May 31, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Top Gun

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Summer is coming closer, the weather is getting warmer, and for any guys on a hot day, shirts come off and the Kenny Loggins comes on. Alright, the last part of that sentence might be wrong, but why not enjoy this Movie Scene Sunday clip from Top Gun where the guys cut loose, drop the tops, drop in their Kenny Loggins cassette into the boombox, and play a little beach volleyball.

May 29, 2009

Reality Rundown: The return of SEX!

In this Reality Rundown...

The Bachelorette - Jillian will go on 3 dates this week, 2 group and 1 solo, and give a rose out on each date and those 3 dudes will move into the mansion with her until next elimination. Oh and a few guys won't get a date at all, which kinda blows and seems unfair. Date 1 starts as a pool party and ends up a Mini Cooper infested scavenger hunt, ending in a date for one of them. Jillian picks Wes and gives him a rose and I hate this guy. He is obviously there to be discovered for his [crappy] music and not for love, but she falls for his skeezy ways. Jillian takes pilot Jake (who I liked last week) on the solo date, where he quickly swoops in for the kiss, and then Martina McBride performs and he gets a rose. Date 3 is an innocent game of pickup basketball- against the Harlem Globetrotters! Some guy gets a rose because after the game he ran into the ocean in a Speedo. I've decided my favorite suitor is Dave, who always seem one notch away from some sort of violence. Suitor Juan pretended to take a shot of whiskey, and this fakeness sent Dave into a fit of rage! At elimination, guys without dates try to make an impression, Wes makes a douche move and cuts in guys, some dude exposes himself, and the men fail to get Juan sent home. And Jillian sends home a bunch of dudes I don't know (and the streaker). All and all a good episode, but I worry Wes and Juan will be torturing me on this show a long time. (Image from

So You Think You Can Dance - 2 nights of SYTCD this week. Night 1 auditions are in Miami and Memphis. The guest judges this week are Broadway/Jazz/Contemporary choreographer Tyce Diorio (who is so over the dud dancers) and Lil C, a choreography famous for his amazing krumping (rent Rize- it's spectacular). Some great dancers on Wednesday include a few tappers, a traditional African dancer, talented twins, returning semi-finalists from last year, and an underground style called Memphis Jukin. But a few duds manage to get into the mix including terrible twins and a ginger with long dreads essentially rave dancing. The dancers heading to Vegas are a great bunch, and I think this could be one of the toughest Top 20 decisions yet. (Image from Reality Wanted)

Night 2, or as teased in Wednesday's preview, the return of SEX! But not until the end. The cities of night 2 are Los Angeles and Seattle, with Hairspray director/choreographer Adam Shankman and the SYTYCD choreography messiah Mia Michaels
as the 3rd chairs. Los Angeles has some amazing talent, which makes sense since people who move to LA are trying to pursue a career in dance. Seattle however stinks. Only 12 people from Seattle advanced, and none got an automatic ticket to Vegas. Now onto the greatest part ever: SEX. First, this guy who calls himself "Wise Leo" dances and it's this weird hopping/clubbing thing; Mia says she'd love to see a dance off between Leo and Sex. And it's as amazing as you'd think- and the winner is LEO. Poor Sex- and for once, Nigel voted for him. And after 5 years of trying out, Nigel agrees to let Sex participate in the choreography round to give him a reality check. Sex stinks, but of course, he'll be back next year.

Make Me A Supermodel - Final 4 and it's only taken what, 8 years to get here? The photoshoot is for the models to pose with a huge pyrotechnic background, but they only get one shot to do it. Jonathan plays in safe, Brendan ignores direction, Mountaha stands still, and Sandhurst goes crazy. In other fun, they get a shopping spree at Bloomingdales and get to visit New York Model Management, their possible future employer. The catwalk challenge will have the guys as 007 spies while the remaining woman will be- well I don't really know, but she is a wearing a dress by judge Catherine Malandrino. Jonathan really channels James Craig, Sandhurst is average and the photo saves him, Brendan has a much improved walk but a bad pictures, and Mountaha is stiff and Catherine doesn't like the way her dress looked- ouch, served! The bottom 2 fighting for the last spot in the finals are Mountaha and Brendan and as much as I love little Brendan (the last American too), I think his time might be up. But no! Mountaha is handed her book and sent home and she's pretty shocked. I'm shocked too, but hey, after this you'll all be working models, you just won't have the $100k prize. Next week: FINALLY, I mean finale. (Image from BuddyTV)

The Fashion Show - Teams are out, individuals in, so now the show might me slightly more like Project Runway as they don't have to make a cohesive line. Their first challenge as individuals: design an outfit inspired by a pair of shoes. Luckily, they are selecting shoes at Bergdorf's so there are no frightening Crocs to choose. The underwear designer guy again seems to be stealing ideas from other designers, Reco is overconfident (but I love him!), and a girl who got assigned a pair of shoes rocks it. The top 3 made some amazing outfits, but it's Rico and his take on a little black dress that wins. The bottom 2 are underwear guy and this other woman who made the bridesmaid dress from hell. It comes down to choosing between creative but poorly executed or boring but completed. Thankfully, the creative wins and underwear man can go back to thongs and briefs and stop being a copycat. (Original image from Celia Loves)

May 28, 2009

Ranking the Pixar Flicks

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In honor of this week's release of Disney-Pixar's Up (which I was lucky enough to see at a preview screening), I've decided to rank the 10 Pixar feature films. Considering how much I love all Pixar flicks (well except for one), this is a tough one and even my final rankings aren't perfect, but I'm ranking them based on enjoyment, re-watchability factor, artistry, and a certain "je ne sais quoi" that has helped me make such a tough decision I know I'll take a hit for how low I ranked The Incredibles, but it just didn't bewilder me like the others- plus, I am very anti-Holly Hunter. How do you rank the Pixar films? Comment now!

