October 30, 2009

Reality Rundown: I Take It Spash Mountain Is Out of the Question?

The Amazing RaceNew! So You Think You Can DanceThe Biggest Loser
Top ChefSurvivorProject Runway

The Amazing Race - It's a 2nd leg in Dubai, which leads to many screw ups. The Globetrotters have a mind fart in a Roadblock that has them retrieving a Rolex and using the time to open a briefcase, putting them in last place. The Detour is a "you're screwed either way" with assembling 12 hookahs in the sun or weigh out $500k in gold, which is constantly fluctuating in price. Erika and Brian do both tasks, and stress out majorly during both. After this, the teams have to head to the Atlantis Resort and go down a giant waterslide that goes through a shark tank, then check into the pit stop. Meghan & Cheyne are team #1 again, even though Meghan was dumb enough to think there were really sharks in the pool and not in a tank.

Now comes the amazing part of this race's leg. Perpetually stupid Mika & Canaan actually run a pretty decent leg of the race, until they arrive at the waterslide. You see, Mika is afraid of heights and water. Dressed in her fashion bathing suit and floaties, she reacts to the slide similarly to the 1st time you try to put a toddler in a pool or bathe a cat. Her boyfriend is a total d-bag screaming at her and I don't think this will help any future efforts to get Mika to go to Water Country USA. The Globetrotters finally catch up and kick in their strategy to completely psych Mika out. The mind-games work and Mika can't take the plunge (she had a 2 minute time limit once another team arrived); Mika takes the stairs back down. The Globetrotters fly down that slide and narrowly escape elimination. Yes, it's kinda awful that they played off her fears, but it was strategy to keep playing for a million dollars. And did I mention America loves them?

New! So You Think You Can Dance - After weeks of auditioning, we have our Top 20 which includes 3 tappers, 4 hip hop, 3 ballroom, and jazz & contemporary for the rest. One criticism the show often gets is that the 1st 2 voted off are usually the lesser known dancers, so SYTYCD has done something new this year which is a Top 20 episode that is all group routines to show off their skills. But here's the elephant in the room: the horrendous new stage. This stage is god awful, taking away from the intimacy of the performances. It's loud, obnoxious, and I couldn't get past it until the last 2 dances of the night. Now, onto the Top 20 performances that matter: the dancers are paired and in official competition.

The next night is Top 20 performances where we find out: 1. Due to baseball, the judges will decide which guy and girl go home tonight without America's vote, 2. promising dancer Billy Bell had to drop out of the competition due to illness, 3. Billy has been replaced by hip hop dancer Brandon Dumlao, and 4. krumper Russell's partner Noelle is injured, so he has to dance with the choreographer's assistant. What a beginning! The 3rd judge is no longer a guest; director Adam Shankman has been named permanent 3rd chair. And tonight, the stage isn't as bad as the 1st night, so I'm quite relieved. Still not great, but getting over it slowly.

The 2 best performances of the night are Ellenore & Ryan's jazz and Legacy & Kathryn's hip-hop. Russell, stuck dancing with assistant Melanie, does a great job- Beantown represent! The worst are definitely Peter & Ariana's hip-hop and Brandon and Pauline's waltz. For some reason, Peter isn't in the bottom 4: Russell is. WTF?! Even if judges get to decide this week, I think it should follow similar rules and that partners are in the bottom together. After solos, Ariana and Brandon are eliminated with a promise to let Brandon try to audition again, since he technically wasn't selected for this season. First impressions: I'm all about Russell and dreamy married Ryan.

The Biggest Loser - This week is a head-to-head weigh-in, meaning 1 member from each team will be pitted against each other and whoever has the highest percentage of weight-loss gets a point for their team; most points wins. The Blue team wins yet another challenge and gets to decide who to go against. Everyone on Black team seems to cry and have emotional breakdowns and breakthroughs this week (and Shay doesn't even cry until weigh-in!). Blue team wins the weigh-in 4-1, and Rudy sets the new 100lb on campus record. The Black team has a hard decision to make since 4 of them are BFFs. Abby decides that she feels her journey here can end; she came on TBL to learn to live again, after enduring a horrible family tragedy, so her team (except big Danny) respects her wishes and sends her home.

Top Chef - Ah, a Quickfire close to my heart: class-up the old TV dinner based on a popular TV series. Mike I. says he's never seen Seinfeld which is ridiculous, not to mention the show had so many food stories. Kevin wins yet again with a Sopranos meatball meal. The elimination challenge perks up everyone's spirits because they'll be cooking at Tom Colicchio's restaurant, Craftsteak. Twists ahead contestants because they're cooking for celebrity/bad-ass bitch Natalie Portman who is a vegetarian. Oh the irony of cooking vegetarian in a steakhouse! The best part of the episode is Padma referring to garlic as a "prick in [her mouth]" which leads to a lot of "that's what she said" type of jokes. Kevin sweeps the week in wins, making a hearty kale dish that felt as appetizing as if they had meat. My girl Cutthroat Bitch (Jen) struggles this week, and of course Robin takes her usual spot in the bottom. Mike I., who tried to do a play on scallops with undercooked leeks, is pretty cocky and figures he's safe which is always a mistake. Mike is sent away to pack his knives and deep down you know he's more upset that Robin outlasted him.

Survivor - Now that nice Russell is gone, the men of Galu elect Shambo as their leader, hoping to get her to align with them. Shambo's newfound leadership doesn't impact the team too much as they win the reward challenge (a game of memory) for a feast on a boat, as well as a tarp and fire starting kit. Shambo does show she's boss and sends Laura over to Foa Foa camp, where she is immediately approached by evil Russell for a final 3 deal. The man is so annoying, but you can't help but be in awe of his game. At the immunity challenge, Foa Foa has an early lead until Jaison gives up on the puzzle portion; Galu wins yet again. Foa Foa considers the possibility of voting off Jaison since he seems to be a whiner and quitter, but it's Liz that gets her torch snuffed. And Jeff hilariously points out what a shitty tribe Foa Foa has been. Ok episode but it's leading to next week: MERGE!

Project Runway - Heidi emerges onto the Runway to show the designers the best look each of them has designed thus far. The challenge this week is to design a companion piece to that look. Althea is annoyed at Logan because his collar is the same as something she did before, and then Irina claims Althea stole her baggy sweater idea from her. The difference being Althea ended up not saying anything and Irina called out Althea on the runway. Bitch! Carol Hannah is the only look I liked this episode; she wanted to be riskier and make pants, but instead opted for a great little black dress. Althea wins with her giant not-stolen sweater and Irina is angry. Gordana made and ugly 80s business-lady look, Christopher another horrible puffy dress, and Logan made Judy Jetson's prostitution gear. Logan is eliminated rightly, but I still wish the nightmare that is whiny Christopher would go.