October 30, 2009

Reality Rundown: I Take It Spash Mountain Is Out of the Question?

The Amazing RaceNew! So You Think You Can DanceThe Biggest Loser
Top ChefSurvivorProject Runway

The Amazing Race - It's a 2nd leg in Dubai, which leads to many screw ups. The Globetrotters have a mind fart in a Roadblock that has them retrieving a Rolex and using the time to open a briefcase, putting them in last place. The Detour is a "you're screwed either way" with assembling 12 hookahs in the sun or weigh out $500k in gold, which is constantly fluctuating in price. Erika and Brian do both tasks, and stress out majorly during both. After this, the teams have to head to the Atlantis Resort and go down a giant waterslide that goes through a shark tank, then check into the pit stop. Meghan & Cheyne are team #1 again, even though Meghan was dumb enough to think there were really sharks in the pool and not in a tank.

Now comes the amazing part of this race's leg. Perpetually stupid Mika & Canaan actually run a pretty decent leg of the race, until they arrive at the waterslide. You see, Mika is afraid of heights and water. Dressed in her fashion bathing suit and floaties, she reacts to the slide similarly to the 1st time you try to put a toddler in a pool or bathe a cat. Her boyfriend is a total d-bag screaming at her and I don't think this will help any future efforts to get Mika to go to Water Country USA. The Globetrotters finally catch up and kick in their strategy to completely psych Mika out. The mind-games work and Mika can't take the plunge (she had a 2 minute time limit once another team arrived); Mika takes the stairs back down. The Globetrotters fly down that slide and narrowly escape elimination. Yes, it's kinda awful that they played off her fears, but it was strategy to keep playing for a million dollars. And did I mention America loves them?

New! So You Think You Can Dance - After weeks of auditioning, we have our Top 20 which includes 3 tappers, 4 hip hop, 3 ballroom, and jazz & contemporary for the rest. One criticism the show often gets is that the 1st 2 voted off are usually the lesser known dancers, so SYTYCD has done something new this year which is a Top 20 episode that is all group routines to show off their skills. But here's the elephant in the room: the horrendous new stage. This stage is god awful, taking away from the intimacy of the performances. It's loud, obnoxious, and I couldn't get past it until the last 2 dances of the night. Now, onto the Top 20 performances that matter: the dancers are paired and in official competition.

The next night is Top 20 performances where we find out: 1. Due to baseball, the judges will decide which guy and girl go home tonight without America's vote, 2. promising dancer Billy Bell had to drop out of the competition due to illness, 3. Billy has been replaced by hip hop dancer Brandon Dumlao, and 4. krumper Russell's partner Noelle is injured, so he has to dance with the choreographer's assistant. What a beginning! The 3rd judge is no longer a guest; director Adam Shankman has been named permanent 3rd chair. And tonight, the stage isn't as bad as the 1st night, so I'm quite relieved. Still not great, but getting over it slowly.

The 2 best performances of the night are Ellenore & Ryan's jazz and Legacy & Kathryn's hip-hop. Russell, stuck dancing with assistant Melanie, does a great job- Beantown represent! The worst are definitely Peter & Ariana's hip-hop and Brandon and Pauline's waltz. For some reason, Peter isn't in the bottom 4: Russell is. WTF?! Even if judges get to decide this week, I think it should follow similar rules and that partners are in the bottom together. After solos, Ariana and Brandon are eliminated with a promise to let Brandon try to audition again, since he technically wasn't selected for this season. First impressions: I'm all about Russell and dreamy married Ryan.

The Biggest Loser - This week is a head-to-head weigh-in, meaning 1 member from each team will be pitted against each other and whoever has the highest percentage of weight-loss gets a point for their team; most points wins. The Blue team wins yet another challenge and gets to decide who to go against. Everyone on Black team seems to cry and have emotional breakdowns and breakthroughs this week (and Shay doesn't even cry until weigh-in!). Blue team wins the weigh-in 4-1, and Rudy sets the new 100lb on campus record. The Black team has a hard decision to make since 4 of them are BFFs. Abby decides that she feels her journey here can end; she came on TBL to learn to live again, after enduring a horrible family tragedy, so her team (except big Danny) respects her wishes and sends her home.

