October 5, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Name: Jon Gosselin
SERVED: For the first time ever, someone is getting a second helping of SERVING. If you live in a cave, you might not have heard the "breaking news" this week: Jon got fired from his show. SERVED! TLC decided the ex-hit TV series is more about Kate's journey now so TLC axed Jon and plans to change the title of the show to Kate Plus 8, praying this cash cow of a show can still live on. Jon fired back in anger and kicked TLC off his property, saying he requested filming being shut down before this announcement. TLC gave another F-U to Jon and pointed out Jon wanted to shut down the show because he was asking for money and a custom motorcycle made for him for being on the show. Oh and at the same time Jon complained about the well-being of his children being on TV, he's been partying away in LA. For someone for hates fame so much, why be such a famewhore and party it up LA? You're a hypocrite Jon- and you're getting SERVED... AGAIN!

Name: Kate Gosselin
SERVED: Remember one paragraph ago when I told you TLC said buh-bye to Jon? Well Jon wasn't taking it lightly. He proceeded to put a sign up on the property kicking TLC to the curb and suspending filming of his kids. Kate's income- SERVED! And since Kate is the one who has kept the show going, she gets to look like a villain. Oh and it gets better, Jon then decided to really SERVE Kate and went into their joint bank account and emptied the account! He took out $200k (that's a lot of Ed Hardy shirts) and left Kate with a measely $1k. Ouch- SERVED again! Why won't the Gosselins just go away? It's great that even when it was announced Jon would be off the show and it would be about Kate, everyone was still praying Kate and her bitchiness would go away. Do us a favor Kate: take the $1k left in your bank account, invest it in paying for the therapy you're kids are going to have to endure because you and your husband sold out your lives for money. SERVED.

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Thanks for J'Wynn for the SERVING advice this week!