August 31, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Name: The Final Destination survivors
SERVED: I've seen 3 of the 4 Final Destinations (I admit it), but this one was more gruesome than the others, based on what I recall (or maybe it was just the 3D blowing my mind). The "survivors" in this movie, who are hunted by death, gets SERVED some pretty crazy deaths. SPOILER ALERT! From getting sucked down to the bottom of a pool (with even nastier results), to getting dragged behind a tow-truck on fire (that guy deserved it), and of course a Nascar tire to the head- they were SERVED by death pretty, pretty bad. I won't go on too much, just know that, while this movie was kinda crappy, it was also so awesome because it was in 3D. Also, Bubba from Forrest Gump was in it. I recommend seeing this movie if only for some sweet 3D effects- and of course to see some good grossout deaths. Sorry kids (and adult survivors of Final Destination)- you got SERVED by death itself! (Original image from ScreenCrave)

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August 30, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Lilo and Stitch

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My Disney trip is fast approaching and I can't wait. Last time I went to Disney I was most excited to meet one character: Stitch. While hated by many Disney World purists, I find Experiment 626 aka Stitch to be adorable. And c'mon- it was one of the last animated movies Disney released that was the classic hand-drawn animation. And sure Stich is kind of a shizzhead- that's why I love him! Here's one of my favorite scenes where Stitch tries to learn to be nice, ruins Lilo's sister job options, and of course dresses and performs as Elvis... and then goes mental from flashbulbs. He reminds me of my adorable Schroeder: so cute, but occasionally a monster.

P.S. Don't mind the sing-along lyrics. If anything, you can now know Elvis' "Devil in Disguise" line for line.

UPDATE! Sorry kids, look like Youtube has removed this specific clip, so I'm taking it off as well instead of keeping up a dead video.

August 28, 2009

Reality Rundown: The Chicken, the Egg, and the Hot Mess

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Top Chef - The cheftestants enter the Top Chef Kitchen to see a big ol' craps table; each chef will roll the dice and the number they get is the number of ingredients they have to use in their Quickfire dish. No one is "lucky" enough to roll snake eyes, but simple ingredient Kevin pulls a 10 which he pulls off well. One of the the brothers (the tattooed one) makes an 8 ingredient gazpacho molecular gastronomy style that wins him the $15k. Padma then tells the chefs they will have a battle of the sexes and cater a Bachelor/Bachelorette party (the women cook for the bachelor, men for the bachelorette). And the dishes need to incorporate 3 of the couples favorite shots. Ashley is not into this challenge because she thinks it's unfair to make the gay chefs cook for an event that she can not partake in legally; so Ashley better not go into catering. She ends up making a watermelon carpaccio that wins praise, but also creates a shitty pannecotta which hurts her in the long run Jennifer, who I have deemed the real life Cutthroat Bitch, goes out on a limb with octopus and does well; I think she's my favorite cheftestant. The men have pretty much awesome dishes across the board; the winner of this week's elimination challenge is the other brother Brian, who makes this meringue/avocado thing. Sibling rivalry indeed! The bottom 4 ladies are called in to get their beatings, and Preeti claims she thought her dish was good because the guys kept coming back for seconds. Preeti, if a party is serving free shots for the entire time, they're going to eat anything, even if it tastes like crap. But the obvious choice to go home is Eve, who yet again makes horrible tasting shrimp. She packs up her knives and in a week, I'm sure I'll forget she was ever here. (Image from

Big Brother - After Russell's nominations, all hell breaks loose. Russell decides if he's going out, he'll go out with a bang, fighting with Jeff and Jordan (and even pointing out all the pounds Jordan's packing on by chowing down on cookie dough all day). Russell works Kevin to try and keep him in the house, which is a tempting offer if Kevin and Natalie weren't too busy discussing how great it will be to evict Jeff next week; Jeff's so gullible for believing this 2. Before the eviction, we get to see Jessie in his neon pink wrestling pants hanging around the Jury House and watching his goodbye video messages from the HGs (and he's disappointed Chima didn't leave him one- he finds out the truth later). The next evicted HG, Lydia, greets Jessie with some punches and slaps, claiming she's pissed from comparing notes with Natalie, but I give her 20 minutes before she's trying to give Jessie some sweet jury house lovin'. Back in the BB house, Natalie gives a delightful speech where she already thanks everyone for promising to keep her in the game. Russell, surprisingly, gives a very polite speech and says the personal attackes were just part of the game. Julie gets a little tricky and it almost sounds like Natalie's gone, but c'mon, it's obvious Russell is gone (3-0). In his interview with Chenbot, Russell explains he definitely would've stuck to the final 4 deal and then team with Michelle at that point. Big mistake Jeff! The episode ends on another "To Be Continued" HOH competition, which involves carrying a teeny cup of hot chocolate across a slippery runway (or in this case, a graham cracker) and fill a giant fishbowl with a marshmallow in it; first to get the marshmallow out wins HOH. Yes, a challenge we see every year but this time with a s'mores theme. But Julie teases something else: another twist in the form of a mystery door in the HOH room! (Original image from

Project Runway - For the next challenge the designers will be designing for a supermodel and TV/movie actress: it's Rebecca Romijn-Stamos-O'Connell! And did I mention she's preggers with twins? High fashion maternity wear is the task, and it can be for any sort of occasion. Before focusing on the design, am I the only one who thinks designer Nicholas looks like a Tim Heidecker character? Skipping the workroom drama (like 2 people fitting into a giant pair of shorts), let's get to the runway! Eternally orange Michael Kors is absent this week, so noted designer Monique Lhullier is the guest judge and I can't believe how young she is- I always imagined some old bat (no offense Monique!) Shirin makes this beautiful chardonnay colored dress with some cool hand-stitched braiding and a wool coat lined with a flower print. Althea makes a really pretty evening gown that shows a lot of boobage, but great color. Shirin wins immunity this week, and well deserved it is! Ra'mon, a favorite from last week, makes a really tailored dress that has a resemblance to a wonderfully purple bowling ball bag. Mitchell, who sent an almost nude model down the runway last week, has a great concept of a fun "out to coffee with the girls" outfit, but makes some hideous shorts. But alas, Malvin is by far the worst. His concept is about a bird sitting on it's baby egg, so his baby bump looks like a giant sling/stork baby holder, and the top has features. His look is deemed too much a hot mess to handle and he's auf'ed. Thank god, because he was the dullest, strangest one there. He made James Paul from The Fashion Show look interesting. Next week: working in pairs! (Image from

August 26, 2009

Hand Sanitizer for Douchebags

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Last month, I went on a bit of a tirade when I found out the official clothing line for douchebags, Ed Hardy, launched a line of bottled water. Well douchebags, now that you're hydrated, it's time to keep those hands clean. I present you with... Ed Hardy Hand Sanitizer. Not only does it come in pumps, but you can also get sanitizer pens and a foam variation. Oh world...