Top Chef - Ah, a Quickfire close to my heart: class-up the old TV dinner based on a popular TV series. Mike I. says he's never seen Seinfeld which is ridiculous, not to mention the show had so many food stories. Kevin wins yet again with a Sopranos meatball meal. The elimination challenge perks up everyone's spirits because they'll be cooking at Tom Colicchio's restaurant, Craftsteak. Twists ahead contestants because they're cooking for celebrity/bad-ass bitch Natalie Portman who is a vegetarian. Oh the irony of cooking vegetarian in a steakhouse! The best part of the episode is Padma referring to garlic as a "prick in [her mouth]" which leads to a lot of "that's what she said" type of jokes. Kevin sweeps the week in wins, making a hearty kale dish that felt as appetizing as if they had meat. My girl Cutthroat Bitch (Jen) struggles this week, and of course Robin takes her usual spot in the bottom. Mike I., who tried to do a play on scallops with undercooked leeks, is pretty cocky and figures he's safe which is always a mistake. Mike is sent away to pack his knives and deep down you know he's more upset that Robin outlasted him.

Survivor - Now that nice Russell is gone, the men of Galu elect Shambo as their leader, hoping to get her to align with them. Shambo's newfound leadership doesn't impact the team too much as they win the reward challenge (a game of memory) for a feast on a boat, as well as a tarp and fire starting kit. Shambo does show she's boss and sends Laura over to Foa Foa camp, where she is immediately approached by evil Russell for a final 3 deal. The man is so annoying, but you can't help but be in awe of his game. At the immunity challenge, Foa Foa has an early lead until Jaison gives up on the puzzle portion; Galu wins yet again. Foa Foa considers the possibility of voting off Jaison since he seems to be a whiner and quitter, but it's Liz that gets her torch snuffed. And Jeff hilariously points out what a shitty tribe Foa Foa has been. Ok episode but it's leading to next week: MERGE!

Project Runway - Heidi emerges onto the Runway to show the designers the best look each of them has designed thus far. The challenge this week is to design a companion piece to that look. Althea is annoyed at Logan because his collar is the same as something she did before, and then Irina claims Althea stole her baggy sweater idea from her. The difference being Althea ended up not saying anything and Irina called out Althea on the runway. Bitch! Carol Hannah is the only look I liked this episode; she wanted to be riskier and make pants, but instead opted for a great little black dress. Althea wins with her giant not-stolen sweater and Irina is angry. Gordana made and ugly 80s business-lady look, Christopher another horrible puffy dress, and Logan made Judy Jetson's prostitution gear. Logan is eliminated rightly, but I still wish the nightmare that is whiny Christopher would go.

October 26, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Name: Adam Jasinski, Winner of Big Brother 9
SERVED: A question always posted in the finale of a reality show that has a jury vote is, "What will you spend the prize money on?" Typically, the person wants to treat their family, friends, and supposedly give some to charity. Not many people would admit they'll use the prize money to say, buy and sell oxycodone pills up and down the east coast. This past week, Big Brother 9 winner Adam Jasinki was caught in Boston trying to sell 2,000 pills to an undercover agent. SERVED! What's best is that upon being caught, he admitted using his $500k winnings to fund his drug enterprise. Even better! Talk about a reality TV SERVING! Now awaiting trial, Adam faces up to 20 years in prison and up to a million dollars in fines. So I guess an All Stars 2 season is out of the question. SERVED!

Think someone should get SERVED? Leave your ideas in the comments section, email me, or hit me up on Twitter.

October 25, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Mean Girls

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Halloween is probably my favorite holiday of the year cause it really lets me get my creative juices flowing. I've had some pretty sweet costumes in the past (Supermarket Sweep, Spartan cheerleader, and Richard Simmons to name a few). But as Mean Girls pointed out, Halloween for girls is a special time of year. It's the one day everyone can wear their sexiest costume, and get away with it. And if you're looking for a sexy costume, why not try the Girl's Costume Warehouse which inspired my costume this year (sans the slutty tendency).

October 23, 2009

Reality Rundown: Um, So We're Not Getting Pizza?