2. Finding Nemo
3. Toy Story 2
4. Monsters, Inc.
5. Up
6. Ratatouille
7. Toy Story
8. A Bug's Life

9. The Incredibles
10. Cars

(All images from

May 27, 2009

The Skymall Game

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My parents recently flew to Arizona and back and brought home the perfect souvenir for me: a copy of Skymall. So I poured through the latest issue and decided to play my favorite game, created by Nina, The Skymall Game. The rules are simple: flip through Skymall and say to yourself, "If money were no object, what would I buy?"

Well I don't know what it is about Skymall, but their outdoor garden sculptures just seem to captivate me. As soon as I saw this latest item I thought it was awesome, completely a waste of money, and likely to terrify and/or weird people out.

Looking for the Rundown?

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Hello loyal readers! As you'll see, there's no Reality Rundown today. Since the summer is here and surprisingly, the reality is scare (or quality reality- I am not watching Here Comes the Newlyweds), the Rundowns will be once a week from now on. Or until I get too swamped and cry mercy. Look for other fun posts to occupy the Wednesday Rundown's empty hole.

May 25, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Serving of the Week
Name: Annie Wilson, 90210
SERVED: Annie Wilson is hands down one of the worst characters on TV right now (and yes, I am one of those stupid people still tuning into 90210, but it's getting better). Annie was supposed to be this generation's Brenda Walsh, but instead Annie has been an annoying, nagging, goody two shoes that no viewer could stand. This week, Annie finally got SERVED. After it appeared Annie may have slept with frenemy Naomi's sorta-boyfriend, Naomi flipped her shizz on Annie. She pointed out Annie stole her boyfriend once before and isn't the little Miss Perfect everyone thinks she is. Then all the students accuse her of ratting out the prom after-party to her Principal dad. Someone calls her a "Kansas Skank"- SERVED! And then, someone throws a drink in her face- SERVED again! Oh man, it's classic and it's all right here for you to watch- please, you must see it. So Annie flips out, calls the cops on the party, steals a bottle of vodka, and then commits a hit and run. Hopefully next season she'll get SERVED a jail sentence and SERVED a one-way ticket off 90210. (Original image from

Thing someone should get SERVED? Leave your ideas in the comments section, email me, or hit me up on Twitter.

May 24, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking

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Growing up, I wanted to be like Pippi Longstocking (and Punky Brewster- I guess I had a thing for cool orphans). She was rich with pirate dubloons, had a horse and a monkey for friends, and could do really cool stuff (walk on a highwire, spin super fast). Plus, one time she bought all the ice cream and candy on the ice cream truck and threw it to all the kids in the town and in the local orphanage. She was such a free spirit! And as a kid, I didn't love cleaning, but when I saw The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking she revolutionized cleaning for me. Not only does she use innovative scrubbing techniques, that I only dreamt of using (no hard wood floors to scrubs), but she wrote the most catchy, fantastic cleaning song. So this Memorial Day weekend where I likely will do some spring cleaning, listen closely and you can hear me singing this jam.

May 22, 2009

Reality Rundown: I Don't Need my Coat to be a Refridgerator

In this Reality Rundown...
American IdolMake Me A Supermodel
New! So You Think You Can DanceThe Fashion Show

American Idol - Finale! Kris and Adam will perform 3 songs: favorite of the season, a song picked by producer Simon Fuller, and the winner's 1st single which was co-written by judge Kara (and 90's pop sensation Cathy Dennis!!) For Round 1, Kris did best with "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay." Round 2 goes to Adam who got assigned some Same Cooke song. Round 3... sucked. The single is so corny, so cheesy. Past seasons have been far worse, but this song is capital L-A-M-E. And since it seems they weren't allowed to play around with the arrangement, this is definitely not an Adam song, while Kris did OK. This would've been a good Gokey song- horribly lame and wannabe inspirational. It's hard to predict who will win, but I think the wholesome cuteness of Kris Allen will gain him the former Gokey voters for the win. I don't have a preference who wins as I would listen to both. Kris is someone whose CD I could listen to relaxing or commuting, but I'd play Adam Lambert in my car to scream along with. (Image from

On the results show, lots of musicians perform with the contestants (Cyndi Lauper and Allison, Hokey Gokey and Lionel Richie, etc.), Bikini Girl returns with new boobies and gets SERVED by a singing judge Kara in her bikini, Kris Allen sings with Keith Urban, Adam Lambert rocks out with KISS (Gene Simmons has even offered Adam a spot on the KISS tour). The best part is the performance of "We Are the Champions" by both Kris and Adam AND Queen- awesome. Onto the winner. The new American Idol is.. Kris Allen! And the reveal isn't that exciting, but I did call it. Afterwards I wondered if I would have been more excited if Adam won, but I think I'm leaning more towards the fact I was totally indifferent to the season/winner. Who's not indifferent? Simon- he thinks the wrong person won. In the end, as long as it wasn't Danny Gokey I'm satisfied. (Image from

