November 27, 2009

Reality Rundown: Time For You To Tango Home

The Amazing RaceThe Biggest LoserSo You Think You Can Dance

The Amazing Race - The remaining 4 teams fly to Prague where unfortunately they do not have an absinthe drinking challenge. Instead they search for a "vintage Praga" (car) which leads them to a Detour of either kayaking a whitewater training course or pull themselves over the water on a suspended rope. The brothers think they can ace the kayaking, but keep falling in the water, so fall into 3rd place. They also decide to amp up their hate factor by stealing Brian/Ericka's cab. The fun part of the race is the Roadblock, which is to find a teeny mandolin in the opera house. This allows Flight Time some time to relax and perform his sweet ballet moves which Big Easy searches. Meghan/Cheyne are team #1 again, despite Cheyne being a turd this leg. Brian/Ericka are behind the pack and check in last, but it's another non-elimination leg (as it always is at the 4), so next week is do or die for them.

The Biggest Loser - It's the last week on campus and all the losers want to be in the final 4. Everyone is nervous about going home because without the ranch, they go back to their lives and families and workout time is scarce. Bedazzled jacket lover Suze Orman comes to campus to explain that health and wealth go together; I fast forward. But the losers answer some trivia to win money, so everyone is pleased. In another challenge, Allen wins tickets to the NFL Pro Bowl and $5k for a school of his choice. My personal favorite moment is when Danny broke out his guitar and played a song about their experience; I'm pretty sure it was this song. Allen and Liz fall below the yellow line, and outsider Amanda is the swing vote. She decides that her bond with Liz is stronger and she'd rather really fight in the end, rather than an easy win with Allen. Allen goes home and requests a new fire fighter nickname that doesn't revolve around his former fatness.

So You Think You Can Dance - This week decides who the top 10 will be and therefore who goes on the SYTYCD tour. It also means the couples split up and go into key party mode to pick a partner. This saddens me most because I realized while I love Ryan/Ellenore, Ashley/Jacob are the best partnership. Together they do a totally sexy cha cha and a beautiful lyrical jazz. New favorite! Too bad they break up this week. Noelle/Russell perform a great contemporary piece, but an awkward samba. It's pretty obvious Karen/Victor will be in the bottom again, with a weak hip hop and a good tango; the audience is just not cliquing with them. Nathan/Mollee will probably join them; I thought their hip-hop came off as immature and the French can can was odd. Putting the 2 babies in the competition together has not helped them. Bottom 3 prediction: Karen/Victor, Russell/Noelle, Nathan/Mollee.

Results show. There's a crazy opening group number that ends up being by Napoleon and Tabitha. Onto the results. Bottom 3 are Karen/Victor, Nathan/Mollee, and Ryan/Ellenore. I'm surprised about Ryan/Ellenore because both numbers they did were strong, but broadway and lindy hop aren't styles that get you calling in. It's pretty obvious who will/do go home: Karen and Victor (but we were so close to finally ditching Nathan).