The Amazing RaceThe Biggest LoserTop ChefSurvivorProject Runway

The Amazing Race - It's off to beautiful Dubai where it's 120 degrees outside- good times! Dullards Meghan and Cheyne are team #1 this week after completing the Fast Forward of the race. The others teams have to search for water in the sweltering hot desert for the Road Block, then get to cool down at an awesome indoor ski park. I hate winter but want to go there! At Ski Dubai, the Detour is to search for a little snowman in huge mounds of snow or build a snowman outside in the heat. Most begin with the search but realize searching is always the worst choice and switch to building. Brian and Ericka continue thinking karma will help them in the race and provide way too many helpful tips. Karma will be a bitch when the other teams eventually repay them with a Yield. While Mika & Canaan continue to vie for the position of dumbest people on earth, the AR gods smile upon us this week and Lance & Keri are eliminated at long last.

The Biggest Loser - This losers play a challenge for a mystery prize locked away in treasure chests. The Blue teams wins and discovers plane tickets home- everyone is excited. But there's a choice: either Blue team can go home and be with their families but not have their trainer or TBL gym, or send the Black team home. So the Black team is quickly getting their luggage together and heading home.

At home, the Black team struggles and Shay continues to cry about everything. Many go out to dinner to: 1. annoy the waitstaff with extremely difficult orders, and 2. annoy their family members by being really judgmental of the junk food they eat. I see where they're coming from, but do the losers forget that 3 months ago they were overeating the same stuff? Danny is the only smart one and cooks meals at home all week- and it pays off with a 15lb weight loss! Unfortunately, Daniel gained 1lb over the week and it's time for the Black team to face elimination. Dina makes a solid point that Daniel has been able to experience TBL twice now and learned a lot more than any other team member, but her team thinks elsewise and sends Dina back home. The only reason I wanted Dina to stick around was to cut off her horrible hair, but luckily she gets a makeover at home- phew!

Top Chef - For this week's Quickfire, the cheftestants are split into 2 teams for a relay with each member cooking for 10 minutes, but they aren't able to talk to each other. The Blue team (Cutthroat Bitch, Kevin, Michael I, and Laurine) win the Quickfire and $10k to split. But there's a catch- they can let that $10k ride and if they win the elimination challenge, they each get $10k; so they let it ride.

Oh and did I mention, it's RESTAURANT WARS! This time, they only have to worry about the food and front of the house, as the decor is taken care of. The Red team (The Brothers, Eli, and Robin) name their restaurant stupidly Revolt, but their food is far from revolting, and they are deemed "the best restaurant wars restaurant ever," even succeeding in the dessert department (a Top Chef rarity). The Red team decides to not to dessert at all, and instead fails on all the dishes and Laurine sucks at running the front of the restaurant. Who's Laurine? Exactly- she's been under the radar, monotone, and dull this season. Her hostess skills and lamb dish stunk, so she's sent packing. Phew- I was extremely worried for the safety of Cutthroat Bitch and Kevin.

Survivor - This episode would've been far more shocking had CBS's promo department not spoiled what happened in commercials aired during every other CBS show. Anyways, it's still raining in Samoa and everyone is tired and hungry, yet other Russell continues to push and build fire, Erik sleeps in a giant tree, and there's more creepy, translucent pruny fingers.

The sun comes for a reward/immunity challenge. The catch is that both tribes will vote someone out tonight, but the winner's get to watch the losing team's Tribal Council and eat pizza in front of them. The challenge is for 2 blindfolded people to roll a teammate in an old Lady Gaga costume to a puzzle and the person in the globe will have to instruct them how to navigate a table maze. Foa Foa takes an early lead, but Galu's Russell is clearly exhausted. At the puzzle, Russell passes out on top of it and then blacks out. Medical is called and they find Russell's blood pressure dropping significantly. Jeff cancels the challenge and sends the tribes away while they handle Russell. You just know someone in their head is pissed they didn't get pizza.

Back at their respective camps, the tribes still have to decide who to send home. Foa Foa is between Liz and Natalie, since they're weak women. Galu's girls want to get rid of Shambo, but the guys know that Shambo is a good competitor and Monica stinks. At Tribal Council, the tribes kind of air their greivances, which mainly involes a-hole Russell and Erik fighting over which tribe is better. Jeff announces that Russell's condition at the challenge has forced him to be removed from the game, so there is no elimination. He also calls this the scariest moment that's ever happened on Survivor, so I guess he forgot about the time a guy fell into fire.