Make Me a Supermodel - Photoshoot: look hot in bathing suits in the freezing weather, while holding dead fish. Sexy! Salome wins best photo again, even with a bad swimsuit body, which drives everyone mental. On the catwalk, the models will wear 2 looks by designers, The Blonds, which will be a Glam & Goth look. Yes, the guys get to wear corsets! And blond wigs! Mountaha is fantastic, Branden improves quite a bit, but Jonathan wins best of the week. Not having a good week: Sandhurst. Bad runway, awful photo- things are looking bleak. But the judges are over Salome's bad body and poor catwalk performances and she's sent back to the Menonite ways. (Original image from BuddyTV)

New! So You Think You Can Dance - My favorite show returns! I am a huge SYTYCD fan, so I have been waiting for this summer series for quite a long time. It's hard to recap auditions, but I'll try to give some scoop. The first auditions are in New York City, with judges Nigel, Mary Murphy, and choreographers Napoleon and Tabatha (aka NapTab), where we see amazing contemporary, outstanding ballroom, a new dancing style called Mutation, and hardly any losers, which is why I love this show. Unlike Idol which loves to showcase morons, SYTYCD is about talent! The second half of auditions this week are in Denver, with new choreographer Sonja replacing NapTab as the judge. Sonja is just blown away with the auditions and you can see the wheels spinning of what she could do with these dancers (they are not blown away by 2 guys who dance ballroom together). 2 dancers who made it to the final audition rounds in Vegas last year return and are 2 of the most exquisite dancers. If they don't make it this year, it would be shocking. Like I said, it's hard to cover, but you've got to watch this amazing show. Even my grandparents watch it weekly! (Image from BuddyTV)

The Fashion Show - So apparently a lot of designers on this show can't sew, which is again baffling then how they made it in fashion. I didn't go to design school, but wouldn't you have to assemble your own clothing for classes, etc? This week the teams will make 4 coats, one for each season, but the coats also need to do something extra. Something extra seems to mostly translate into storage, but there are some real standouts. One winter coat transforms into a sleeping bag, while another winter ensemble has a pull out blanket on the back (Snuggie-esque) and can hold a warm canteen. The underwear designer sort of stinks with ideas, so young Daniella gives him a bunch of suggestions and gets rightfully pissed when he wins best design. Clunkers of the week: one oddly shaped coat that is supposed to hold your hairspray and mirror and a coat that is poorly constructed, but has a cool neckpiece to carry your jewelry. Markus, who can't seem to sew for the life of him despite his amazing creativity, is given the boot. This is a message to any young kid who dreams of being on a fashion reality show: LEARN TO SEW FIRST. (Image from Reality Wanted)

May 21, 2009

Poll of the Day: Mullet or Rattail?

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There are 2 hairstyles in this world that are absolutely horrendous: the Mullet and the Rattail. If you had to have one of these haircuts, which would you pick?

(Images from and MulletJunky)

May 20, 2009

Reality Rundown: Dancing with the Vaguely Familiar

In this Reality Rundown...
Dancing with the StarsThe BacheloretteSurvivor

Dancing with the Stars - Drawn out finale! On night 1, the final 3 couples had a Paso Doble Dance Off, where of course Gilles "Full Frontal" Marini got a perfect score. After that, each couple performed a freestyle dance and Shawn Johnson was by far the best- so fun, having a good time. Gilles' freestyle was to "Flashdance (What A Feeling)" which I, and judge Carrie Ann, said was more focused on the girl not him. Melissa the Bachelorette did well. I'm still pulling for Shawn, but am pretty sure stupid Gilles will win and still never work again.

Results show: lots of dances from the losers, Lady Gaga performs, and the final 3 perform one last dance and surprise they all get perfect 10s. It's a really drawn out finale, but roastmaster (and former DWTS contestant) Jeffrey Ross does a great roast of the celebrities, or should we say, lack there of in the finals. But let's skip to the results. Eliminated first: Melissa. So it comes down to Gilles and Shawn and a 1% margin, and I'm crossing my fingers and closing my eyes- SHAWN WINS! Wahoo! Marc Ballas is beyond shocked but me moreso, because you see, I picked Shawn as my fave! So I WIN! (image from Extra)

The Bachelorette - Last season's 3rd place girl, Jillian, is the new Bachelorette and she's awesome. I loved her last season and can't wait to see her find love- or at least have a good time. Most Bachelorettes are like 25 and whining that they are so unlucky in love and have to settle down and have kids immediately, so it's sort of sad and depressing. Jillian is just looking for fun, and maybe a soul mate. And since Jillian's about personality, most of her dudes aren't shall we say, lookers. I'm placing early bets on some dude named Ed- I think he'll make final 4. Other guys include a breakdance instructor, a guy with a #1 country song in Chihuahua, Mexico (barf! loser), and a weirdo with a foot fetish. It's hard to recap the show with so many guys (started with 25, then 5 more crashed the party), but once group dates start, etc. recaps should be more interesting. (Image from

Survivor - 3 hour finale event! Day 37 at the the Immunity Challenge, JT knows he has to win or he might be in trouble and of course, wins. So JT and Stephen have to decide to stick to the Timbira 3 and keep Taj (who could beat both of them in the end), or go for an easier win and take Erinn. At Tribal Council, Taj is completely blindsided and voted off. On day 38, Erinn confides she'd take Stephen to final 2, cause no one will beat JT. Stephen hopes he doesn't win Immunity so he doesn't have to choose between his BFF and the easy win. JT wins again and must decide. Erinn lets JT know about her talk with Stephen, which causes some doubt, but JT is a man of his word and keeps Stephen. Plus, Stephen really wanted to have the day 39 breakfast with JT. (Image from

