September 30, 2009

USB Drives for Douchebags

9/30/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , 1 comment
So you're at the office. You fill up your plastic up with some Ed Hardy Bottled Water, high-five someone from accounting on the way to your desk, and then clean your hands off with Ed Hardy Hand Sanitzer. It's time to get down to work- but where will you save all your computer files? On an Ed Hardy USB Drive. So let your douche flag fly at the office or local library where you're still surfing Myspace, and don't forget to bring your Pretty Ricky MP3 files everywhere you go with these USB drives. How did it take me so long to find these gems?

Disclaimer: Not all people who wear Ed Hardy are douchebags. I just hate the style. My apologies if you are reading this blog and own Ed Hardy clothes and are offended. I'm just expressing my opinion


Summer said...

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