Project Runway - Orange face Michael Kors explains to the designers that he's inspired by the places he travels to for design inspiration. The challenge this week is to create an outfit design by a favorite locale of Michael Kors. Carol Hannah again thinks she's struggling, but turns out a fantastic twisted, patterned dress inspired by Palm Beach. Unfortunately, the win goes to resident bitch Irina and her camel-colored Denver 80's ski lodge look. It's not just her personality I don't like; I personally don't find her clothes stylish at all. I think Gordana could've had the win with her Park Avenue dress, but her lack of confidence killed her. The bottom 2 are Nicholas and Christopher (yet again). After 4 weeks in a row in the bottom, and the most un-Sante Fe look ever, I feel excited to see Christopher finally go. Unfortunately, it's Nicholas and his "WTF does this have to do with Greece?" outfit look that's auf'd.

October 21, 2009

The Skymall Game: Ridiculous Personal Pampering Edition

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Skymall is full of a lot of crap, but on my latest flight I noticed some items that just seemed like insane items for personal indulgence. Enjoy this special edition of the Skymall Game: the Ridiculous Personal Pampering Edition.

Solafeet Foot Tanner


Personal Infrared Sauna


Sanicare Travel Bidet


Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar


October 19, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Name: The Heene Family
SERVED: This past Thursday, the country was rocked as a giant jiffy pop bag floated across the Colorado sky, allegedly with a 6 year old boy, Falcon Heene, aboard. After a few hours, everyone was relieved when the Balloon Boy was discovered hiding in the attic of the garage. Suddenly, it seemed fishy. While appearing on CNN for an interview, little Falcon was posed the question about why didn't he come out from hiding when he heard his name called. His response? "You said we did this for a show" And so began the investigation into the hoax.

The Heene family had already appeared on the show Wife Swap twice, and had apparently been trying to shop around a show about their family for a while. Then Falcon puked twice on national television when he was posed questions about the incident. Suddenly, the Balloon Boy was under scrutiny, especially his insane family. And now it's official: the Balloon saga has been deemed a hoax. SERVED. The charges they could face are pretty big: conspiracy, deliquency of a minor, and making false reports (to name a few). And self-described "amateur scientist", the dad Richard Heene? Well the sheriff announced that Heen's "education level is only high school .. he may be nutty, but he's not a professor." HAHA- SERVED! For trying to dupe America, you Heenes get SERVED. But hey, you wanted to be famous.

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October 18, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: The Chipmunk Adventure

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This week, Balloon Boy mania has swept our nation- and today it will reign over Movie Scene Sunday. In the 1980's cartoon epic, The Chipmunk Adventure, a bunch of children chipmunks successfully navigate hot air balloons across in the world to find little dolls of themselves for the chance at a cash prize (not just appear to on Wife Swap twice and try to get a reality show). Little do those chipmunks know those little dolls are filled with cash and jewels- spoiler alert!

October 16, 2009

Reality Rundown: Put Diamonds on the Crotch and You're Home Free

The Amazing RaceThe Biggest LoserTop ChefSurvivorProject Runway

The Amazing Race - The race heads to Phnom Penh, Cambodia (no, not Sean Penn) and are on an even-playing field again, even when it seems some racers might not make the flight there. Upon arrival in Cambodia, the teams get a clue with a photo from "assignment editors" at the Foreign Correspondents Club; that photo has a picture of Jackie O, who half the teams think might be a Queen of Cambodia. Morons! The Detour is to find a scarf in a crowded marketplace or attempt to sell 4 helmets. Team Rage (Lance and Keri) are the only ones who do the helmets and of course they would- look how social they are! Zev and Justin take an early lead and are riding high, even when Zev breaks down while mimicing a monkey for the Roadblock. They are team #1 but uh-oh- they lost Zev's passports. The horrible Poker Players are last to arrive but end up safe again, because without passports, you can't race. Without passports, you can get SERVED.