Final Tribal Council. The voted off castaways aren't as bitter as the final seasons sadly. One problem with taking your BFF to the end is you both have to pull out all the stops to win, so the guys get into some arguments about who deserves it more. JT claims he could've aligned with just anyone, whereas Stephen believes it was their friendship that helped them. Time to vote- we don't see any names written down and Jeff takes the votes and that leads into the... (image from

Reunion. Jeff starts to read off the votes and since Jeff hasn't read a single vote for Stephen, it's clear JT won with a unanimous vote. Probably one of the nicest dudes who played the game ever won (he later also wins the Fan Favorite $100k). Also at the reunion: Coach passes a lie detector test, JT was playing up his emotions at final Tribal for sympathy, and Jeff can't tell apart Taj in a picture with her former bandmates. Best part as always, a preview of where next season will be. Season 19 will be Survivor: Samoa- see you there! (Image from

May 18, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Serving of the Week
Name: Adam Chandler, All My Children
SERVED: Adam Chandler has been Pine Valley's go-to bad guy since 1983. After 26 years of causing misery, every person in Pine Valley wants him dead... and one finally succeeded. Yes, this core character of All My Children has been killed off by the true villain: headwriter Chuck Pratt. But I digress, as this is about how Adam Chandler finally getting SERVED- and a sad SERVING at that since Adam is one of my favorites. After putting a faulty heart valve on the market killing a child (or did it?), taking away his son's future, revealing huge secrets (someone sold their baby!), possible murder, and just being an a-hole, just about every person in town seems to break and enter into the Chandler Mansion to get revenge - that's quite the SERVING. Plus, at the time of the shooting, we saw 3 people aiming for him- yikes- SERVED. But if you kill the villain, will Pine Valley's problems go away? Not at all and I look forward to SERVING them all in the future as a "Told you so!" Goodbye Adam Chandler, you'll be missed by this AMC fan! (Original image from Daytime Confidential)

Thing someone should get SERVED? Leave your ideas in the comments section, email me, or hit me up on Twitter.

May 17, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: The Goonies

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The Goonies is hands down my favorite movie of all time. It's kind of surprising since it's a kids adventure, but I've loved it since the first time I saw it on a VHS recorded from a Disney Channel airing (which also included the deleted scenes in the movie, so when I resaw it later in life I asked "where's the octopus scene?"). But with today being a rainy day and all, this is usually the time I'd bust out my Goonies DVD, pop some popcorn, and lay around all day. So I thought this Movie Scene Sunday I'd share you one of the most hilarious parts of the movies: Chunk confessing to all the wrong he's done. Enjoy this rainy Sunday!

May 15, 2009

Reality Rundown: It's one of those "Finally they're gone!" Weeks

In this Reality Rundown
American IdolAmerica's Next Top Model
Make Me A SupermodelSurvivorThe Fashion Show

American Idol - Final 3: contestants will perform one song selected by the judges, and a 2nd song of their choice. Paula chooses Terrence Trent Darby (WTF?!) for Hokey Gokey, and then his choice is "You Are So Beautiful." ZZZZZ- fast forward. Kris Allen gets "Apologize" by One Republic from Randy & Kara, and then does a mind blowingly great version of "Heartless" by Kanye West. Adam Lambert gets U2's "One" courtesy of Simon, and then wails another hit with "Cryin'" by Aerosmith. I think Adam is a given for the finals, but the other is a toss up. Kris got sorta bad reviews for his judge's choice song, but song 2 was so amazing. And I am just completely biased with my dislike of Gokey, so pleeeease let Kris go to the finals. Also, we don't want Paula's early season prediction of Gokey & Lambert to come true, because then it might make Paula credible. (Original image from MSNBC)

Results show: Oh fingers crossed to make the final 2 prediction I made a few weeks ago come true! Jordin Sparks looks great and sings awesome, some kid from Rwanda sings R Kelly's "I'm the World's Greatest," and I fast fastforward through about 55 minutes worth of Idol. Time for the final 2! The first person who makes it is... KRIS ALLEN! Woo! So it's a battle between Gokey and Lambert, and I get nervous. But my dream come true- Gokey is out- finally! Lambert/Allen final 2- and only 1 million votes separated them this week. So while I thought Adam was a sho-in to win, this could be anyone's ballgame (especially if Hokey Gokey lovers vote for the next closest clean cut contestant). We'll see! (Image from MSNBC)

America's Next Top Model - Finale! The final 3 do a Covergirl commercial for some new lip stain and Aminant is the best, Allison ok, Teyona stinks. They also do a photo where Allison's amazing, Teyona's very good, and Aminant stinks. At panel, they decide to send home Aminant, which means my family's theory about "fierceness" in the group photo is shot. So Allison and Teyona immediately head off to a cover trial shoot for Seventeen magazine, you know, the epitome of high fashion. The final runway show is for designer Rosa Cha, and they wear swimsuits and do some "Brazilian stomp" walk and also dragging around on the walk with mud or something. It's weird, but Allison far exceeds expectations, and Teyona is just ok. While at panel it seems like the judges prefer Allison, you can see who Tyra wants to win, constantly pointing out Teyona's pros and how she wants it more. Teyona wins (shocker) because "one girl has something just a little more than the other." But it's better to lose ANTM because the winner does nothing except Covergirl commercials that only air during ANTM and get a spread wearing Forever 21 clothes in a crummy teen mag. Top Model, I think it's time I quit you. (Image from