Found on Dlisted and Buzzfeed

Disclaimer: Not all people who wear Ed Hardy are douchebags. I just hate the style. My apologies if you are reading this blog and own Ed Hardy clothes and are offended. I'm just expressing my opinion

Reality Rundown: Offering a Sacrifice to Otev the Veto God

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Big BrotherAmerica's Best Dance Crew

Big Brother - Sunday's episode begins where Thursday left off, which is the "entralling" can-dropping into tubes HOH competition. Kevin and Jeff are the leaders, but when a penalty golden can is introduced into the game, Russell gives Kevin a 1 minute penalty and it allows to increase his lead and shortly after, Jeff gets 25 cans and wins HOH. The 2 with the lowest can count are this week's Have Nots and Michelle and Russell get to spend the week dining on slop, churros, and chitlins. As soon as Jeff gets HOH (along with some embarrassing childhood bowl-cut pictures), his paranoia/stupidity sets in again. He really thinks Russell wouldn't hold up the Final 4 deal and considers nominating Russell instead. Russell is flabbergasted at these accusations and admits to Jeff that at some point, yes he'd nominate Jeff, but not until the 4. Kevin and Natalie continue to try and work their magic, and offer Jeff a Final 4 deal too. What the show didn't show: Natalie and Kevin saying next week Jeff is their target. But Jeff and Jordan are gullible and start to take the bait. Other events: Jeff is the house gardener, Jordan hopes Jeff will take her to Hawaii but won't have sexy times there, no one gets what a neuroscientist does, everyone is too stupid to question how Natalie could win a Las Vegas tournament under the age of 21 (as she reminds us, she's 24 pretending to be 18), and Russell really hates losing at poker. The episode ends with Jeff nominating Kevin and Natalie, but he tells us viewers in the DR this is just a plan to make Russell feel safe and that Russell is in fact his main target. Sigh. Why don't they just hand the $500k to Natalie now. (Original image from

Post-nominations, Russell still isn't feeling to safe. He actually sees that nominating him is a strong move, but also dumb since they have a solid final 4. Jeff is doing a pretty crap job at hiding his feelings and is blowing Russell off. But Jeff is in a cranky mood all around, being pretty snippy to Jordan as well. It seems like Jeff too has gotten a case of douchebag-itis with the power of HOH. So the veto competition is kinda weird. There is a giant gorilla tiki god thing named Otev (which takes Jordan a few minutes to realize is "veto" spelt backwards); Otev is going to rap clues about the evicted HGs and then players need to run around the yard and find bananas with that HGs name; last to find the banana is eliminated. Good news is, the voice of Otev is evicted HG (and my pick to win) Casey the Banana Man! In the end, and after throwing a banana at Michelle, Jeff wins the veto. Kevin and Natalie again approach Jeff about a final 4 deal, saying they play straightforward and don't lie, and promise next week Jeff won't be nominated. Cue next scene: Natalie and Kevin in the kitchen saying next week they will definitely nominate Jeff- a-duuuuuh. At the veto ceremony, Jeff decides to use to veto to save Kevin. Russell is put up as a replacement nominee, not just because he's a strong competitor, but Jeff can't get past Russell voting to save Jessie the week Jeff saved Russell with the Coup D'Etat. Russell promises in the DR that there will be hell this week, so we'll have to wait until Thursday to see. While taking out Russ is a smart move, I guess I'm just PO'ed because I think Jeff is just handing this game to Natalie right now- have they considered jury votes at all (not just who wins competitions?) Dumb! (Screencap from

America's Best Dance Crew - This season sucks. Don't take my word for it, take the judges. Shane Sparks outright says that no one seems to have it this season. This week all the crew's take on the martial arts challenging, having to do kung fu, etc. It's another awful challenge. I can't even say which crew was my favorite, because I didn't have one. While I like Vogue Evolution, they were sloppy this week, but I hope they stick around and win. All the crews were pretty bad. I still don't know how the Beat Ya Feet Kings avoid the bottom 2 each week because they're really bad. AfroBoriké might have been the worse- so dull, so lacking in energy. Ugh- there isn't much to say about this show. The bottom 2 are Rhythm City and and Southern Movement. I thought Southern Movement might have eeked a victory, but mainly because I was painting my nails while they both performed and not concentrating. I was wrong and Rhythm City lives to dance another week, which I'm glad because I liked this crew the 1st week. (Image from

August 25, 2009

Mel Got Served on Facebook!

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Realizing that I must be the biggest headache in the majority of Facebook newsf eeds when I used my personal status to promote blog postings, I decided a Facebook fan page would be a great way to keep you Served readers up to date. So if you have Facebook, become a Fan of Mel Got Served, then make all your friends become fans too!

August 24, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Name: Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart
SERVED: Last week a tape surfaced on the internet featuring Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart... aaaand a former Miss Teen USA accused of being a madam (definition: a lady pimp). Oh scandal! The tape, originally deemed a sex tape, is now being called a "naked tape" as there is no sexy times on it- privacy SERVED! Even better, it's said that in said "naked tape" Rebecca is holding a crack pipe and according to someone I know who watched it, kept moaning how high she was. Ouch- SERVED! But I don't know what's worse- being caught naked on camera, or being caught naked on camera with the former Miss Teen USA that was once engaged to Aaron Carter. SERVINGS all around! (Original images from Dlisted)

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August 23, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Lady and the Tramp

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Feel like having a song stuck in your head all Sunday? Good! This week, I bring you the Disney magic that is Lady and the Tramp and more specifically, "The Siamese Cat Song" (another personal favorite). Chances are that if you have a cat or a baby, even a glass of milk, I will sing this song and then I will continue to sing it all day, maybe longer.

August 21, 2009

Mystery DVD Giveaway: Best Horrible Movie?

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Hey everyone- it's Mel Got Served's first CONTEST! Yes, one lucky reader will receive a prize: a mystery DVD to be selected by me and mailed to you! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment that tells me your favorite/the best horrible movie. You can also enter via Twitter by tweeting your pick to @melgotserved. A winner will be randomly selected, so make sure you leave me your email address or Twitter username so I can contact you afterwards. Comment away! Contest closes Wednesday at midnight!

UPDATE: And the winner is....@chrisilluminati! Your DVD is on the way!

NOTE: I do not guarantee the Mystery DVD will be good. I don't even know what it is yet. Just know you'll receive something awesome, be it good awesome or horrible awesome.

Reality Rundown: Auf Wiedersehen, Bravo! Lifetime, you're IN!