The Biggest Loser - Temptation with a twist! Time to split into teams and one player will gain control of the game and select teams. Spin a giant wheel with silver platters and eat what's under the platter, with the goal of finding the "Choose Teams" golden ticket. The losers (and viewers) are all saying the same thing: anyone but Tracy. Well we're all screwed: Tracy gets the power on her first try. Frak.

Tracy chooses to be on the Blue team, hilariously reasoning that she has bonded with Bob (who is also bewildered by this statement) and brings her partner Coach Mo with her. She allows Orange team (Daniel and Shay) to stay together on the new Black team, but splits all the other pairs apart and stacks her team with stronger competitors. However, and no offense to Bob cause he's my favorite, but Bob has never trained the winner of TBL, so don't get too down Black!

In the first challenge, Black teams wins and gets videos from home- yawn! At the weigh-in, however, Black team overcomes the odds and wins the weigh in! Ding dong, the Witch is dead! But NO. That moron Coach Mo points out he is injured and had the lowest weight-loss so he tells him team to vote him off and they comply. What is with these people basically quitting the game? I guarantee Tracy will be around for a long time, at least until they play as individuals. Way to go Blue team. I think I need to eat a donut in frustration.

Top Chef - This week is all about food pairings, and what better way to display pairings than a Quickfire that involves pairing a product placement item (Alexia chips). Both of the brothers worked for the guest judge, Charlie Palmer, so try hard to prove their worth, but it's Eli who finally gets a win. But the pairings don't stop here! Pig and pinot is this week's theme: create a pork dish paired with a pinot noir. The top 4 are the same as usual (Kevin, Cutthroat Bitch, the Brothers), with Kevin, a self proclaimed pork master, winning again. Is he the most winning TC contestant yet? The bottom 3 are the clear 3 worst there: Robin, Ash, and Laurine. Laurine's dish was compared to cat food, Robin had hardly any pork in a pig challenge, and Ash sucked as usual. While all the cheftestants (and me) would love to see Robin finally go, it's Ash falling on the knife this week.

Survivor - No season is complete without a gross food challenge, so the reward challenge is to drink disgusting smoothies made from revolting guts, etc. and the 1st team to get 5 smoothies down vomit-free wins a BBQ. Ashley chokes for Foa Foa, and Galu regains their winner title. Galu's leader, other Russell, has to send a tribe member to Foa Foa and sends a pissed off Shambo, claiming it's because she lost a chicken and not because she's the old lady outsider with a mullet. Of course, he didn't consider sending the girl who lost them immunity last week, but whatevs.

Over at Foa Foa, Shambo decides to share her immunity idol clues and search, which puts Russell in a panic. Liz confronts Russell, saying she thinks he has the idol and he flips out at this "false accusation." Not all is well at Galu either: with all this steak to make, there's no fire and other Russell won't listen to Dave's advice (and seeing as Dave as the only person with fire skills, smart move). Russell finally caves and let's Dave successfully start a fire, showing me that is Dave goes home, Galu will freeze and starve.

Morale is down on both tribes pre-immunity challenge because it's been raining nonstop. Galu and their frighteningly pruny hands win yet again, and Foa Foa gets a chance to dry off at Tribal Council. Since no one can scramble for votes out in the rain, there's an uncomfortable chat in the shelter to try and decide who should go. The final decision is everyone should vote however they want, which seems split between Liz and Ashley. After a Tribal Council discussion on trust, Ashley gets her torch snuffed by the warm, rain-free fire. Next week: man/woman down!

Project Runway - Confession: growing up I had a large collection Barbie dolls and there were none more glamorous than the Bob Mackie dolls, so when I find out this week is a Bob Mackie challenge (no not that Mr. Mackey), I get pretty pumped because I am picturing headpieces, sequins, and fabulousness. Bob Mackie is the king of costume couture, so the challenge is to create an extravagant stage look for Christina Aguilera. Nicholas is ecstatic and meeting Bob Mackie has been a lifelong dream, and I love his little white dress that to me looks so Christina. The winner is surprisingly Carol Hannah, who struggled originally on the challenge; her black dress is a total showstopper. Gordana is lucky she has immunity because her hot mess would've totally gone home. Christopher is, as always, confident in how amazing his look is, but it's actually a horrible recycled version of 2001 Christina. He yet again survives elimination which frustrates me to no end. This week goes to show that 1 bad look and you are out: season front-runner Shirin and her awful black evening gown are eliminated, and yes I gasped.