Make Me a Supermodel - The photoshoot this week is for a clothing line from producer Dallas Austin, and all I can associate this man with is "producing" Kim Zolciak's "album" on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. All the models will pose in groups, etc. and 6 photos will be chosen for the campaign; you could be in all 6 photos or none. While Brandon seems like the weakest, it's Jonathan who only has 1 photo in the pack, and it's a group photo with his eyes shut. The catwalk this week has them in trippy rave clothes and HEELYS. Yes, the bane of my existence- seeing a kid fly by me in a Target with Heelys always makes me leap about 3ft in the air. Anyways, Jordan stunk in the Heelys, Jonathan is too modely, and Salome gives me look. Shockingly Jordan, who seemed like a contender for the finals, can't be made into a supermodel. (Image from BuddyTV)

Survivor - Coach doesn't want to go to Exile because suddenly he has asthma, back problems, etc. but JT sends the Dragon Slayer to face the harsh wilds of Brazil. Coach declares in front of everyone (and Jeff) that Exile will be more of a cleansing, where he won't eat, drink, or have a fire- which sounds more like someone who has learned no skills while being out here. Erinn calls Coach out for his complaining, which doesn't sit well with JT and Stephen, wondering if they should have such a loose cannon in their alliance. Coach comes close to winning Immunity, but "back spasms" in an endurance challenge take him down. JT and Stephen decide to save Coach again and get rid of Erinn. Tribal Council seems to only consist of really long, weird speeches by Coach, oh and let's not forget a truly odd poem he wrote. But to finish it all off, Coach essentially tells Erinn she's getting snuffed tonight and Stephen looks shocked. In the end, this must have pushed Stephen as it's a 3-2 vote (with a surprised JT) and finally the Dragon Slayer gets slayed. The jury rejoices. (Original image from CBS)

The Fashion Show - Some girl quits at 3am- onto the actual show. The same teams from last week will work together to create 4 looks for different events for socialite Tinsley Mortimer. The catch: all looks must be no more than $40. Team Tube Skirt wins easily, with an amazing cohesive collection and not a dud on the runway. Team Harem Pants were the losers because the clothes were hideous and in the case of Johnny, incomplete. He then goes on a rant about being a designer not a seamstress. He didn't come here to be America's Next Top Seamstress. So here's my gripe: moron, have you not watched a single fashion reality show? They all make the designers sew! Anyways, it's some other woman with creepy 80's hair who goes home for an ugly outfit with fishnet backing and dark magenta tulle. (Image from BuddyTV)

May 13, 2009

Reality Rundown: A Bunch of Winners that I Finally Guessed Right!

In this Reality Rundown...

The Amazing Race - Hop on the plane, because the final leg of the race is in Hawaii! And there's no better way to get a sense of authentic Hawaiian culture than the teams carrying a 144lb pig to a luau and then covering it up for cooking. Since they dropped those pigs a few times, let's hope no one has to eat those. Mother/ Deaf son Margie and Luke take an early lead here, and also finish the next task (jet skiing and finding a clue) quickly. The final Roadblock is the usual remembering the entire race task, this time with images from each leg on a surfboard, which they have to line up in order. Luke is really acing it (while also being pantless) and has 8 of 11 surfboards up when Victor (of the Siblings) arrives (and then the Cheerleaders), and Victor (also pantsless) really catches up quick and passes everyone. The Cheerleaders and Mom/Deaf Son work together to finish the Roadblock, but it's clear Tammy and Victor, the Siblings, have won the Amazing Race. Finally- the team I picked to win wins! This hasn't happened to me in many seasons, so I will bask in their glory as well. (Original image from

Dancing with the Stars - Another week of one ballroom number, on Latin. Besides a ton of filler footage, Gilles Marini gets perfect scores on both dances, with Shawn Johnson doing well behind him. Melissa is good but not great, and Ty is just Ty. I want to predict Ty will go home, but I say that weekly and his fanbase keeps saving him. I won't be shocked if Melissa gets the old shiny boot off the dance floor. But thankfully, America came to their senses and sent Ty Murray home. He's a great personality, but let's have the 3 best dancers in the competition battle it out in next week's finale. (Image from

The Biggest Loser - Finale! First we find out who America selected to be part of the final 3: son Mike or father Ron. Both are slimmed down and look great, but obviously Mike moves onto the final round. We then are given a surprise: 2 girls will be competiting in tonight's finale for a spot on next season's Biggest Loser; so we get to make one's come true, and crush anothers- thanks BL! My favorite part of the finale starts up, which is seeing all of the season's contestants and their new bodies. Whoever lost the highest percentage of weight loss at home wins $100k. 64 year old Jerry is the second to weigh in and lost 177LBS! That is 47.97%! He looks amazing and everyone's mind is blown. Everyone else weighs in and they all look great, but it's clear old Jerry is going to win the at-home prize. The closest to Jerry is my girl Kristen, now platinum blond, and 167lbs lighter. We get to see one fat kid who really tanked at home, Aubrey complain about having a hard time as a mom, Joelle is still a BS'er. But it's great to see how confident these contestants are, because as it was pointed out by Jillian, this show is about following your dreams. Let's get to the good stuff: final weigh in. Mike, Tara, and Helen come out and it's a skinny people parade- they all look amazing. As I said to my parents, "I know Helen quit cigarettes, but she's smokin!" Helen is first to weigh in and she's 117lbs- which means she lost 140lbs or 54%- wowza! This will be tough to beat. Mike is next and lost 207lbs, but that's not enough to beat Helen. Tara is our final contentender after another commercial break and she needs to have lost 160lbs to beat Helen- but Tara loses 155 (5 short) and HELEN WINS! And for the 3rd season in a row a female from the Pink team wins. And not to rub it in, but I called it!!!! (Original images from

