October 23, 2009

Reality Rundown: Um, So We're Not Getting Pizza?

The Amazing RaceThe Biggest LoserTop ChefSurvivorProject Runway

The Amazing Race - It's off to beautiful Dubai where it's 120 degrees outside- good times! Dullards Meghan and Cheyne are team #1 this week after completing the Fast Forward of the race. The others teams have to search for water in the sweltering hot desert for the Road Block, then get to cool down at an awesome indoor ski park. I hate winter but want to go there! At Ski Dubai, the Detour is to search for a little snowman in huge mounds of snow or build a snowman outside in the heat. Most begin with the search but realize searching is always the worst choice and switch to building. Brian and Ericka continue thinking karma will help them in the race and provide way too many helpful tips. Karma will be a bitch when the other teams eventually repay them with a Yield. While Mika & Canaan continue to vie for the position of dumbest people on earth, the AR gods smile upon us this week and Lance & Keri are eliminated at long last.

The Biggest Loser - This losers play a challenge for a mystery prize locked away in treasure chests. The Blue teams wins and discovers plane tickets home- everyone is excited. But there's a choice: either Blue team can go home and be with their families but not have their trainer or TBL gym, or send the Black team home. So the Black team is quickly getting their luggage together and heading home.

At home, the Black team struggles and Shay continues to cry about everything. Many go out to dinner to: 1. annoy the waitstaff with extremely difficult orders, and 2. annoy their family members by being really judgmental of the junk food they eat. I see where they're coming from, but do the losers forget that 3 months ago they were overeating the same stuff? Danny is the only smart one and cooks meals at home all week- and it pays off with a 15lb weight loss! Unfortunately, Daniel gained 1lb over the week and it's time for the Black team to face elimination. Dina makes a solid point that Daniel has been able to experience TBL twice now and learned a lot more than any other team member, but her team thinks elsewise and sends Dina back home. The only reason I wanted Dina to stick around was to cut off her horrible hair, but luckily she gets a makeover at home- phew!

Top Chef - For this week's Quickfire, the cheftestants are split into 2 teams for a relay with each member cooking for 10 minutes, but they aren't able to talk to each other. The Blue team (Cutthroat Bitch, Kevin, Michael I, and Laurine) win the Quickfire and $10k to split. But there's a catch- they can let that $10k ride and if they win the elimination challenge, they each get $10k; so they let it ride.

Oh and did I mention, it's RESTAURANT WARS! This time, they only have to worry about the food and front of the house, as the decor is taken care of. The Red team (The Brothers, Eli, and Robin) name their restaurant stupidly Revolt, but their food is far from revolting, and they are deemed "the best restaurant wars restaurant ever," even succeeding in the dessert department (a Top Chef rarity). The Red team decides to not to dessert at all, and instead fails on all the dishes and Laurine sucks at running the front of the restaurant. Who's Laurine? Exactly- she's been under the radar, monotone, and dull this season. Her hostess skills and lamb dish stunk, so she's sent packing. Phew- I was extremely worried for the safety of Cutthroat Bitch and Kevin.

Survivor - This episode would've been far more shocking had CBS's promo department not spoiled what happened in commercials aired during every other CBS show. Anyways, it's still raining in Samoa and everyone is tired and hungry, yet other Russell continues to push and build fire, Erik sleeps in a giant tree, and there's more creepy, translucent pruny fingers.

The sun comes for a reward/immunity challenge. The catch is that both tribes will vote someone out tonight, but the winner's get to watch the losing team's Tribal Council and eat pizza in front of them. The challenge is for 2 blindfolded people to roll a teammate in an old Lady Gaga costume to a puzzle and the person in the globe will have to instruct them how to navigate a table maze. Foa Foa takes an early lead, but Galu's Russell is clearly exhausted. At the puzzle, Russell passes out on top of it and then blacks out. Medical is called and they find Russell's blood pressure dropping significantly. Jeff cancels the challenge and sends the tribes away while they handle Russell. You just know someone in their head is pissed they didn't get pizza.

Back at their respective camps, the tribes still have to decide who to send home. Foa Foa is between Liz and Natalie, since they're weak women. Galu's girls want to get rid of Shambo, but the guys know that Shambo is a good competitor and Monica stinks. At Tribal Council, the tribes kind of air their greivances, which mainly involes a-hole Russell and Erik fighting over which tribe is better. Jeff announces that Russell's condition at the challenge has forced him to be removed from the game, so there is no elimination. He also calls this the scariest moment that's ever happened on Survivor, so I guess he forgot about the time a guy fell into fire.

Project Runway - Orange face Michael Kors explains to the designers that he's inspired by the places he travels to for design inspiration. The challenge this week is to create an outfit design by a favorite locale of Michael Kors. Carol Hannah again thinks she's struggling, but turns out a fantastic twisted, patterned dress inspired by Palm Beach. Unfortunately, the win goes to resident bitch Irina and her camel-colored Denver 80's ski lodge look. It's not just her personality I don't like; I personally don't find her clothes stylish at all. I think Gordana could've had the win with her Park Avenue dress, but her lack of confidence killed her. The bottom 2 are Nicholas and Christopher (yet again). After 4 weeks in a row in the bottom, and the most un-Sante Fe look ever, I feel excited to see Christopher finally go. Unfortunately, it's Nicholas and his "WTF does this have to do with Greece?" outfit look that's auf'd.