchell admits to the judges he did nothing and Ra'mon did both pieces- including a neon neoprene dress that the judges unanimously love (personally, not a fan). Ra'mon is named the winner, and the bottom 2 are Mitchell and Qristyl. Heidi says never in the history of PR never has the teammate of the winning designer been eliminated by three strike and you're out- auf wiedersehen Mitchell! Now a new little feature, my PR favorites of the week! (Image from

Favorite Look: Althea and Vintage Chick's avant garde look with its beautifully detailed corset.

Favorite Hot Mess: Nicholas aka Tim Heidecker's avant garde stripper gear with blue crotchless stockings.