New! Top ChefTop Chef MastersBig BrotherNew! Project Runway

New! Top Chef - Viva Las Vegas! 21 new aspiring chefs arrive in the city of sin to show off their culinary chops. Cheftestants include a James Beard nominee (which is a big deal in the culinary world, as I learned on Top Chef Masters, brothers, and a lot of tattooed ladies. Right off the bat, a bunch of showgirls come into the Top Chef Kitchen and Padma gives them their first Quickfire: the Mise En Place relay. They are split into 5 teams of 4 by drawing chips, and the person who gets the gold chip gets to sit out and gets immunity (and this person is old lady Robin)- pretty sweet deal! The Blue Team wins the relay, while one team doesn't even make it past phase 1 of shucking clams. So the 4 Blue Team members learn this season there are big stakes: they will each cook a dish against each other and that person will win $15k! After some good dishes, Jennifer wins the challenge (I originally didn't think she ever smiled, but was happy with her win), and has set the standard, since 3 out of 5 seasons the 1st Quickfire winner also won Top Chef. Elimination challenge: each chef will prepare a dish inspired by a personal vice they have. Umm, what? It seems most chefs are serious alcohol lovers and make a lot of booze dishes. The guy who I thought was the loud mouth New Yorker (and he is) actually had my favorite concept which was a piece of fish that looked like a bar of soap, since he has a foul mouth. World-famous chef Wolfgang Puck is the guest judge, and I didn't even recognize him at first; he turns out to be the most hilarious judge, even throwing one chef's donuts across the room. Very tattooed and very stretch-eared Jennifer makes a stuffed chile relleno, but stuffs it with this nasty wheat gluten stuff (seitan), and despite a few other flubs by other chefs, she is the first to pack up her knives and go. (Image from

Top Chef Masters - Finale! And yes, I again drifted off in this episode, but only during one of their excruciatingly long commercial breaks. The task this week is to cook the autobiography of their cooking lives (very cool idea). 1st dish: 1st food memory, 2nd dish: What inspired them to be a chef, 3rd dish: the opening of their first restaurant, and 4th dish: where they are heading in the future. The normal judges will be present, along with Tom, Padma, Gail, and the 5 winners of Top Chef "Classic" (as I affectionately call it). And these final meals are so mouth-watering on screen, even for someone who isn't a foodie. For a while, I thought Hubert Keller had tonight in the bag, but then thought maybe it would be Michael Chiarello. Wrong on both counts! Rick Bayless puts together an amazing meal from beginning to end (stumbling on one fish stew dish) and is declared Top Chef Master and gets $100k to give to his charity (something about farming). All in all, it was a good series, even if I may have used the 10pm timeslot as naptime occasionally. (Image from

Big Brother - Thursday's episode, originally scheduled to be a double eviction, is all pretty live. The POV competition, ceremony, eviction, and HOH competition are all live in the hour. First up, we see what's been happening in the house. With her back up against the wall, Natalie is trying her hardest to stay and decides planting a seed of doubt about Michelle and Russell having a final 2 deal could help. Kevin approaches Jeff late at night and tells him he overhead a conversation between Michelle and Kevin, which causes Jeff to doubt Russell's allegiance. But in better drama, Natalie and Lydia finally realize Jessie played them against each other and used them; but at least Lydia can brag she gave an HJ in the BB house (left out of the TV broadcast: the role Natalie's sweatshirt played in Lydia and Jessie's hook-ups- bleckh!) Natalie gets her phone call from home and it's her dad, who says he watches every episode with her boyfriend (which is a huge relief to her). Onto the live stuff: the POV competition is a series of questions about if events happened before or after other events. All I'm thinking is, "Please don't let Kevin win!" because then Russell might replace someone on the block and cause some problems. Surprisingly, Jordan wins again (and this time, on her own!) and decides to leave her nominations as is. When it comes time to vote, the final tally is 3-1 and Lydia, still dressed as Captain Unitard, is evicted from the house. Yay! While the gamer in me says Natalie was a better move, Lydia was so annoying and defeated. She claims she'll be giving Jessie "hell" at the Jury House, but I'm sure "hell" is just a dirty euphenism to her. The HOH competition has the HGs dropping cans into 2 tubes- 1st to 25 wins HOH or whoever has the most in 1 hour wins. The show ends as the HGs let cans clatter everywhere and we'll find out HOH on Sunday (or you can just go to Jokers Updates to find out who won). (Image from

New! Project Runway - With all the legal issues finally over and a network change (we're on Lifetime people!), Project Runway is back and goshdarnit, they're going to make it work. After attempting to sit through the 2 hour PR All Star episode (I had to fast forward to fit in time for this episode), 16 new designers arrive at PR's new home in Los Angeles, where we learn they will have their workspace at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (aka FIDM aka where Lauren Conrad went to school. Hey, I watched The Hills for like 2 seasons. I'll remember some stupid facts). There's so many designers that it's hard to keep track, but there's a former druggie, the usual guy with no training, a lot of young people, and a Samantha Ronson doppelganger that at least wears make-up and a lot of neon colored unitards. The always fabulous Tim Gunn brings the designers to the empty Red Carpet from the Emmy awards (which shows you how long ago it was taped) and gives them their first challenge: design a Red Carpet look for any time of award show. Mood has set up a satellite shop in LA for the show, so we get the prerequisite shizzshow of designers running amuck to get their gear. Onto the runway! The usual judges, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, are back, but there's also a guest judge who knows a thing or two about the red carpet (insert a nudge, nudge, wink joke here): Lindsay Lohan! And when I see Lohan, I get a bit angry thinking "Where's Fonzie leaping over the shark?" but I have to admit: I thought LiLo was a pretty decent judge. She provided some good criticism and seemed to know her stuff, but this will not convince me to buy any Sevin Nyne tanner. With the gowns overall, I'm not extremely impressed. I thought there were a few good looks, but nothing that blew me away for week one. The winner is young midwesterner Chris, the guy with no experience, for a short dress with some volume (I thought it was OK, maybe a little too Betsey Johnson). However, there is one hot mess of a gown because it's not even a gown. It's a giant silver space hoodie with short-shorts and the designer, Ari the Ronson Twin, is a wackadoodle. While one guy sent out a completely sheer dress that was completely unwearable (he had no time to fix his original design), it's no contest that the Ari is sent home- and ironically it's the week Lohan judges- how hilarious! (Original image from

Oh, and if you really care about the models on the show, you can watch Models of the Runway afterwards, but that is a lot of Runway for one night for me!

