November 13, 2009

Reality Rundown: Orange You Sad You Fell Below the Yellow Line?

The Amazing RaceThe Biggest LoserSo You Think You Can Dance
Top ChefSurvivorProject Runway

The Amazing Race - Teams board 2 different flights to Stockholm, Sweden where street names become everyone's nightmare. When there, they ride a steep drop ride at an amusement park, then get to carry around a sweet Travelocity Roaming Gnome (I have 1 3 of those!) the rest of the leg (the Globetrotters name theirs "Harlem Gnome:). The Detour is a choice between blowing shizz up or deciphering Viking code; I think you can guess which option every team picked. Now onto the fun part: the Roadblock. In season 6, the worst Roadblock ever involved having to find a clue hidden in haysbales; 1 contestant spent 10 hours searching and never found it and was eliminated while still searching. So this season, it's back to torture again! The Globetrotters find luck on their side again and get to be team #1 on Flight Time's birthday. The father/son team are the last to check in, but luck comes in to play again as it's a non-elimination leg.

The Biggest Loser - Alison drops on a bomb on the losers that there will be 2 lines this week: a yellow and a red line. Whoever falls below the yellow line is up for elimination, and the person below the red line is automatically eliminated. Double elimination beotches! Bob and Jillian have a heart-to-heart and agree that Shay needs to be here most (ominous foreshadowing), but know they need to push everyone to their limits. Allen wins a 1lb advantage at a pop challenge and Rudy wins immunity in another challenge.

At the weigh-in, the numbers are ridiculous! Shay drops 17lbs and becomes the fastest 100lbs dropped by a woman in BL history. It's old Liz who shocks everyone and is BL of the week. After a lot of suspense, returning loser Daniel falls below the red line and is eliminated. Other young'ns Amanda and Shay (despite her double-digit drop) are below the yellow line and the game is finally played, with Shay being eliminated and both ex-orange teams members out the same week. And yes, she cried a lot this episode. What I liked most? At her welcome home party, someone brought cupcakes the size of the Hulk's fist.

So You Think You Can Dance - Maybe I'm being a hater this week cause I'm feeling under the weather, but this week the dancing sucked. My favorites Ryan & Ellenore tanked in a Lil C hip-hop; far too cutesey for a hardcore routine. Mollee & Nathan's salsa is painful to watch. Legacy is great, but his partner danced like a 5 year old in a dance recital. The only bright point for me tonight was Russell and Noelle's fantastic Afro-jazz. There were a few others that were good, but just didn't make me excited. It's probably also not a good thing to give a C- performance when the voting is finally in America's hands. It was not a fun 2 hours when you're aching, coughing, and watching crappy dancing. Bottom 3 prediction: Ryan/Ellenore, Mollee/Nathan, Victor/Channing.

Results show! Nigel seems peeved before the results have been announced (since the judges know the votes beforehand), so my guess is Nathan/Mollee avoided the bottom 3 despite being dreadful. And I'm right. The bottom 3 are Ryan/Ellenore, Peter/Pauline, and shockingly Kevin/Karen. Nigel then blasts the viewers for voting for Nathan because he's cute and not because his dance was good. What I realized? Nathan+15 years+Ed Hardy shirt=Jon Gosselin. Anyways, after some mediocre solos, Nigel again gets pissy saying that season 5 was not long ago and they need to step up their game. The judges decide to eliminate Peter and Pauline, and with that all the tappers are out and some soundguy's job just got easier.

Top Chef -Padma and famous food personality Nigella Lawson call the chefs for breakfast in bed in their swanky Venetian room, so the chefs get 30 minutes to whip up something tasty for this Quickfire. Eli wins with his play on eggs benedict, while Robin sucks again.

The elimination challenge is to draw knives and create a dish designed by a different hotel on the Vegas strip. Robin gets Bellagio and has never heard of it, proving that she must live on another planet. I've visited each of the hotels on the strip and stayed in a few, so I'm excited to see what inspires the cheftestants. Brother Michael wins the challenge this week with his New York, New York inspired chicken wing and blue cheese (Brother Brian's Mandalay Bay and Kevin's Mirage are the other top dishes). Jen's Excalibur steak is like a rock, Robin's panna cotta isn't executed well, and Eli's Circus Circus peanut/apple soup topped with ground-up popcorn and raspberry froth is downright disgusting. The judges decide to eliminate Robin, and I yell "Finally!" at my TV. Maybe if she wasn't so distracted by the artwork, Robin would've seen Bellagio has some of the best chocolate ever. Peace out!

Survivor - Hunger is finally turning the survivors crazy, as southern sweetie Natalie kills a rat and they eat it. Yum! Dave, Shambo, Monica, John, and Kelly (dreadlock girl) win the Reward Challenge and get to go ass sliding down some rocks and eat fried chicken and brownies. While on the trip, there's a clue that there's a new immunity idol hidden back at camp, so the 5 decide to keep this information within Galu and pick off the former Foa Foas. However, Russell doesn't need no stinkin' clue to know that there's an idol hidden out there and he finds it- AGAIN. Russell may be a manipulator and jerk, but man is he awesome. Russell decides to confide in Shambo and reveal the idol, and a new play is in motion: play the idol again and blindside Laura.

Except Laura wins immunity again, so the plan changes. Foa Foa decides to vote for Kelly to weaken Laura's alliance, knowing that Galu will all plan on voting off Russell. Russell will then play his new idol and boom- serving time! While Monica suggests maybe Galu should split their votes in case someone does have an idol, Dave nixes that idea. So at Tribal Council, where Foa Foa plays possum and Galu thinks they're 7 strong, Russell plays his idol and Kelly is completely blindsided- just when I finally learned her name. This is amazing Survivor! Oh and Jeff announces that the idol will be rehidden so next week: game on!

Project Runway - Heidi sends the 3 designers home with $9K to work on their Bryant Park collections, having to create 12 pieces. Tim Gunn visits each girl to check out their progress and meet their family and make biscuits (yes, it happened). There seems to be optimism about each collection, but then Irina gets a shocker when Tim informs her she can't use some screenprint of Coney Island she has because the images are trademarked.

Time magically flies by, the designers come to New York City for Fashion Week, but Carol Hannah is delayed since she's super sick. There's some minor cattiness, more Tim critiques, model selection, and a tete-a-tete with Michael and Nina. It's really not exciting. Heidi shows up to "shock" them with a last minute challenge, having to create a 13th look and this would be shocking if they haven't done this every single season. Crying Christopher, Gordana, and Logan return to be assistants and Carol Hannah gets sick again. Next week: this dull-as-rocks season finally ends.