December 4, 2009

Reality Rundown: The End of the Globetrotting Adventure

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Top ChefSurvivor

The Amazing Race - It's an overnight leg in Prague (again) where Meghan & Cheyne continue to dominate the race by getting far ahead and winning another leg; I could care less. The Roadblock is answer phones and retrieve letters to unscramble. The Globetrotters chose Big Easy to do this task, and I guess they forgot that Big Easy isn't good at unscrambling puzzles. Big Easy can't figure out the answer "Franz" and takes the 4 hour penalty- my viewer sadness sets in (they're so out).

Brian and Ericka easily complete their Speed Bump of preparing and drinking the Green Fairy aka Absinthe. Hooray! I feared the alleged hallucination-inducing beverage would be ignored. Everyone else completes the Roadblock, freezes in a -180 degrees Celsius room, and then rush to the Detour. The Detour is to build a mud golem (not this one) and transport it to rabbis, or carry beers to soccer hooligans while avoiding drunks on the street. Flight Time and Big Easy's penalty ends in the early morning, but it's too late: they're gone. Sob! Everyone please spin a basketball on your finger in memory of Flight Time & Big Easy's globetrotting adventure. So another final 3 is here and my support goes to my 2nd favorite team this season: Brian & Ericka. Next week: Vegas finale!

The Biggest Loser - The losers are off the ranch and have to learn to adapt to the real world again. Besides struggling with time management and workouts, it's hard to adjust to their families again. Liz had marital problems before the show, Rudy and Danny's wives feel left out and have struggled as the sole provider for months, and Amanda was so unhappy before. Bob and Jillian let the losers know their final challenge: to run a marathon. Through sweat and tears, they all finish showing their success on TBL.

At the final weigh-in, Danny loses 59lbs at home- making him 14lbs away from losing 50% of his initial weight. For those of you doing the math, this prize is Danny's. Rudy also secures his spot, leaving Liz and Amanda up for America to decide who joins them in the finale. And since America voted last season to get Amanda on the show, I'm sure America would like to finish the journey with her.

So You Think You Can Dance - Partner switch! Mollee and Nathan benefit from their split, as predicted by all. Mollee gets paired with Russell and the judges go ga-ga; me, not so much. Their jive was fun and all, but I personally found their lyrical jazz to have no chemistry whatsoever. Nathan and Kathryn's Broadway is fun and spot on, but their rumba is not so great. Noelle and Ryan make a great pair with a smooth waltz and hip hop, but I doubt anyone will call in for them. Ashley is paired with Legacy and they take on a very physical contemporary piece and a hip hop routine that the judges didn't like. The dream couple of the night is Ellenore and Jacob who have to tackle the quickstep dance of death, but then pull off the best routine all season (contemporary). Now I feel vindicated my putting them in my top 4 favorites. Who are my other 2 favorites? Russell and Ashley.

Results show! The group performs a Tyce Diorio routine to Billy Joel's "Still Rock and Roll To Me" which is seriously the least rock & roll song ever. Cat Deeley is wearing this awful Spanxx looking dress out of Sam McCall from General Hospital's hamper. The bottom 4 are Noelle, Kathryn, Ryan, and Nathan. While Noelle and Kathryn are both good dancers, I think the personality is lacking on both, or at least what I see of Noelle's annoys me. She is eliminated. The Nathan backlash finally ends with his demise. I think if Nathan were in the bottom 3 the week he deserved to be there, he'd be a finalist. So apparently there's 2 weeks left (a final 6 instead of 4), so stay tuned!

Top Chef -Finale Part 1! Kevin, Jen, and the Brothers are in Napa Valley to see who will be crowned Top Scallop Chef. Kevin is riding high knowing there's a Facebook group routing for his beard. Pregnant Padma and Top Chef Master contender Michael Chiarello judge the Quickfire which is to make a dish with grapes on a wine train. And the winner gets a Prius! Jerk brother Michael wins with grape leaves stuffed with cous cous and a grape/scallop kebob. My dish: PB&J, no crust. Simple and elegant.

The elimination challenge is to make 2 dishes for 150 people, one vegetarian and one with a protein, and all ingredients must be home-grown in Napa Valley (except the salt and pepper). Bryan made pasta and short ribs and the judges went nuts for it; he's declared the challenge winner. Kevin's carrot and beet salad was exceptional, but his brisket wasn't done enough. Jen is complimented for excellent use of seasonal produce with her chevre mousse and duck. Michael's "perfect egg" is overpowered by other ingredients, and his turnip soup sounded weird. But it is my #1 Jen that gets eliminated. BOOOOO! And if you didn't guess this whole season the overhyped sibling rivalry wouldn't play out in the finales, you crazy. Kevin FTW!

Survivor -It's my favorite event of every Survivor season: auction! Natalie gets PB&J and a shower, Shambo gets nasty guts with parmesan cheese, Jaison gets a leg up at the immunity challenge, and John refuses to sacrifice his slice of pie to please the others. All eyes are on John, except for Shambo's. After finally killing the chickens for meat, Shambo has this weird Willy Wonka hallucination in her sleep where she sees pecking chickens, bugs, and the tribe voting out Dave (the guy who dared question her chicken cooking technique). This is the plan, until John tells Russell he knows Russell has the idol. Russell switches up the plan and approaches Dave to take out John, but decide not to include Shambo. Jaison, who won immunity, warns Mick that if they don't include Shambo on the plans she could flip next week and force a tie.

At Tribal Council, Shambo says that the day has been so calm, but Russell said it's been nonstop strategy. Shambo's weakness is that she only plays by her emotions, which is why I'd take her to final 2: she's hated by the jury and plays no game. Hello million! Shambo still votes for Dave, John votes for Mick, and John gets completely blindsided by the remaining 6 votes. Another awesome week.


D-Money said...

I, too, was traumatized by the exit of the Globetrotters from Amazing Race. They were our favorites by far. Now I'm rooting for Meghan and Cheyne because I really can't stand the other 2 teams (but mainly the bickering brothers).

Russell is my favorite Survivor of all time, which is kind of odd because I seem to always root for the good guy or the underdog. Every week they make the previews look like Russell is getting voted out, but fortunately, it hasn't happened yet. Next week scares me again. I'll be surprised if he makes it to the end, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.