November 12, 2009

Welcome Metro Shout Out Readers!

11/12/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served No comments
If you're new to the blog today, chances are you read the free Metro Boston newspaper this morning, checked out the Shout Outs section and saw "MELGOTSERVED.COM," got curious, and stopped by. If that's the case: WELCOME! (and if you got here through Google for something like "Can I feed my puppy chicken nuggets?" - the answer is probably no, but welcome to you too!)

I pick up the Metro every day to scan the headlines and do the crossword... until the Metro Shout Outs began. It's an addiction; not just reading them, but submitting them. So I submitted a couple inside joke-ish Michael Bolton song quotes for a good laugh. I then thought to myself, "Hey, why not try the Shout Outs to try and promote my little blog." And then it was printed. AWESOME!

So to the new readers, I hope you check out my posts and come back tomorrow for the Reality Rundown, and then again and again until you're addicted to my blog like I'm addicted to Metro Shout Outs.