October 12, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Name: Justin and Zev, The Amazing Race
SERVED: Justin and Zev has a fantastic leg in Cambodia on this week's Amazing Race. The two got a great cab driver who lead them through the confusing markets and streets, had to mimick being a monkey, and discussed karma. That successful leg led to Justin and Zev being team #1 this week! After the excitement settled down, they checked their bags: Zev's passport was gone. Host Phil gives them an ultimatum: retrace your steps and find your travel documents before the last team arrives, or they are eliminated from the race. Sadly, the passport was not found and the team riding high this week gets completely SERVED. There's no crappier way to lose The Amazing Race than misplacing your passport. Plus, now they're stranded in Cambodia until they can get Zev a new passport. Hey, maybe you can go drinking with your new cabbie friend. SERVED.

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Reality Rundown: You Wore Heels to Tribal Council- What Did You Expect?

The Amazing Race - The teams travel 2 hours to Ho Chi Minh City for the next leg of the race where they have to retrieve a clue from the coolest underwater dragon puppets ever. Seriously, I want to book a flight to Vietnam just to see these puppets. At the detour, the teams can choose between dragging a giant concrete animal around a park and collect balloons or solving a word puzzle with a Vietnamese word. Mostly everyone wisely picks child's play and try to pick lower, sturdier animals so that it won't fall and break. Zev/Justin stupidely pick a giraffe that they quickly smash to pieces. But the dumbest move is old couple Marcy/Ron who chose the word play detour and decide to try and figure out the word themselves, rather than get help from a local like the clue said. They kinda catch up at the Road Block to unassemble 2 VCR's, but alas not fast enough and they are Philiminated.

The Biggest Loser - The contestants are in for quite the shock this week when they enter the kitchen and see everything locked up. This week, all food must be ordered from take-out restaurants which proves to be very challenging for the losers. But perhaps not as challenging it is for some poor take-out restaurant having to listen to 13 ridiculously complex and annoying orders; so obviously the restaurant ignores most requests and gives it to them as is. Bob and Jillian take the losers out to a Mexican restaurant to show them eating out is ok as long as you are in control. So get your dressing on the side, kids!

In other news, Crazy Eyes Tracey is still injured and can't work out or really do anything physical whatsoever, Daniel wins immunity for the orange team, and the Pink team wins a year's supply of groceries. In what seems like the longest weigh-in and elimination ceremony ever, black team's sole member Julio and the Brown team (old lady Liz and Danny , the guy who my brother always thinks is Julio) are below the yellow line. The teams have a tough time deciding who to eliminate, but as I began to drift off from sheer exhaustion, Julio is voted out and he's no longer TBL (the Biggest Loser).

Top Chef - The Quickfire challenge is to spin a slot machine and create a meal based on the 3 words that the machine lands on. Kevin, who BWE has deemed Yukon Cornelius, wins yet again and since it's a high stakes Quickfire can choose between immunity or $15k. Considering he's by far the best chef there, he takes the money.

After a stressful Quickfire, Padma tells the contestants to go home and relax, because they'll be throwing a dinner party at the house for some special guests, which they quickly realize is an elimination challenge. The cheftestants draw knives to pair up, and each knife has the name of a respected chef that is part of the Macy's Culinary Council (product placement!) That chef has compiled a bag of ingredients and the pairs must create a dish with those items. Kevin and Cutthroat Bitch Jen (who worried me when she was sick in the morning) win the challenge, with CB taking home the top prize of $10k at Macy's. For the 1st time, Brother Michael is in the bottom, which scares everyone and proves no one is invincible. Eli and Ashley make a very heavy, salty and undercooked gnocci and prawn dish, and Ashley takes most responsibility for the failure so she's sent packing to her restaurant, and not a life catering weddings.