May 12, 2009

Lost Finale: Locke vs. Jacob

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Tomorrow night is the 5th season of Lost and I can't wait. All other TV is bottom priority for the best show on TV. Most importantly tomorrow night we will hopefully see a showdown between former-wheelchair user John Locke and maybe the illusive island mystery man, Jacob. Will Jacob finally be unmasked? Have we already met Jacob? And if there is a showdown, who will win: Locke or Jacob? VOTE NOW in the comments!

Genius image created by Tasty 'Shops on Flickr

May 11, 2009

SNL Skit of the Week: Mom Translator

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I think you'd expect me to pick the hilarious R&B jame "Motherlover" as my skit of the week, but au contraire. I'm being different and I laughed pretty hard at this week's commercial for the Mom Translator. My mom is pretty awesome and watches a lot of shows and knows her shizz, but every once and a while she slips and just can't think of an actor's name. "Oh you know, the guy with the short hair on that show." Had this product really existed, this would've been the perfect Mother's Day gift.

Serving of the Week

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Serving of the Week
Name: Manny Ramirez
SERVED: It was announced this past week that Los Angeles Dodger, and former Boston Red Sox, Manny Ramirez tested positive for drugs. He's been suspended 50 games (SERVED!) and will lose over $7 million dollars of his $25 million dollar salary (SERVED again!) But even better: the drugs he tested positive for were women's fertility drugs. HAHA! SERVED x3! Manny of course has lots of stories why he was on these fertility drugs, but I think we're all tired of Manny's BS. As a Sox fan, we put up with Manny antics for a loooong time and have heard one lame story after another. Suck it up, Manny. This time you got caught and this time you got SERVED. (Original image from

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May 10, 2009

5 Favorite TV Moms

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5 Favorite TV Moms

In honor of Mother's Day I decided to pick my 5 favorite TV moms. While perhaps parenting skills aren't necessarily their strengths (see pick #1), these are the moms I love to tune into each week or pop into a DVD to reminiscent with.

1. Lucille Bluth - Arrested Development
She's drunk, she's hilarious, and she has a lot of kids that resent her. Why pick her? See the episode titled "Motherboy" where Lucille has taken her son Buster since childhood where mothers and sons wear matching outfits and compete. (image from NYPost)

2. Carol Brady - The Brady Bunch
She's the perfect mom. Conflicts were solved in a matter of 30 minutes, she was a stay at home mom with a housekeeper, and had the singing voice of an angel. Carol also dressed pretty stylish with her mini dresses, and was even the first TV mom able to share a bed with her husband- talk about mod! (image from Holiday Go Lightly)

3. Cindy Walsh - Beverly Hills 90210
Cindy was the moral compass of 90210. As her kids began to retreat into the Beverly Hills lifestyle, she was there to keep them in check- sort of. And she dealt not just with her kids problems, but the drama all their friends brought along. Plus, she let Valerie Malone live in her house- what a saint! And let's not to mention, she was a heck of a gardener. (image from 90210 site)

4. Tami Taylor - Friday Night Lights
She's married to the coach of the town's football team, has a teenager and a newborn baby, and is the principal of the high school. And when someone needs advice, Tami Taylor is the go-to since she used to be a guidance counselor too. She's a supermom with great hair. (image from Daemon's TV)

5. Sophia Petrillo - The Golden Girls
Sort of in the Lucille Bluth vein, she's maybe not the best mom, but she's the funniest. Her one-liners are hilarious and even as an old lady she's a mother figure to her old daughter and her 2 crazy, old roommates. While Sophia was never light on the sarcasm, deep down it was clear how much she loved daughter Dorothy. (image from AM New York)

Honorable mentions: Alice Horton - Days of our Lives, The Wives of Big Love, Joy Turner - My Name is Earl, Lorelai Gilmore - Gilmore Girls, Regina Newly - Samantha Who?

Movie Scene Sunday: Boogie Nights

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In terms of my favorite movies of all time, Boogie Nights is probably in my top 3. Everyone dismisses Boogie Nights as "that porn movie," but it's not at all. It's an amazing character study with superb acting by some of the biggest names in the business and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, who only makes quality flicks. And I can't believe I was having a brainfart trying to think of a scene this week, when this movie has so many offerings. So this week, Movie Scene Sunday comes courtesy of my movie guru/ex-roommate/neighbor/Gerardo poster owner: Fisher.

This 9 1/2 minute scene is one of the most edge of your seat, tensest scenes in this movie, and for me, all movies. Be prepared for a crazy man in underwear and robe with a gun, a firecracker throwing Asian (Cosmo- he's Chinese), and some gunplay, and you get this genius scene. Not to mention, a crazy 80's soundtrack that will change your listening to "Jesse's Girl" eternally.

Boogie Nights (drug deal scene)

Thanks again for Fisher for the great suggestion- how could I have forgotten this one?

May 9, 2009

Cartoon Flashback

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Seeing as peeing your pants has become a big theme this week (see Amazing Race), it seems to only be appropriate to feature one of my favorite cartoon episodes ever. Whenever I go to the movies, I think I can sympathize with hilarious Animaniac Wakko as be begs for a bathroom shouting "Potty emergency!" This episode has stayed with me since childhood and I still quote it to this day. I was never a Warner Brothers fan, until this show came along; Animaniacs was the shiznit and is still funny.

