November 2, 2009

Serving of the Week

11/02/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served No comments

Name: My Car Windshield
SERVED: Last Monday, I awoke nice and early to get ready for work. About 10 minutes before my departure, I went outside to defrost my car window. I get into my car to put the keys in the ignition and see my entire windshield caving in below the ice because someone smashed my windshield. SERVED. Now I've had my car windows smashed before outside my house, but this one had a twist: a pumpkin was hurled at the windshield. SERVED. We found some pumpkin remnants outside and weighed a piece that was about 1/3 of the pumpkin and it was 6 1/2lbs! Whaaaaat! Those little SOBs with their Halloween time shenanigans. As much as I wanted to SERVE some reality star or pop culture figure, it's clear that this week me and my poor Honda CRV got SERVED. Good thing Massachusetts covers windshields in our insurance!

Honorable Mention: Melissa Joan Hart on Jimmy Kimmel Live for her post-Dancing with the Stars elimination interview (Watch the amazingness now!)

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