November 20, 2009

Reality Rundown: Tiebreakin' all the Rules

The Amazing RaceThe Biggest LoserSo You Think You Can Dance
Top ChefSurvivorProject Runway

The Amazing Race - I takes like 2 days of the race for the teams to get to this week's destination: Estonia. The Roadblock is to search for a hidden ink message in some secret society's headquarters. Matt struggles because he doesn't know what a candelabra is- d'oh. Maybe he's too relaxed from the Speed Bump he and his dad had to take in a Saunabus? The Detour is to score 5 points in mud volleyball or shoot vegetables with a slingshot at a target. Meghan & Cheyne win yet another leg- yawn. The Brothers are sick of the Globetrotters and in a foot race, one of them throws out an elbow to knockout Flight Time. Big Easy is pissed, and so am I. Deal with it brothers, the Globetrotters are amazing! Matt and his dad Gary finish the slingshot detour, but are last to check in and Philiminated from the race.

The Biggest Loser - Makeovers! Everyone looks great, makes an inspirational speech, and gets to see their family. And Rudy has a way hot, skinny wife. Then he wins a trip for his family to a Biggest Loser weight-loss resort, which I'm sure his skinny wife will enjoy. Because much of the week was spent getting glammed up, Bob and Jillian have less time to train the losers. The men have great numbers this week, with Rudy and Danny losing double digits again. Liz and Rebecca fall under the yellow line, but Liz's initial plea to stay is pretty weak. Rebecca passionately pleas for Rudy and Allen to keep her on the ranch, but Rudy decides to vote her out, citing her past alliance with the Black team. Rebecca's devastated to hear this, but now that she's working out at home she's smokin'! Oh, oh- and she and Daniel (last week's castoff) are in LOVE!

So You Think You Can Dance - Good dancing is back this week! However, 2 hours is unnecessary; it's just really long and repetitive judge rambling. Put in a group routine if you have to fill time. Ryan/Ellenore have an amazing rebound after last week's hip hop debacle; their contemporary piece is beautiful. Ashley/Jacob are awesome in their hip hop and Legacy/Kathryn perform a strong and powerful paso doble. Nathan/Mollee were good, but I can't tolerate the fact that Nathan will go far based on looks. The only couple in real danger is Kevin/Karen, who had a personality-less Broadway. Bottom 3 prediction: Kevin/Karen, Channing/Victor, and Russell/Noelle.

Results show! The bottom 3 are Kevin/Karen, Channing/Victor, and Mollee/Nathan. Score! Looks like there's some Nathan backlash; however, their solos are both outstanding and they're safe. I think it's pretty obvious Kevin is out this week, and he even looks defeated. For the girls, personality vs. technical becomes the big issue and the judges decide that Karen could be a star, so Channing is out. Victor and Karen as a pair? This seems no good.

Top Chef - Apparently there are culinary competitions besides Food Network Challenge, and the true masters of the culinary world compete in the Bocuse D'Or, which is like a culinary Olympics. For the Quickfire, the chefs have to create a dish of a protein inside a protein inside another protein- cue turducken jokes. My girl Jen formerly known as Cutthroat Bitch gets her groove back and wins with calamari, salmon and scallops.

The elimination challenge is to create a platter like the Bocuse d'or with one protein and two garnishes, which should be real snazzy; and the protein choices are salmon or lamb. Kevin makes a delicious dish, but perhaps not as difficult or elaborate as others; however, he wins yet again and this time gets $30k and the a chance to be part of the next Bocuse d'Or team for America. Eli's lamb was cooked crappy and his sausage had a lot of fat so he packs his knives and goes. So the final 4 is in fact the final 4 we all expected to happen since like episode 2. Jen or Kevin FTW!!

Survivor - Russell, Natalie, Laura, Dave and Brett win a reward challenge where they get a picnic lunch, extreme product placement with a Sprint phone, and clue to the next immunity idol. It's a frenzy at camp to find that idol, which is hidden under a green mossy rock; Russell decides to take off like a bat out of hell and confuse Dave and returns to a spot where they were both looking a FINDS THE IDOL. For a 3rd time. This guy rules.

Mick wins individual immunity, but he wasn't a target anyways: Laura is. The 4 Foa Foa's are voting Laura and so is Shambo, so that makes 5 votes; the Galus decide to vote Natalie and then attempt to make the Foa Foa's waste their votes on John. John gets wind of this and is pissed that his tribe would gamble with his life in the game. He approaches Russell, who knows Galu is trying to mess with them, and offers him a deal: when it's a tie, the 2nd time they vote, switch votes and get rid of Laura. If a tie is forced twice, everyone has to draw rocks and whoever has the purple rock goes home. Talk about leaving it up to fate. John decides to consider it, but says if he agrees next week a Foa Foa has to go home.

At Tribal Council, there's a 5-5 tie between Laura and Natalie. Dave, who thinks he's so GD smart and really irritates me, gets cocky and says he'll keep the tie to draw rocks. The tribe revotes again (except Laura and Natalie) and the votes come out 6-4 and Laura is out. John switched his tiebreaker vote- awesome. Dave looks so confused that it's priceless. Man Survivor, you're on fire!

Project Runway - I thought this day would never come: the end. This season has been a bore and I'm seriously considering not coming back to next season when it starts in January.

Anyways, the designers rush to finish their 13th look and touch up their collection. Let's get onto the Bryant Park shows. Althea is first and says her collection is inspired by sci-fi movies. It's some nice sportswear and knits, with a lot of pieces that could be mixed and matched. Carol Hannah is second and hers is full of really beautiful dresses and actually uses color, but the looks aren't cohesive. Irina is last, citing New York and shielding/protection as her inspiration; the looks are all black and gray with a lot of leather pants. Judges discuss, blah blah blah, and it's so obvious who will win. Irina is the winner of Project Runway 6- can you hear that? It's the sound of no one caring. After a lackluster season, it's even more disappointing for the season villain to win.


D-Money said...

Loving Survivor this season! I'm rooting for Russell. At first, I couldn't stand him but he's grown on me, and anyone that can keep finding those immunity idols and playing people like he does deserves to win. Plus, he's from Houston (about 1.5 hours from me). :)

We're still rooting for the Globetrotters on Amazing Race. They have fun and have good personalities. Those brothers are starting to get on my last nerve. Or I should say that the one whose always yelling is getting on my nerves.