November 19, 2009

Reading Rules! Part 2

11/19/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , 1 comment
If you thought the novelization of Home Alone 2 or an original episode of Family Ties in book form was great, wait til you see these books. This next showcase of books doesn't have a central tying theme like last time, but if I could theme them I'd just call them "AMAZING." These books leave me speechless, while also wondering who in the world wasted their time writing these and what publisher in their right mind said, "This will make millions!"

The Lives of Loves of the New Kids on the Block
Since it's "the latest scoop," does this mean there's a sequel?
Time to scour eBay.

Debbie Gibson: Electric StarThis book is all about the title, mainly because "Electric Star"
perfectly describes Debbie Gibson. Once shining and full of energy but quickly
burned out and needed a replacement. SERVED!

Pac-Mania: The Official Pac-Man Joke BookI anticipated this being full of knock knock jokes and lame riddles. What I
found instead was pun-filled artwork, like Pac-Man on Hollywood Squares
or Old PacDonald. I bet this won a Pulitzer.

The Matt Dillon Quiz Book
This might become my favorite book of all-time. I can just imagine a bunch
of teen girls circa 1982 at a sleepover reading Matt Dillon facts and
trying to guess trivia like what turns Matt on (and his answer would be:
unofficial quiz books with odd personal facts written by teen fangirls).


Summer said...

'the lives and loves' haha, really?