October 12, 2009

Reality Rundown: You Wore Heels to Tribal Council- What Did You Expect?

The Amazing Race - The teams travel 2 hours to Ho Chi Minh City for the next leg of the race where they have to retrieve a clue from the coolest underwater dragon puppets ever. Seriously, I want to book a flight to Vietnam just to see these puppets. At the detour, the teams can choose between dragging a giant concrete animal around a park and collect balloons or solving a word puzzle with a Vietnamese word. Mostly everyone wisely picks child's play and try to pick lower, sturdier animals so that it won't fall and break. Zev/Justin stupidely pick a giraffe that they quickly smash to pieces. But the dumbest move is old couple Marcy/Ron who chose the word play detour and decide to try and figure out the word themselves, rather than get help from a local like the clue said. They kinda catch up at the Road Block to unassemble 2 VCR's, but alas not fast enough and they are Philiminated.

The Biggest Loser - The contestants are in for quite the shock this week when they enter the kitchen and see everything locked up. This week, all food must be ordered from take-out restaurants which proves to be very challenging for the losers. But perhaps not as challenging it is for some poor take-out restaurant having to listen to 13 ridiculously complex and annoying orders; so obviously the restaurant ignores most requests and gives it to them as is. Bob and Jillian take the losers out to a Mexican restaurant to show them eating out is ok as long as you are in control. So get your dressing on the side, kids!

In other news, Crazy Eyes Tracey is still injured and can't work out or really do anything physical whatsoever, Daniel wins immunity for the orange team, and the Pink team wins a year's supply of groceries. In what seems like the longest weigh-in and elimination ceremony ever, black team's sole member Julio and the Brown team (old lady Liz and Danny , the guy who my brother always thinks is Julio) are below the yellow line. The teams have a tough time deciding who to eliminate, but as I began to drift off from sheer exhaustion, Julio is voted out and he's no longer TBL (the Biggest Loser).

Top Chef - The Quickfire challenge is to spin a slot machine and create a meal based on the 3 words that the machine lands on. Kevin, who BWE has deemed Yukon Cornelius, wins yet again and since it's a high stakes Quickfire can choose between immunity or $15k. Considering he's by far the best chef there, he takes the money.

After a stressful Quickfire, Padma tells the contestants to go home and relax, because they'll be throwing a dinner party at the house for some special guests, which they quickly realize is an elimination challenge. The cheftestants draw knives to pair up, and each knife has the name of a respected chef that is part of the Macy's Culinary Council (product placement!) That chef has compiled a bag of ingredients and the pairs must create a dish with those items. Kevin and Cutthroat Bitch Jen (who worried me when she was sick in the morning) win the challenge, with CB taking home the top prize of $10k at Macy's. For the 1st time, Brother Michael is in the bottom, which scares everyone and proves no one is invincible. Eli and Ashley make a very heavy, salty and undercooked gnocci and prawn dish, and Ashley takes most responsibility for the failure so she's sent packing to her restaurant, and not a life catering weddings.

Survivor - For the reward challenge this week, each tribe leader has to pick 2 people to bring along with him. When they arrive, they're standing in a big white circle with a crate of chickens on one side and a treasure chest on the other, and no Jeff Probst. After some consideration, they all decide to just grab the chickens, but it turns out the treasure chest has instructions for playing the game. It's Bocce ball, winner gets the chickens. While it seems like evil Russell finally has scored Foa Foa a win, Dave from Galu gets the win. Did I mention I think Dave is a dead ringer for Jeffrey from Next Food Network Star?

At Galu camp, Shambo weirds out her tribe with her chicken talk, then loses a chicken. Yasmin is lazy and does no work. Shambo stupidly tells tribemate Erik clues about where the immunity idol is, saying it can't hurt her. DUH. Sure enough, while everyone is away from camp, Erik finds the idol! What he doesn't know? John was fake sleeping and saw the whole thing. At Foa Foa, Jaison confides in evil Russell that maybe he regrets coming, which is the dumbest move ever since Russell always flies off the handle at comments. Russell decides to make a final 2 deal with Natalie, saying he can then beat her in the jury by saying she rode his coattails.

The immunity challenge is stack blocks, make their way to another set of blocks via a rope bridge, and stack another set of blocks. Galu takes the early lead, but Monica blows it. It's neck-and-neck with the final block stacking, but Foa Foa finally wins a challenge and is safe. Galu finally has to begin sccheming, which is a decision between unathletic Monica and lazy but athletic Yasmin. Leader Russell wants Monica gone, but his most of his tribe is against that. Yasmin makes the wise choice of wearing heels to Tribal Council, which is nice since she looks very stylish leaving the game of Survivor.

Project Runway - This week the designs will be overhauling a bunch of divorcees wedding gowns into new looks they can wear out. Hey, there is no better conversation started on a first date than, "Oh you like my dress? Yes, it's my old wedding dress." Shirin's client is delusional, wanting a Cher-esque dress with headdress, etc. She has a breakdown, gets some love from Tim, and turns out this fantastic dress with embroidery. Gordana finally shows she's not just a seamstress with a beautiful dress this week and she wins the challenge. Despite my complete loathing of Christopher's silver space bubble dress, the bottom 2 designers have dresses that remind Heidi of her native Oktoberfest. Logan makes a poorly fitting pants ensemble, and Epperson in a dull dress that used too much wedding dress (after originally he had no wedding dress). And with that, the soothing voice of Epperson is out.


Russ Morgan said...

I think Dave from Survivor is a dead ringer for Kevin Spacey.