August 19, 2009

Reality Rundown: Chima Later, Alligator

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Big BrotherAmerica's Best Dance Crew

Big Brother - Lydia, Natalie, and Chima are reeling in the "devastating loss" of Jessie from the house. So much so that they have a toast, cry about the good times- essentially it was like a wake and as if he died. It's pathetic and even their alliance-member Kevin is over it. He reminds us viewers via the DR that Jessie nominated Chima and Lydia for eviction, and once even voted to evict Lydia. What a great guy! Natalie, clearly delusional, tells us voters we made a mistake and can't understand why good people like them have to go. Sigh. In good news, Michelle is the new HOH, but most of the house consider Michelle a wildcard in the game. Michelle reveals to Jordan, Jeff, and Russell that her target this week is Chima and everyone is ecstastic to get out the dark cloud raining upon the BB fun. Chima is one huge diva: whining, complaining, and being a jerk to production. In complete show filler time, the house gets food for the week except for one day of slop, Jeff "proposes" to Jordan and Lydia has a stuffed magical boy unicorn named Dae Yum Yum. Michelle warns that her nominations are not going to be like, and boy is she correct: Michelle nominates Chima and Natalie for eviction, openly saying that Chima is a strong woman and her desired target. Next time: someone gets so out of control they are removed from the BB house. (Image from

Veto night- or is it?! Yes, it's the night we've been waiting for: the truth about what went down this Friday in the BB house is here. Post-nominations, Chima wants to quit the game and Kevin tells her to suck it up because if she leaves, they lose a vote in the jury, but she declares she won't let them have the satisfaction of evicting her from the house. The night before veto competitions, BB often assembles a practice game to give everyone a fair shot, so Kevin implores Chima to get out of bed and practice, so she obliges. Upon going outside, Chima is told by the voice of BB to put on her microphone; she responds by giving the finger. The viewers are then treated to a delightful montage showing Chima constantly being a pain in the ass, ignoring BB's instructions and threatening to throw a fit on TV to get CBS a fine with the FCC. Chima's alliance begs her to put on the mic, so Kevin retrieves the mic (it is a rule that you must be mic'ed at all times in the house). Chima takes the mic and throws it into the hot tub! Rut-roh! BB a short time later asks her to pick up a replacement mic, but she refuses to get up off the washer/dryer (omitted from the show: Chima, Lydia, and Natalie decided to hog the washer all night so Jeff couldn't do his laundry). Someone else brings Chima another mic, and she puts it on for a split second, and removes it again. Returning to her sacred bed, the voice of the show's producer, Allison Grodner, comes over the intercom and tells Chima to come to the Diary Room- Chima enters and leaves. Grodner then brings all the HGs to the living room and announces Chima has been ejected from the game for not following the rules. Everyone is in shock, and Natalie of course tries to blame this on Michelle, but for once Lydia makes sense and says it was Chima's choice and there was a twist in the game- get over it. (Screencap from HoneyNut on JokersUpdates)

The next day, Michelle retrieves a note from the DR saying since 1 of her nominees left, her HOH reign is over and a new HOH competition will happen. The competition is putt-putt, where you need to hit your ball into a windmill that has point value slots; highest from each round is eliminated and gets to pick a silver platter with a prize under it. Lydia is the 1st out (as usual) and picks the tray with HOH under it; she then spends the rest of the time downing Mimosas. Natalie wins a Hawaiian vacation and Russell gets a phone call from home, so trades his call for the vacation. Natalie beings bawling saying this phone call is the best thing to happen to her and thanks Russell. In my LOL moment of the night Russell says, "I didn't do this for you. I want the vacation." It comes down to Jeff and Jordan and Jeff asks Jordan what prize she wants and chooses HOH. Jeff throws the game and lets Jordan win. Jeff takes the vacation from Russell and gives him a Spa Treatment. Jordan takes HOH from Lydia and gives her... the annual BB unitard (this year, with a superhero theme). Lydia proceeds to be a drunken mess, calling Jordan a ho, screaming at everyone, and slurring her words. 2nd LOL moment: Michelle yells at Lydia, "Wear your unitard, bitch!" Lydia begs for them to vote her out, and Jeff lets her know that in no way will they grant her that wish- LOL again. Love these people. Jordan nominates Lydia and Natalie for eviction and the POV competition, ceremony, and eviction will all be live Thursday. Wow, talk about a long recap! (Screencap from Yzerman19 on JokersUpdates)

America's Best Dance Crew - More like America's Best Dance Snooze- am I right? I was warned by my family that this season stinks and the episode was boring, and perhaps I should have heeded said warning. I fast-forwarded a lot; sorry, but the crews don't have "it" this season. Moving on: this week was the Beyonce Challenge where each crew was given a Beyonce hit and a dance move from the video to master (like the Charleston, booty poppin', etc). I am all about Vogue Evolution featuring this transgender woman who is apparently an underground sensation- they were basically the only crew I liked. The bottom, voted by America, are Artistry in Motion and AfroBoriké. I was pretty surprised Artistry in Motion was in the bottom considering how crappy Beat Ya Feet Kings were last week and this week and should be gone. So the bottom 2 crews perform their numbers and both are impressive, especially AfroBoriké, who brought a very sexy routine out. Artistry in Motion, whose challenge was to incorporate a chain like the "Diva" video, were held back by the prop and despite a great routine are sent walkin' out... but not before they cry about inspiring America. Problem is, it couldn't have been that inspiring cause they got rid of you week 2. Sorry Artistry in Motion- I did like you! (Image from

August 17, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Name: Jessie, Big Brother
SERVED: I know, another Big Brother SERVING, but this is worth it! Jessie, a contestant from last summer's season and who was voted out by America's Player, was able to return this season based on the stupid High School Cliques twist. And everyone in that house had Jessie-worship. Despite this being his 2nd chance, no one seemed to care, and no one would take him out... until America gave some help. CBS let viewers vote to give the Power of Coup D'Etat to one player in the house; this power allowed the person to overthrow nominations and replace them with his own. Jessie was so fearful all week and knew it was coming and that he'd get SERVED again, but his alliance said no way. Well Thursday night, Coup D'Etat winner Jeff stood up and announced he had the power and nominated Jessie and his alliance partner, Natalie. SERVED! The votes came to 3-2 and Jessie was evicted from Big Brother a second time! SERVED! In all honesty, Jessie played a much better game this season but this time, the player got played... and SERVED! (Original images from

Thing someone should get SERVED? Leave your ideas in the comments section, email me, or hit me up on Twitter.

August 16, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Mulan

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When it comes to Disney movies, the music is the best. I had countless soundtracks on cassette from Disney movies that I grew up on (and later downloaded to my iPod), not to mention theme park music. This might be surprising, but one of my favorite songs ever comes from Mulan (a movie that doesn't seem to be anyone's fave besides mine), and no it's not that Christina Aguilera ballad. It is the Donny Osmond power-song "I'll Make A Man Out of You." I don't know exactly why, but I find this song so awesome. I know all the lyrics and it's so kick-ass. And c'mon people, Donny Osmond. Please enjoy.

