November 6, 2009

Reality Rundown: Foa Against Eight

The Amazing RaceThe Biggest LoserSo You Think You Can DanceTop Chef
SurvivorProject Runway

The Amazing Race - Buh-bye Dubai, hello Netherlands! The gay brothers announced to the group they're gay and come in 1st place this leg. The Road Block requires counting bells as they annoyingly ring; it's a breeze for everyone except Erica, who apparently took about 3 hours to complete this and puts her and her hubbie way behind.

The Detour is shitty either way you go: wearing traditional Dutch clothing, teams must either ring a bell with a hammer (like the carnival game), learn a dance, and eat a nasty trout or strip down to their undies, cross a river, and play wacky Dutch golf. In my opinion, both challenges put females at a disadvantage. Clearly, the dancing option would be easier for women, but to even enter the task they have to ring the carnival bell which are virtually impossible for an average woman. Needless to say, poker players Maria & Tiffany struggle and attempt each detour twice. Their misfortune allows Brian & Erica to catch up and avoid elimination, despite a 30 minute penalty for not following the clue's exact instructions. Maria & Tiffany have to give up and are Philiminated on the windy golf course. Sucks for them since the Detour blew, but Maria has done jack-shit the whole time (yet said she always gave 150%) and they came in last twice but escaped elimination due to a non-elimination leg and Zev & Justin's passport mishap. Adios ladies!

The Biggest Loser - The goal of this week is to inspire America to be fit so they send them to Washington, DC to do this. Alison Sweeney also reveals teams are gone: it's individuals, baby! Liz wins a pop challenge (by bragging she's the old lady contestant) to get people to come work out with Bob & Jillian at the Washington Monument and eat Subway. The losers get to visit the White House, where pick vegetables from Michelle Obama's garden and make a salad in the White House kitchen. But I guess that's closer than I've been, so good for them. For a chance at the immunity, the contestants run a mile, carry pennies, and balance in front of historical monuments; Rebecca wins (good thing, cause she would've been below the yelow line). Jillian finally gets a chance to revenge-train Tracy, but nothing good happens and instead Jillian says Tracy has changed- boring! At the weigh-in, in front of Lincoln Memorial, Liz and Crazy Eyes Tracy fall below the yellow line. Tracy's past of being an untrustworthy gamer comes back to haunt her and she's eliminated. Goodbye season villain!

So You Think You Can Dance -Kind of an unbalanced week, but I do have an official favorite couple: Ellenore & Ryan, who do such a fantastic Argentenian tango even with Ellenore's dress stuck on her heel. Karen & Kevin ace a raunchy hip-hop which may have simulated salad tossing, and Legacy & Kathryn hit it out of the park again this week with contemporary. And here's a sidenote: You know you have a cool mom when she makes the comment that Legacy looks like Matsuflex from Tool Academy. Onto the clunkers: Channing & Phillip have a horrible samba; the judges compliment her hip action, but I thought she was so rigid and uncomfortable. Bianca & Victor's "Praise the Lord!" Broadway is bad, Russell & Noelle's tennis themed hip-hop is weak for Noelle, and Peter & Pauline have to dance to a weird Wade Robson piece based on Van Gogh's "Starry Night" that is just too odd for me (but others surely love).

Due to the World Series, the judges again will select the Bottom 4 and send home 2. The bottom 4 are Noelle, Bianca, Phillip, and Victor. Again, I think it's BS that it's not pairs in the bottom (especially since Channing sucked as bad as Phillip), but I'll have to deal with that. Bianca does the most ridiculous solo to "Tootsie Roll" by 69 Boyz, which leaves me rolling in laughing from the memories of 6th grade dances. The judges make the decision to send Bianca and Phillip, 2 of the 3 tap dancers home. They both cry, the other dancers cry, Cat Deeley cries; my mom cheers (she didn't like Bianca).

Top Chef - No new episode! Boo! But instead we get a reunion of former favorite finalists, hosted by season 5's amazing Fabio, who cook dinner for themselves and argue. Here's what you need to know: season 2's Marcel is still an immature douche and Fabio puts him in check, Crazy Carla doesn't blame her sous chef from the finale (Casey from Season 3) for her loss, and bitter Lisa from season 4 isn't as bad, doesn't mind being the villain, and didn't burn any rice. They reminiscence about old challenges, fights, and how the judges can be pretty rude. I also fall in love with Stefan from Season 5 for his kinda douchey humor and swoon over the cooking god that is Richard Blais. So, great to see everyone, but kinda dull.

Survivor - Foa Foa may be down to 4 members, but fate smiles on them this week as the merge happens, forming the Aiga tribe. Galu is confident that their 8 can pick off the Foa's 1-by-1, but the Foas are smart and know they need to fight their way to stay; there are cracks in Galu, and they'll open them up. Russell's definition of fighting to stay includes revealing his hidden immunity idol to 3 different Galuse and vowing that each of them is his final 2 member. Laura isn't buying what he's selling and neither is Monica; cute John decides he's in. Now that Laura is onto Russell, she becomes Russell's target and John and Shambo are both in to take her out. Well as fate would have it, Laura and John both win individual immunity (a guy and a girl get it), so now it's time to game play.

The scrambling post-Immunity Challenge is so awesome and leaves me on the edge of my seat. Galu wants to flush out Russell's immunity idol, Monica becomes a target, then Jaison, and then overconfident Erik (who also has a hidden immunity idol, but told no one). At Tribal Council, Erik goes on and on about Galu being so tight and that Foa Foa is out the door, which makes Russell worry he could be his name on the parchment. After tallying the votes, Russell plays his hidden immunity idol, bringing smiles to everyone's face that Operation Idol-Flush is a success. However, Russell gets 0 votes. After 2 votes for Jaison, all the votes come out for Erik and he's totally blindsided and becomes the 1st member of the jury. HAHA! He had an immunity idol, but was so cocky he didn't play it and got served. THIS is why I still love Survivor.

Project Runway - Last challenge before Fashion Week. Thank god, cause I'm so bored with this show; are you? Tim brings the designers to the Getty Center where they are tasked to create a piece inspired by the museum's architecture and artwork. The Getty is quite beautiful and has some amazing art there, allowing everyone to find the inspiration they need, from European bedding to Monet, or in Christopher's case, rocks in the fountain with algae. This is symbolic of him being an outsider I guess? Annoying.

All the designs this week are pretty weak to me (well Carol Hannah makes a elegant, but safe, dress). Althea takes a risk but her dress is still a clunker. Since there are 5 left and only 3 get to compete at Fashion Week, 2 will be eliminated. After the initial critique, Heidi asks why each designer thinks they deserve to go to Fashion Week. This gives Christopher one last time to cry like a baby on the runway about how he's from a small town and wants this so much (does he realize that America has hundreds of thousands of really small towns with talented people?), and then makes himself so saintly because he chose to use rocks as an inspiration rather than fine art. He's eliminated- YAY! Despite Gordana's beautiful dress, it's too safe and no one knows where she's really coming from as a designer so she's out too. This leaves the 3 most talented, Carol Hannah, Althea, and Irina, to duke it out in NYC.