Stay tuned for upcoming Cartoon Flashbacks with great moments in the shows and movies we all grew up with and loved. But don't expect to see any Bugs Bunny here- T.S.!

May 8, 2009

Reality Rundown: The Old and the Beautiful

In this Reality Rundown...

American Idol - It's rock & roll week and I was... underwhelmed.
I actually didn't like any of them that much, but according to everyone else, Adam Lambert was the best. Danny Gokey was horrible. He attempted to do Aerosmith's "Dream On" and it was just nonstop shouting and the worst scream endings (see video clip- screaming at the 1:30 mark). It was so bad, I cried laughing. But for some reason, [old] people love Danny Gokey and I'm sure he's safe. I'm thinking Kris Allen could be gone this week- he was just OK and it was nothing special.

Results show: Paula "sings" (Benji from SYTYCD is there!), No Doubt and Daughtry perform, I still consistently fast forward. The first person sent to safety is Kris- well, I'm wrong! Then Adam is saved. So it's down to Gokey and Allison and my heart stops. Could my dream come true? Did America finalize realize Gokey is mediocre? No, Allison goes home. I'm surprised but not. Here's hoping she gets a makeover before the Idols tour.

America's Next Top Model - The girls get samba lessons to learn to move, as well as fake what you can't do. Celia wins the challenge, which of course pisses off Aminant who thought she faked it best. You see, Celia actually danced well; Aminant danced average and just made posey faces. Tyra will be the photographer this week, with the girls dressed as birds. She of course makes a goofy interest but I'm going to do something I never do: compliment Tyra. As a photographer, she is able to offer some good insight and lessons to the models and she really captures the best of the 4. Allison has the best picture by a landslide; the other 3 are a crapshoot of who goes home. It come down to beautiful Aminant and old-faced Celia... and Celia is sent packing because being 25 is perhaps the worst thing imaginable in the modeling world. Next week: Finale! (Image from

Make Me A Supermodel - The models are told to pick an accessory out from a table of options; after picking these accessories, they'll do a photoshoot with them... NAKED! Amanda is not down being naked, while everyone else seems gung ho. Salome wins best photo, but everyone is pissed because her shoot doesn't show her really out of shape lower half. The catwalk has the models as living art, wearing really funky clothes, but then a big fishbowl over their head filled with living butterflies- pretty! Sandhurst rocks it out, and wins immunity again. Branden's lost his mojo, and Amanda still stinks. Finally Amanda is given the news that they can't make her a supermodel and the models all rejoice to this news backstage. (Original image from BuddyTV)

Survivor - Auction time- which is my favorite event of the whole season. However, this one flew by but goodies included chicken parm, fries (I would've paid all $500 for those), and nachos. Taj gets a video from home with her husband wrapping it up saying "See you back at camp." Relatives are here! But there's a catch. All the friends and family can visit if Taj is willing to go to Exile (and her husband can come too), so of course she agrees. Family members and Coach's Assistant Coach visit camp- it's all happy and smiles. Gamewise, Debbie is ready to throw Coach under the bus, and even willing to sacrifice herself at Final 3 for Stephen and JT. Stephen and JT realize that every single person in this game loves them and has no desire to vote them off. The Immunity Challenge involves memorizing a pattern of math symbols and solving an equation and Stephen wins. However, bone to pick. They solved the equation from left to right, however, this blatantly disregards to "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" rules. I failed math and even I know that. Anyways, it seems like Coach is next to go for his annoying nature, but Debbie's brains pose a theat. Sierra and Brendan mock Coach from the jury, but it doesn't matter much as Debbie is the voted off the island. (Image from

New! The Fashion Show - After losing Project Runway to Lifetime, Bravo put together this series and while it is just a different version of PR, I actually enjoyed it. Each week, designers have to put together a cohesive runway show together, with hosts/judges Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland (of Destiny's Child, and I think she's prettier than Beyonce. Yeah, I said it), and additionally Fern Mallis (seen often on PR) is a judge, too. They do a challenge first to make a little black dress out of a t-shirt; the 3 best designers will be Head Designer and pick teams for the first elimination challenge. And to pick teammates, they'll select based on the remaining dresses, not just pointing and saying "You in the yellow." For the first challenge they have to create a must-have item; there will be 5 looks each using that item. The must-have items end up being harem pants (aka Hammer pants), Bolero jackets, and tube skirts. Then these 5 looks will have a runway show where fashion industry experts will watch and judge; the audience will select the best collection. Best collection goes to the Bolero jacket group, despite having a lot of conflicts and a ridiculously dressed leader. The tube skirt group is the worst, as most of the models couldn't even fit into them. Some guy named Jonny D who made a weird Marilyn Monroe inspired top to go with the skirt leaves. I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy The Fashion Show (despite it's lame title). Sure PR is the leader, but the judges really take it seriously, as Isaac is both a good host and judge. So is Kelly, considering she's not a designer, just someone who wears fancy clothes. All in all, I'd give the premier a B and look forward to the rest of the season. (Image from Famespy)

May 7, 2009

My First MP3

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Remember the days of Napster and the excitement of all the music you could get your hands on? The hilarity of being about to get the Duck Tales theme song in French, or the amazing one-hit wonder "Are You Jimmy Ray?" It was mind blowing then to have the option of getting a song without putting a cassette into the boombox and then recording it off the radio (or buying the album). I was thinking back to the early days and then it popped into my head... the first MP3 I ever downloaded. For a minute I thought it was Sonique's "It Feels So Good", but luckily I remembered Sonique was the name of the audio player. Phew- that would be really embarassing. So what magical song was my first MP3? Bush's "The Chemicals Between Us." Yes, of all the songs, it's this one. Don't get me wrong, it's a good song, but when I think back of the first time I used revolutionary technology I picked this song. Kind of funny looking back. So now, take a few minutes to enjoy my first MP3 below.