August 15, 2009

Dharma Initiative Flip Videocamera

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For my birthday, I got to get myself a Flip Mino HD digital videocamera courtesy of my wonderful family, so I could share some cool videos from my upcoming Disney trip, share even more Schroeder memories, and of course start my lifelong dream of winning America's Funniest Videos. Available in solid colors, the Mino also has the option to choose a design gallery or design your own. I originally planned to pick one of their designs and they were so cool, but suddenly, I had a burst of inspiration: the Dharma Initiative from my favorite show ever, Lost. I searched the web for a Dharma logo and spent some time trying to pinpoint the perfect font (I ended up using Franklin Gothic Medium- in case you want to try and do this as well). So I put the design together in basic Windows Paint of all places and uploaded and resized my design in their little design wizard to print on the Flip Camera. A week later, my camera has arrived and it. Is. Awesome. Flip has really outdone itself: it's perfect! I highly recommend this awesome product. You can put whatever image you want on it and there's no extra charge. Now, time to take some videos (and avoid any Oceanic Airlines flights).

*In case you ask: I don't think ABC is too keen on websites sharing Dharma Brand logos and products via the web (actually, I know that for fact!), so I'm not going to distribute the design file. I made this design file for personal use only, but wanted to share the idea with fellow Lost fans. I made sure to mention my steps to creation above to help you out if you'd like to replicate it.

August 14, 2009

The Skymall Game

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With my birthday this weekend, I thought it would be fun to change up The Skymall Game. I posed to you readers on Facebook and Twitter this question: if money were no object, what gift would you buy for my birthday gift from Skymall? Below are your picks- thank you all! Now, can someone lend me some cash?

Dobby is Free
Price: $195.95
From: Sonia
Cool Cot House from Skymall
Cool Cot House
Price: $99.95 - $119.95
From: Stephanie
Truck Antlers from Skymall
Truck Antlers
Price: $24.99
From: Maeve

Tissue Box Hidden Camera
Price: $599.95
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The Mind Relaxer
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Mobile Massage System
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Apple Videoblogging Kid: My Future BFF?

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While checking out one of my favorite blogs, Best Week Ever, I stumbled across this video gem. I watched the video they posted and then followed the link they posted to URLesque, and am in love. This kid Nicholifavs is a video blogger, but only video blogs from the Apple Store in Manhattan. Does he confess his secrets or tell us inane facts? NO WAY- he lipsychs and dances (OK, sometimes rants at people too). I want him to be my new BFF (sorry current friends). I love his moves and enjoy when he sometimes is clearly singing the wrong words- it's fantastical. I highly recommend wasting your time poring through his YouTube collection and enjoying your Friday.

August 13, 2009

Reality Rundown: America Kinda Helps Evict Jessie... Again!

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Top Chef MastersBig Brother

Top Chef Masters - Final 4! Host Kelly announces that they saved the best Quickfire for last: the blindfold taste test. Each chef is blindfolded and will taste 20 different ingredients and have to identify them. What we learned? This shizz is hard even for top chefs. Elimination challenge: prepare a buffet lunch for 200 guests. Don't worry, they'll have help courtesy of previous Top Chef contestants (including Richard Blais!) The Masters get to interview each chef to pick their staff (3 each). What we learned? No one wants to work for Michael Chiarello at all. After picking their teams, the chefs assemble their menus and Rick Bayless and Hubert Keller are really good about using ideas from their staff: Michael, not so much. Also, Michael gets into a fight over fridges with Anita's sous chef Dale- drama! After prep, they head to the hotel where the buffet is being held: but it's outside! This throws Anita Lo for a loop since she planned to do a raw fish bar, but the show must go on. They have to dump 1 of their chefs and finish the meal prep. Rick makes a delicious Mexican buffet with avocado ice cream using Richard Blais' skills. Hubert makes a feast with like 18 dishes, and they all taste amazing. Michael is a toss up, some good, some bad. Anita's raw bar doesn't go over well, and the rest of the food isn't great either, so the judges deem him the last chef to pack up her knives and leave. Next week: Finale! AND Top Chef classic returns! (Image from

Big Brother - Elimination night and all we want to know is, will Jeff use the Coup D'Etat? This episode was taped earlier in the day, out of fear all hell would break loose, so it might even be edited for content. But first, we sit through a lot of house drama to show all the drama involved with Russell on the block. He's trying his hardest to stay, even pleading to Jessie, who is still bitter he didn't get to play in POV. Russell ain't dumb and knows Jessie is just selfish and wanted to win POV to keep himself safe. Everyone knows Jeff is the wizard (not shown on TV: Wednesday night an entire room said "I have the mystery power" out loud so then it would be void. Jeff was not in the room) We also get to see Chima's grandparents and friend talk about Chima- yawn! Don't care! It's the 30 minute mark and because it's so late, I'm expecting Jeff sadly won't use the power. Time to vote! Julie asks one last time if whoever has the power wants to use it... and Jeff stands up! A few gasps in the room and Jeff turns pale- it's hilarious. Jeff first takes down Lydia and replaces her with Natalie. He then says he'd also like to take down Russell and puts up Jessie... and then Jessie proceeds to rip off his polo to reveal a T-shirt with himself shirtless on it calling himself, "The Man, The Myth, The Legend." His speech kinda makes no sense, except he tells Jeff this was a smart move. The final votes are 3 (Michelle, Kevin, Jordan) to 2 (Russell, Lydia)... and Jessie is evicted!! He completely blows off Kevin and hugs his ladies and leaves ths house. Julie Chen makes fun of Jessie for sleeping 12-13 hours a day and it's off to the Jury House for him. Onto the HOH comp! 2 at a time, HGs have to listen to a clue about a former competition and choose if it was HOH, POV, or Have/Have Nots. It comes down to Michelle and Kevin, and Michelle wins! Suddenly, the other side of the house is not so happy. Poor sports! But pat yourselves on the back America: we gave Jeff the power and he finally got Jessie off our screens! (Image from TV Grapevine)

August 12, 2009

Cloudy with a Chance of Serving

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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is one of my favorite books of all time. And I've been saying for years my dream is to write a screenplay and bring Cloudy to the big screen. Well, someone beat me to it. And now, I'm pretty sure the makers of this movie stalk me, because check out the tagline on the poster: Prepare to Get Served. WHAAAAAAT!!! Who found my black Moleskine full of ideas? I'm onto you Cloudy people!

Thanks to Diego for sending this in!

Reality Rundown: What Died on JC Chasez's Head?

