November 16, 2009

Serving of the Week

11/16/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
Oldies 103.3 Logo
Name: Oldies 103.3
SERVED: It is November 16, which is a month and a half before Christmas. This weekend, I embarked upon a Saturday shopping trip with my friend Jamie and figured we'd have a good time, hear some great one hit wonders, etc. Well color me furious when I tuned into my favorite Boston-area radio station, Oldies 103.3 aka WODS Boston. (And yes, I know I'm 25 and mainly listen to oldies music, but there's only so many times you can listen to Lady Gaga without it turning into road rage).

On Saturday November 14, I turned to 103.3 and it was playing Christmas music. Not just one song; their entire programming is Christmas music. 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. WHAT THE HELL! Listen, I get people want some yuletide cheer but even the Christmas-fanatics I know wait until after Thanksgiving. Oldies 103.3, I SERVE you this Monday to tell you that I, a loyal listener, am PISSED. First the rock station is switched to sports talk, now Christmas music 3 weeks earlier than normal- radio sucks. I hope your radio ratings tank for trying to force this holiday music so early. Now where will I get my Captain & Tennille fix?

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