May 6, 2009

Reality Rundown: A Million Dollar Pee

In this Reality Rundown...

The Amazing Race - This leg of the race continues from last week, sending the teams off to their next clues (and Travelocity Roaming Gnomes!!) The Detour poses a choice between putting on Chinese opera makeup & costumes or being waiters at a Chinese restaurant, with an intimidating "Caution- U-Turn ahead" on the clue (fingers crossed someone will use it for the drama). The Chinese-speaking Siblings easily complete the waiter task, while the others opt for the makeup. The Siblings yield the Sisters, citing speed as their reason. The Cheerleaders get completely lost and frustrated at the language barrier, allowing the Sisters to complete the waiter challenge and still be ahead of them. One teammate has to eat native street dishes (crickets, Starfish, etc.) for the Roadblock- which isn't as hard as past seasons awful foods. The Siblings and Deaf Son/Mom are the first 2 teams to get a spot in the finals, leaving 1 up for grabs. The Sisters and Cheerleaders battle it out on the food, and the Sisters take a slight lead, but not without consuming 4 bottles of water to get the food down. Younger sister Jen insists she has to pee before checking into the Pit Stop... and it's the million dollar pee. The Sisters miss out on a chance for a million dollars by checking in seconds after the Cheerleaders. It's times like these you really wish you'd have just pissed your pants. Next week: FINALE! (Image from

Tough Love - Finale! Taylor leaves Boot Camp early because she's not ready for love. Steve sets up 24 hour getaways for the remaining girls to each take a date on. For some reason, Jacqueline is still thinking of her ex and there's serious concern she'll go back to that loser once the show ends. A happy group ending with Shane, etc. but more importantly, what happened post-Tough Love? Natasha is in a relationship, Stasha is getting married, crazy Arian found love with a bartender from a Tough Love house party, Taylor moved back home, Abiola's dating, and Jessa found love with a best friend. But sad news my friends... Jody and Shane broke up. And even worse, Jacqueline's ex picked her up at the airport with a ring and they got back together. Then he returned to his loser ways and she dumped him again- losing Brock (her Tough Love suitor) in the process. Kind of a bummer, but I think this was a process more about loving themselves and becoming better people- awww. (Image from

I Love Money - Finale again! The final 5 compete in a challenge involving a balance beam and dropping excess baggage. The dead last loser automatically gets their check voided, and the Paymaster chooses who goes to the finals. Saaphyri is the dead last loser and voids her own check, while Myammee wins Paymaster (ugh). And in a no brainer, eliminates the strongest competitor, Prancer. It claims in the interviews he's been playing dumb the whole time, but then as soon as the final challenge starts, he gets lost. Moron! Tailor Made has an early lead, but Myammee is able to pass him during an ice melting leg. The end involves answering trivia related to Buckwild or the Entertainer- Myammee gets there 1st and picks Buckwild. Just as Tailor Made arrives to answer the trivia, Myammee finishes and wins. BOO! (Image from

Dancing with the Stars - It's back to a long 2 hours of dancing, with each pair performing one ballroom routine and one Latin routine (and each celebrity has to do a little solo). Melissa rebounds after her near-elimination last week, Lil' Kim stumbles in the waltz, and Shawn Johnson is still my fave. Ty Murray is clearly the least talented of this group and if he lasts again, well that means he has one hell of a fanbase. I didn't have a chance to watch the results show, but I'm sure I missed nothing big and I could just check the results online in the morning. Well, color me shocked, when I watched last night's Jimmy Kimmel and found out Lil' Kim was eliminated from the show. As Flavor Flav would say, "Wowwwwwwwww." She was a frontrunner, but I guess one slight bad week and it could all end. But seriously, Ty Murray has a ton of fans. (Image from

The Biggest Loser - Not the finale yet! The contestants head home for 30 days before returning for a final weigh-in. The contestants struggle at home, but face an even bigger challenge where they learn they will have to complete a marathon- yes, 26 miles, and everyone freaks. The trainers visit the Losers at home to help train and keep on track, and we really see how much of a difference the show made. The marathon is crazy; but if you complete the marathon, you get a giant check for $10k to give to a charity of your choice. Young Mike hurt his hip right before the marathon, so he and his father will have to walk all 26 miles. Tara breezes through the marathon, and Helen completes it about an hour after her. Their friends, family, and past season Losers return to inspire them. Everyone finishes, including Ron who had a slight health scare at a hydration station. It's very inspirational! Back at the Ranch, everyone weighs in, and Helen and Tara both stay above the yellow line and are guaranteed spots in the finals. Father and Son fall below the line and it's up to America to select the 3rd finalist. I hate this twist, as it makes it unfair and more about popularity and less about who loses the most. But I might not like it this year, cause they all deserve it (even you Ron!), and last year there were a lot of jerks in the final 4. Next week: FINALE! Man, this Rundown is going to get shorter. (Image from