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New! America's Best Dance Crew - It's the return of ABDC, or if you want to call it the full name RJPABDC (because for some reason producer/American Idol judge Randy Jackson has to declare it his own). Season 4 is back with a... slight pulse? There are no immediate stand-outs like Quest Crew or Beat Freaks from last season; more average crews. But before I recap, I'll share with you my favorites: b-boys Massive Monkees, "hick-hop"crew Southern Movement, Rhythm City, and Vogue experts Vogue Evolution. Now, let's summarize! The 9 crews have no specific task this week; they simply get to showcase what their crew does best and prove they deserve to be there. The usual judging panel is back with Shane Sparks rocking one fingerless glove, Lil' Mama (whose look I wasn't digging), and JC Chasez who has dyed his hair an unatural shade of black and with a hairline that looks like hair plugs. But frightening hair aside, ABDC has one of my favorite judging panels because they are very critical and all offer insightful opinions (there's no Paula Abdul here). Some crew routine thoughts. Beat Ya Feet Kings have a good backstory, but weren't impressive to me. AfroBorike, while great at their Latin dancing, had sub-par hip-hop moves. Massive Monkees were the first to really bring it and made remember why I liked this show, and Rhythm City was pretty flawless. Ladies crew Artistry in Motion were good, but not great; however, SYTYCD season 2 finalist Donyelle is in this crew, so that makes me happy. Since America can't vote this first week, the judges select the bottom 3 and those 3 have a dance battle and 1 crew is eliminated. Fr3sh, from New Jersey, doesn't want to be known as a "second rate Kaba Modern or SoReal Cru," but unfortunately their choreography is indeed second rate and lacking inventiveness and are the first walking it out of the ABDC arena. (Image from

Big Brother - In post-Ronnie BB house, most seem glad he's gone, but Jessie claims he'll "avenge" him. But now Chima is the HOH with all the power... but we know she's not! Jeff is busy keeping his power, deemed in the house as "the Wizard," secret (maybe not so well; on the feeds, I think everyone has figured out Jeff has it). But until Jeff overthrows Chima, everyone must fear her wrath, and by everyone, I mean Russell and Lydia. While Russell tries to kiss butt and apologize, it's too late. We also learn about Chima's troubling past, which is that she was raped by a serial killer but she was able to escape (the serial killer was later caught and executed). Yikes. Onto this week's Have/Have Not competition. The doorbell to the BB house rings and they open the door to: Jeremy Piven. I'll skip the "hug it out" jokes and get right into the competition, which is also a luxury comp. The winning team will get a screening in the BB house of his new film The Goods (and they will be the Haves this week). The competition makes little sense: each team needs to sell cars, and in order to sell the cars, they need to fill up the station wagons with a bug of crap in the backyard that has point values; highest points win. Oh and they also have to fit themselves in the car, which provides a lot of head-to-butt action. Jessie, Russell, Natalie, and Jordan win based on a giant 17 point teddy bear Jordan insisted on shoving in, so they are happy. Lydia, Jeff, Michelle, and Kevin are the Have Nots, which allows Lydia yet another reason to complain. Nomination time: Michelle fears she might have a chance of going on the block, while Russell knows it's a done deal that he's up. Chima decides to nominate Russell and Lydia, but we all know this doesn't matter much: Jeff has the real power this week, and Chima is going to shizz bricks when it happens. (Image from

On Tuesday's episode, Lydia and Russell are reeling from their nomination. Well, Lydia is reeling; Russell is taking it in stride, but angry and ready for a new alliance. He approaches Jeff (who we know could be Russell's savior this week) and offers to partner up with Jeff & Jordan. But even those not on the block are panicking, and by that I mean Jessie. The best part of this episode is seeing Jessie's cocky arrogance fade away in a matter of days into utter fear that he is going to be backdoored (definition: put up as the replacement nominee and evicted without having a chance to win the Power of Veto) by the wizard power. Knowing that only the HOH and the POV holder are safe from the wizard, Jessie is desperate to play in POV and figures either he'll get picked or someone would select him for player's choice. Color Jessie shocked when both nominees pull player's choice so Lydia selects her BFF Kevin and Russell picks Jeff. The POV competition was a lame duck (or chicken). Donning chicken suits, there is a large chicken wire fence with eggs on the other side and in order to win POV, you needed to get a dozen eggs over the fence successfully; it was eggs-hilarating to watch (complete lie: so boring). Kevin ends up winning the POV and Lydia is sure her Sugarbear will save him. Nope! Kevin wants to "respect the HOH's decision," avoid becoming a target, and claims this is to help them in the long haul. Lydia takes this as well as we'd expect: she pouts and whines a lot. Meanwhile, Jessie's paranoia continues, so much so that he even talks to Jeff and Jordan, hoping to sway them not to use the power if they have it, despite ignoring them for most of the time in the house (Jeff tells Jordan he'd like to see Jessie and Natalie on the block against each other). In the end, Kevin decides to not honor his friendship with Lydia and leaves her safety in the game in jeopardy. So the big question is: will Jeff use the Coup D'Etat Thursday to save Russell? And if so, how huge of a target with Jeff become? And will Chima break everything in plain sight as promise? (Image from BuddyTV)

August 10, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Name: Twitter
SERVED: On Thursday, the worst thing ever happened to any person who likes to communicate online in 140 characters or less: Twitter was hacked. Yes, poor Twitter was SERVED by some hackers and down for the day. I didn't tweet Thursday, but had I known it was down, I would have had a massive panic attack. Facebook was attacked too (teeny SERVING) but not as severely as poor Twitter. Twitter is such a young social networking baby, but even the biggest and most popular get SERVED some time. And we the users of Twitter get a mild SERVING too: besides not being able to tweet our Twitpics or discuss last night's SYTYCD finale, we had to be stared in the face by the infamous Fail Whale. SERVED! (Original images from

Thing someone should get SERVED? Leave your ideas in the comments section, email me, or hit me up on Twitter.

August 9, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Oliver & Company

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I've always considered Oliver & Company in my top Disney movies, but sadly, most others do not. It was a film that didn't get the credit it deserved, and I doubt I'll ever be getting a picture with Oliver and Dodger at the parks. And talk about soundtracks! Hands down the most talented group of musicians on the soundtrack- c'mon, Billy Joel plays the lead dog, Dodger, and writes a ton of tunes for the soundtrack. We used to blast that cassette all the time with our accompanying O&C Pillow People. Have you seen Oliver & Company? Well check out the awesome song "Why Do I Worry?" by Mr. Joel himself and remember the fonder times of cell animation and the childhood voice of Joey "Whoa" Lawrence.

August 7, 2009

Reality Rundown: America Crowns a New Favorite Dancer!

