November 17, 2009

Reading Rules! Part 1

11/17/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , 1 comment
It's pretty obvious that if you blog about pop culture, then you probably love TV and movies. I used to read a lot more books, but I must admit I don't read as much as I should (my train time's for napping, not learning!) We're all very familiar with the concept of a beloved novel being turned into a movie, like Harry Potter or He's Just Not That Into You (ha!) But did you know sometimes the reverse happens? That's right- sometimes they decide that watching a show or movie isn't enough and they write book book-versions of said entertainment. How awesome is that? (Not that awesome. Seems unoriginal.)

This past week, my amiga Jamie and I took a voyage to the used section of Paperback Junction and are happy to report back some of the amazingness we were able to find. And don't worry folks, this is a 2 part series. Come back later this week for the greatest books I've ever found.

Family Ties: Alex Gets the Business
It's a never-before-seen-episode in novel form! Now I wonder what
"the business" Alex gets is... start pondering.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York - The Book
I would've preferred reading the original Home Alone, but at least this version
let's me skip any visuals of that pigeon woman.

Back to the Future 2 and Adventures in Babysitting: The Novel
There seems to be a Michael J. Fox theme in terms of screen-to-book.
However, Adventures in Babysitting confuses me. It says it's a book based
on the movie, but also says that this book is "Now a Major Motion Picture."
Which is it? I need to know!!!

Beverly Hills 90210
I want to enlarge this picture, print it, frame it, and hang it in my
future home for generations to come.


Summer said...

lol - i used to own the books based on the movie clueless. maybe someone should have told me i could have just been reading jane austen's emma. but no. no one had any class in my household.