Survivor - For the reward challenge this week, each tribe leader has to pick 2 people to bring along with him. When they arrive, they're standing in a big white circle with a crate of chickens on one side and a treasure chest on the other, and no Jeff Probst. After some consideration, they all decide to just grab the chickens, but it turns out the treasure chest has instructions for playing the game. It's Bocce ball, winner gets the chickens. While it seems like evil Russell finally has scored Foa Foa a win, Dave from Galu gets the win. Did I mention I think Dave is a dead ringer for Jeffrey from Next Food Network Star?

At Galu camp, Shambo weirds out her tribe with her chicken talk, then loses a chicken. Yasmin is lazy and does no work. Shambo stupidly tells tribemate Erik clues about where the immunity idol is, saying it can't hurt her. DUH. Sure enough, while everyone is away from camp, Erik finds the idol! What he doesn't know? John was fake sleeping and saw the whole thing. At Foa Foa, Jaison confides in evil Russell that maybe he regrets coming, which is the dumbest move ever since Russell always flies off the handle at comments. Russell decides to make a final 2 deal with Natalie, saying he can then beat her in the jury by saying she rode his coattails.

The immunity challenge is stack blocks, make their way to another set of blocks via a rope bridge, and stack another set of blocks. Galu takes the early lead, but Monica blows it. It's neck-and-neck with the final block stacking, but Foa Foa finally wins a challenge and is safe. Galu finally has to begin sccheming, which is a decision between unathletic Monica and lazy but athletic Yasmin. Leader Russell wants Monica gone, but his most of his tribe is against that. Yasmin makes the wise choice of wearing heels to Tribal Council, which is nice since she looks very stylish leaving the game of Survivor.

Project Runway - This week the designs will be overhauling a bunch of divorcees wedding gowns into new looks they can wear out. Hey, there is no better conversation started on a first date than, "Oh you like my dress? Yes, it's my old wedding dress." Shirin's client is delusional, wanting a Cher-esque dress with headdress, etc. She has a breakdown, gets some love from Tim, and turns out this fantastic dress with embroidery. Gordana finally shows she's not just a seamstress with a beautiful dress this week and she wins the challenge. Despite my complete loathing of Christopher's silver space bubble dress, the bottom 2 designers have dresses that remind Heidi of her native Oktoberfest. Logan makes a poorly fitting pants ensemble, and Epperson in a dull dress that used too much wedding dress (after originally he had no wedding dress). And with that, the soothing voice of Epperson is out.

October 11, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Center Stage

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This Friday, I went to the wedding of one of my favorite people in the world: my freshman roommate Casey. And I was thinking about the good ole' days at WVU which usually involved eating DP Dough and watching Survivor or listening to the 90210 soundtrack and Monifah's "Touch It" until the late night. While we watched a lot of movies, there was one movie in particular we might've watched 50 times that year: Center Stage. Ballet to Michael Jackson? That was unheard of in 2002! There was no SYTYCD yet! And one time I put an image of the lead character Cooper Nielsen as Casey's desktop background- she clearly loved it. Congratulations Casey and Pat on your wedding, and when you're back from your fabulous honeymoon, I hope you enjoy this super sexy dancing scene from Center Stage which of course shows the magic of Cooper Nielsen.

October 6, 2009

Detectives for Douchebags: The Ed Hardy Boyz

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It's no secret that I loathe Ed Hardy clothing and might call Christian Audigier "Damien" aka the son of Satan. Needless to say, I find this new mystery series, starring comedian Nick Kroll, pretty hilarious. If you like douchebags, detectives, free vodka bottle service, and of course hideously tacky Ed Hardy gear, well then rhinestone up for The Ed Hardy Boyz.

October 5, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Name: Jon Gosselin
SERVED: For the first time ever, someone is getting a second helping of SERVING. If you live in a cave, you might not have heard the "breaking news" this week: Jon got fired from his show. SERVED! TLC decided the ex-hit TV series is more about Kate's journey now so TLC axed Jon and plans to change the title of the show to Kate Plus 8, praying this cash cow of a show can still live on. Jon fired back in anger and kicked TLC off his property, saying he requested filming being shut down before this announcement. TLC gave another F-U to Jon and pointed out Jon wanted to shut down the show because he was asking for money and a custom motorcycle made for him for being on the show. Oh and at the same time Jon complained about the well-being of his children being on TV, he's been partying away in LA. For someone for hates fame so much, why be such a famewhore and party it up LA? You're a hypocrite Jon- and you're getting SERVED... AGAIN!