So You Think You Can Dance - Performance finale! All the dancers will go all key-party this week and dance with each other, along with a solo. There was a group number about cheerleaders and jocks by Wade Robson which was fun, but I feel like the girls didn't dance a lot. Jeanine and Evan did jazz and it looked great, but I didn't feel like it was a "finale" number; more about technique than wowing the audience. Kayla and Brandon do a Broadway routine that was of course excellent. Brandon and Evan team up for hip hop and poor Evan gets decimated; his dancing is subpar and he's such a nice guy for this mean and nasty routine. Jeanine and Kayla perform a Mia Michaels' contemporary piece that has them going all over the stage and pulling off layers; it was nice, but I admit, I did a few chores while this was on. Kayla and Evan take on a jive with a country western flair; I didn't mind it, but guest judge Adam Shankman used my earlier argument that it wasn't "finale material." Poor Evan is slammed again, but let's remember people, it's America's favorite dancer, not best. Jeanine and Brandon finish off the night with an amazing paso doble and it's clear, these are the top 2 (Nigel is the only judge who has the balls to say who he thinks deserves the win). I'm sure you're wondering, who am I routing for? My pick to win is Jeanine, and yes, I voted for her tonight! (Image from BuddyTV)

FINALE! This 2 hour extravaganza is 2 hours of the best routines from this season. So if you're paying to go to the live tour, this is 96% of what you'll see... but it's entertaining! Plus you get to see all the wonderful dancers that were booted off the show. I will say my favorite routine all season was Travis Wall's contemporary piece, followed by Brandon and Janette's Argentinian tango. We're also treated to Mia Michaels' group number to "One" except in the grand finale when the dancers go behind the mirrors, they come back out... and it's all the judges! What I love about seeing the judges dance is it shows that they are all credible; these are dancers who know their shizz. Onto results: Kayla is the 1st to be let go (which I guessed would happen, mainly because Evan was in a costume to dance and they wouldn't crush your dreams then make you dance right away). Shortly after, little lovable Evan was let go, leaving Brandon and Jeanine to duke it out. 21 million votes were cast (mine included) and America's favorite dancer is... JEANINE!!!!! Jeanine's at a loss for words and shocked, but we all knew she had it in her. See you all in the fall for SYTYCD season 6! (Original image from BuddyTV)

Top Chef Masters - For the Quickire (which I almost forgot happened) the chefs have to create an upscale burger, therefore I get really hungry and then angry because I had just brushed my teeth for the night. Michael Chiarello and Rick Bayless tie with 4 stars each (and might I add, Michael is always in awe of Rick). Onto the elimination challenge, which was a doozy. They are cooking lunch for actress Zooey Deschanel (her sister Bones better be there!) Oh wait, there's a catch: she's vegan (no meat, fish, eggs, dairy). And gluten-free (no wheat). All these chefs panic because that's a lot of restrictions. Art Smith decides to take on the kiss of death: dessert. He buys pre-made rice ice cream because he isn't sure how to make it properly, and then adds fresh strawberries and a fantastic peanut brittle. Michael Chiarello blows the whole table away with a delicious quinoa pasta, which I guess is wheat-free pasta, but it's again noted by the critics panel that the pasta was store-bought. In the end, the lovable and hilarious chef-to-Oprah Art Smith is eliminated for his bad dessert, keeping up the Top Chef streak. Next week: old Top Chef contestants return as sous-chefs! And Dale from Season 4 ain't takin' it! (Image from

Big Brother - Will the rat finally be exterminated tonight? Tonight's all about the fighting, but sadly, they cut it to only 1 fight, and not even the good part. The other night 3 huge fights erupted in the BB house, but we only got to see a bit of the Russell/Michelle/Chima fight. I'm sure you can Youtube or Clipser all 3, but here's a condensed 4 minute version which sums up the one phrase used the whole fight and it's pretty awesome. ANYWAYS, Russell's paranoia sets in pretty quick, and after Michelle mentions Chima wanting to backdoor him, he goes nuts, Chima goes nuts. It's very loud and Jordan comments that Chima's "real sassy." In Ronnie the Rat news, he thinks he can get a sympathy vote from Jordan and Jeff, so interrupts their makeout session to whine. They ignore him pretty much and keep kissing (except when Ronnie rips a huge fart). But most importantly, the house has been abuzz about the mystery power, or as they keep calling that person, "the wizard." We see a set of athletic legs in board shorts enter the Diary Room- IT'S JEFF!! (who hilariously couldn't pronounce the word- hey, we know he can't spell- "technotronics" anyone?) Jeff has to keep this power a complete secretly and obviously doesn't use it this week to take Ronnie or Lydia off the block. Ronnie makes a delightful speech, crying about being so happy to get on the show, but then takes a chance to get one last dig in at Michelle calling her "the worst human being I have ever had the misfortune of meeting." SERVED! But in the end, Ronnie is evited 4-3. YESSSSSSS. Now I can enjoy the live feeds. Julie questions Ronnie is the post-eviction interview and he just doesn't seem to see what a hypocrite he is. Anyways, good riddance Ronnie, my least favorite HG of all time. Onto the HOH competition! The night before, BB played all these lame and annoying messages recorded by fans to the house (and sadly, BB left out of the show how most messages were commenting on Natalie's disgusting hygiene and not showering for a week); HGs have to answer True/Fale questions about the calls, last one remaining is HOH. And the new HOH is... Chima! And I really don't care because JEFF is the one with the real power this week. Will he use it? Stay tuned and find out! (Original image from

August 5, 2009

Vote Schroeder for Cutest Dog!

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I know you've seen my adorable little puppy Schroeder (9 months today) and you think "That is one really really ridiculously good looking dog" and it's true. So show your support for my angel/demon puppy and vote for Schroeder for the cutest dog! You know he's adorable. Schroeder loves ice cream, all food, chewing toys, being dominant, and sleeping on people's beds. Schroeder's dislikes are barking dogs and brushing his ears. C'mon- that is cute! VOTE FOR SCHROEDER!
Vote for my DogSponsored by All American Pet Brands makers of premium dog food.

Reality Rundown: Send home Ratticus!

