December 20, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Home Alone

12/20/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , , No comments
You know, when you rewatch Home Alone, you can see why Kevin was happy to be abandoned for Christmas. Sure all families can be annoying, but he lived with a bunch of rude turds. First, he's forced to share a bed with a bed wetter, they keep filling the kid with Pepsi, and his parents get mad at him for being pissed? What jerks! He's the youngest of the family and no one considers maybe they should to save him a slice of pizza too? And His brother is a douche about the pizza and everyone knows if you fake puke, the whole room pukes. His sister calls him a disease and insult him in a foreign language. It's only when his family abandons him to potentially be murdered by some burglers that they decide to be nice to him. What a family of jerks.

Watch Kevin put that butthole brother Buzz in his place. I wish Buzz really puked just so he could be completely humiliated.