October 2, 2009

Reality Rundown: I Think I Just Blue Myself

New! The Amazing Race - The race is back and thanks to football, started 15 minutes late so my DVR missed it. Apparently they started with 12 teams and 1 team won't make it past the starting line, and that team is the married yoga instructors. Sadly, I won't be able to see that dude's sad American Indian chief tattoo each week.

The teams head to Japan, where they're thrown into a Japanese game show, "Sushi Roulette." The goal is to land on a giant Wasabi Bomb- eat that, then move on. The teams then have to lead 20 Japanese people to the pit stop. Dating couple Meghan and Cheyne (no they are not lesbians. Cheyne is a dude and it's pronounced "Shane"- sigh) are the 1st to check in and win a trip. The 2 lady poker players, who decide to lie about their careers in a game that is totally non-social and thus lies are unnecessary, lose 2 people in the Japanese traffic and decide "To hell with them!" and are the last team to check in. Lucky for them, it's a non-elimination leg (but they go get a 2 hour penalty for losing people).

In the 2nd hour, everyone flies to Vietnam, where the poker players true identities are discovered and they try to befriend the secret gay brothers. The dull task is to collect mud to cover up a tree trunk; except for slipping, it's a snooze. The Road Block makes 1 teammate herd a pen of ducks across a bridge back into their pen in 10 minutes. For many, this is an epic failure; Asperger Zev, however, is deemed "the duck whisperer" for his fantastic skills. Dating couple Garrett and Jessica are the 2nd team eliminated from The Amazing Race. And now, my 1st impression picks:

Favorites: Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy, Father/Son Gary & Matt, Married couple Brian & Ericka. Please get eliminated soon: Poker players Maria & Tiffany, Married Massholes Lance & Keri.

The Biggest Loser - Two weeks ago, purple team member Tracy was confined to a hospital bed, humbled by the poor shape she allowed herself to be in. This week? Forgetaboutit. Tracy and her crazy eyes went nuts this week. She made the choice to take a 2lb advantage at the weigh-in, in exchange for giving up Bob & Jillian for the week; oh, and her partner had to give it up too! Poor lovable Coach Mo got screwed. And when a cupcake eating temptation allowed someone to gain control of the game, Crazy Eyes decided she liked winning and indulged herself with 4 cupcakes for victory. Needless to say, Jillian went apeshit on her and it was a delight to watch.

This week, only 1 member of each pair will weigh in and that person's percentage will be the sole determination in who goes home. 1 team goes home (rather than 1 person). Crazy Eye's prize for eating the most cupcakes is she gets to select which teammate weighs in for all the teams. Instead of taking the high road, Crazy Eyes plays the strategy angle and backstabs everyone she made deals with, including the in-dire-need of this show Shay. Orange (Shay/Daniel) and Red (Antoine/Sean) fall below the yellow line, and the Red team falls on their sword, knowing they have the proper support system at home to help them continue their weight-loss.

Survivor - Despite last week's shit show where violence ensued, the challenge again involves tackling people but this time in water (and of course, a puzzle). Galu continues their winning streak, but finally a few minor tuffs. Russell S opted to choose the comfort luxury item for his tribe to please the women, and Shambo doesn't like the "90210" kids doing yoga at camp instead of working. Lucky for Shambo, she is the representative from her team to live at Foa Foa for a few days, which she loves.

Foa Foa continues to be the trainwreck that it is, with Jaison finally speaking up about Ben's racial comments and wanting Ben out no matter what. A-hole Russell wants to keep Ben around, so he and Ben try to team up to take out weakling Ashley- but he's so sneaky, no one suspects him. Russell is such an a-hole, yet so good at the game. Damn. To try and rally support, he even shows the immunity idol to Mick, but this is all moot. At tribal council, everyone finally realizes the plague that is Ben and becomes the 3rd Survivor voted off the island.

Project Runway - The designers are working in pairs this week to create 2 looks in blue for INC International Concepts for Macy's. All I am hoping for is a model to be painted blue and wear cutoffs like a certain fashion icon. Everyone pairs up kinda well, except Irina and Gordana who aren't having much meeting of the minds. Oh and Nicholas is thankful he has immunity, because he hates his partner Louise's designs. Ruffles? Gross. Personally, I didn't care for most designs this week. Irina wins the challenge, created a nice dress for flat-chested women and apparently this other look was sophisticated (I thought cheap). Christopher cries like a little boy who dropped his ice cream cone on the sidewalk when placed in the bottom 2 for a cheap looking top and a poorly done shirt dress, but alas, weeks of crappy design work finally sends Louise home.