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The Next Food Network Star - Finale! We learn more about Jeffrey and Melissa's families, background, etc. but I don't pay too much attention- I just need to know the winner! But in order to choose a winner, both finalists will put together a pilot show of their impending Food Network show, produced by FN star Alton Brown, which will be shown to a live audience and the judge's panel. Jeffrey's show is called The Ingredient Smuggler and it's about cooking cuisine from around the world in your own kitchen. I like the idea and the food looks great, but I couldn't tell you where in my local area I'd be able to buy this unique ingredients. Melissa's show is The Kitchen Survival Guide where she'll teach viewers fast recipes and lots of tips. I definitely prefer this show over Jeffrey's. The recipes seem easier and include ingredients I could find anywhere, and her 4-step chicken looks to die for. Before we learn the winner, we have to sit through a bit of a reunion with the castoffs which is fun and all, but c'mon- who's the winner? Drumroll please. The winner is... Melissa!! Hooray- finally the person I want to win Food Network star actually does! Melissa show begins next week, so I checked and found out her show is called Ten Dollar Dinners with Melissa d'Arabian and is on Sundays at 12:30PM. I know I'll be tuning in and trying some recipes! (Original image from

Big Brother - We begin where we left off on Thursday: the HOH competition. Everyone gets dizzy and wants to puke, which is entertaining to watch. Kevin and Lydia fall first and get to pick a "graduation present" mystery box; Kevin wins $5k and Lydia wins a 42" flatscreen TV. The next 3 to fall are Ronnie, Natalie, and Jordan. Ronnie and Natalie's boxes are empty (GOOD!) and Jordan gets to determine who is on slop. Chima falls next, which Jesse sees as a sign of his impending doom, and then Michelle falls, exposing her lady parts in the process. Russell and Jeff make a deal that would guarantee Jeff/Jordan safety and Ronnie on the block. Russell accepts and is the new HOH, and the butt kissing begins. The show gives Ronnie a favorable edit, with him imploring America to give him the mystery power, and to this I say VOTE JEFF!! Jordan decides to play fair with her slop picks and draw names from a hat (they also get squash and squid for the week); the Have Nots are Kevin, Natalie, and Jessie, who of course acts like a big baby. Russ' alliance want Kevin/Lydia on the block since they're floaters, but at nomination it's clear who Russell wants gone: Ronnie. He calls Ronnie a snake and says the only way to catch a snake is with a mongoose, and Russell has deemed himself the mongoose (I shall call Russell "Rikki Tikki Tavi") Of course the show closes with another Ronnie DR session where he calls himself King Cobra and I beg of you American viewers who only watch the show and not feeds: DO NOT GIVE RONNIE THE POWER! (Original image from

POV Episode! Lydia and Ronnie are of course pissed to be put up, but Ronnie is the target so he knows he has to scramble. His alliance (Chima, Jessie, Natalie) try to convince Russell it's Lydia they should get out, but no dice. In showmance news, Chima has the hots for Russell, but it's not reciprocated; they fight so much he considers putting her up if the POV is used. Both sides of the house know this week that quiet, awkward talker Michelle is the swing vote. Ronnie tries to play nice to show that she could be part of their 5; she's not buying it. He also fake cries to Russell, and he ain't having it either. Time to play the POV competition! The HGs done togas and get Greek names (Jessephus, Chimacus, etc.) and have lots of objects to study in the yard, then they will have to make numerical guesses, such as "How many feathers in this hat?" and "How many rats are in the cage?" (and yes, Russell makes the amazing joke to Ronnie "Did you count yourself too?") It's sort of like poker where you can either stay with your guess or fold, so loser Ronnie decides to fold every time. While it seems the veto is Jessie or Russell's for the taking, Michelle comes out of left field and wins the veto! Now the swing vote is this week's power player! Now that Michelle has the Veto, Ronnie decides to not play nice and essentially threaten her to use it to save him, or else; puh-lease! Russell and Michelle bond and realize they could make a good pair in the house and a new alliance is formed. At the POV ceremony Michelle tells Ronnie, “I’ll give you a chance to lie first, I mean, speak,” but clearly she is not saving this rat nerd. Michelle does not use the POV and nominations stay the same. (Image from aliasdaredevil from RealityBBQ Forums)

August 4, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Psych

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Being an avid TV watcher, I often get asked "What shows do you recommend?" There are some obvious answers every time (Lost, Mad Men, etc.), but I watch a lot of quality TV that I wish everyone else watched too. So from time to time, I'd like to give you readers some suggestions of what to watch. Ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure...

Psych (on USA) is a show I didn't get into until this past winter, and man, am I glad I found it. Psych is about Shawn Spencer, a guy with an amazing eye for detail pretending to be a psychic to help solve crimes. Shawn is accompanied by his BFF Gus through mysteries full of humor, intrigue, and an abudance of pop culture references. There aren't too many shows out there that try to remember the title of a Shia LeBoeuf movie about holes, and then argue in another who gets the locker with the poster of Tubbs from Miami Vice. What makes this show work best is the friendship of Shawn and Gus. They might be my 2nd favorite TV BFFs behind Turk and JD, so that's big. And let's not forget other characters, including stick-in-the-mud Detective Carlton Lassiter, Shawn's ideal lady Detective Juliet O'Hara, Police Chief Karen Vick, and Shawn's former cop dad played by Corbin Bersen. This cast plays off each other perfectly, making the show one of the funnest hours of my TV week. Ever since I lost my beloved Veronica Mars, I figured I'd never find another detective show that fantastic writing, acting, comedy and good mysteries, but Psych has filled that void.

's new season starts this Friday at 1oPM on USA, so set your DVRs and get ready for laughs. (Image from TVShowsforAll)

August 3, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Name: Kiptyn and Reid, The Bachelorette
SERVED: DOUBLE SERVING! Another season of The Bachelorette has come and gone and, as usual, broke some hearts in the process. In this week's finale, Jillian didn't just have to devaste one man and reject one proposal- but TWO! First, Kipytn poured his heart out to Jillian and told her he couldn't wait for a future together. Unfortunately for Kiptyn, Jillian's response was, "I'm in love with someone else." Ouch- SERVED. After dumping of Kiptyn, Jillian was ready to tell Ed she loved him and accept his proposal. But, another obstacle enters this drama: Reid. Rejected in the previous episode, Reid came all the way back to Hawaii to finally tell Jillian he loved her and wanted to be together forever, and even proposed to her. And for a second, it seemed like Reid may have changed Jillian's mind... but he didn't. Jillian dumped Reid again. Ouch- DOUBLE SERVED. And to make it better, the jilited suitors then have to return for the After the Final Rose special and re-live the heartbreaking night and reunite with the woman who broke their hearts and try to man-up. Poor guys got SERVED by love. (Original images from

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August 2, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Ratatouille

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I'm heading to Disney in September, and I can't wait! I've decided to theme Movie Scene Sundays while I get hyped for my trip, so MSS's will feature some of my favorite Disney movie scenes. This week, enjoy a bonus featurette from Ratatouille called Your Friend, The Rat. It's a hilarious bit on the history of rats and rats place in the world. Plus, you'll have the jaunty tune stuck in your head all day. I'll be eating at Les Chefs de France restaurant in Epcot and I hear Remy makes the rounds there- I look forward to meeting the chef in person!