October 19, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Name: The Heene Family
SERVED: This past Thursday, the country was rocked as a giant jiffy pop bag floated across the Colorado sky, allegedly with a 6 year old boy, Falcon Heene, aboard. After a few hours, everyone was relieved when the Balloon Boy was discovered hiding in the attic of the garage. Suddenly, it seemed fishy. While appearing on CNN for an interview, little Falcon was posed the question about why didn't he come out from hiding when he heard his name called. His response? "You said we did this for a show" And so began the investigation into the hoax.

The Heene family had already appeared on the show Wife Swap twice, and had apparently been trying to shop around a show about their family for a while. Then Falcon puked twice on national television when he was posed questions about the incident. Suddenly, the Balloon Boy was under scrutiny, especially his insane family. And now it's official: the Balloon saga has been deemed a hoax. SERVED. The charges they could face are pretty big: conspiracy, deliquency of a minor, and making false reports (to name a few). And self-described "amateur scientist", the dad Richard Heene? Well the sheriff announced that Heen's "education level is only high school .. he may be nutty, but he's not a professor." HAHA- SERVED! For trying to dupe America, you Heenes get SERVED. But hey, you wanted to be famous.

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