Name: Kate Gosselin
SERVED: Remember one paragraph ago when I told you TLC said buh-bye to Jon? Well Jon wasn't taking it lightly. He proceeded to put a sign up on the property kicking TLC to the curb and suspending filming of his kids. Kate's income- SERVED! And since Kate is the one who has kept the show going, she gets to look like a villain. Oh and it gets better, Jon then decided to really SERVE Kate and went into their joint bank account and emptied the account! He took out $200k (that's a lot of Ed Hardy shirts) and left Kate with a measely $1k. Ouch- SERVED again! Why won't the Gosselins just go away? It's great that even when it was announced Jon would be off the show and it would be about Kate, everyone was still praying Kate and her bitchiness would go away. Do us a favor Kate: take the $1k left in your bank account, invest it in paying for the therapy you're kids are going to have to endure because you and your husband sold out your lives for money. SERVED.

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Thanks for J'Wynn for the SERVING advice this week!

October 4, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Troop Beverly Hills

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Best Week Ever tipped me off that this week is the 20th anniversary of a film that impacted me greatly as a child: Troop Beverly Hills. I was already in Girl Scouts but somehow seeing the Wilderness Girls in this movie made scouting seem so much cooler, but maybe it's because they camped in hotels and had badges for identifying karat weight of diamonds. If you are looking for a movie featuring a who's-who of young late-80's Hollywood (and Cheech Marin!), extreme fashionistas, the hottest dance craze since the African Anteater Ritual, and the most successful cookie fundraiser of all time, then please view the clip below, then run to your local Blockbuster and rent Troop Beverly Hills.

October 2, 2009

Reality Rundown: I Think I Just Blue Myself

New! The Amazing Race - The race is back and thanks to football, started 15 minutes late so my DVR missed it. Apparently they started with 12 teams and 1 team won't make it past the starting line, and that team is the married yoga instructors. Sadly, I won't be able to see that dude's sad American Indian chief tattoo each week.

The teams head to Japan, where they're thrown into a Japanese game show, "Sushi Roulette." The goal is to land on a giant Wasabi Bomb- eat that, then move on. The teams then have to lead 20 Japanese people to the pit stop. Dating couple Meghan and Cheyne (no they are not lesbians. Cheyne is a dude and it's pronounced "Shane"- sigh) are the 1st to check in and win a trip. The 2 lady poker players, who decide to lie about their careers in a game that is totally non-social and thus lies are unnecessary, lose 2 people in the Japanese traffic and decide "To hell with them!" and are the last team to check in. Lucky for them, it's a non-elimination leg (but they go get a 2 hour penalty for losing people).

In the 2nd hour, everyone flies to Vietnam, where the poker players true identities are discovered and they try to befriend the secret gay brothers. The dull task is to collect mud to cover up a tree trunk; except for slipping, it's a snooze. The Road Block makes 1 teammate herd a pen of ducks across a bridge back into their pen in 10 minutes. For many, this is an epic failure; Asperger Zev, however, is deemed "the duck whisperer" for his fantastic skills. Dating couple Garrett and Jessica are the 2nd team eliminated from The Amazing Race. And now, my 1st impression picks:

Favorites: Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy, Father/Son Gary & Matt, Married couple Brian & Ericka. Please get eliminated soon: Poker players Maria & Tiffany, Married Massholes Lance & Keri.

The Biggest Loser - Two weeks ago, purple team member Tracy was confined to a hospital bed, humbled by the poor shape she allowed herself to be in. This week? Forgetaboutit. Tracy and her crazy eyes went nuts this week. She made the choice to take a 2lb advantage at the weigh-in, in exchange for giving up Bob & Jillian for the week; oh, and her partner had to give it up too! Poor lovable Coach Mo got screwed. And when a cupcake eating temptation allowed someone to gain control of the game, Crazy Eyes decided she liked winning and indulged herself with 4 cupcakes for victory. Needless to say, Jillian went apeshit on her and it was a delight to watch.

This week, only 1 member of each pair will weigh in and that person's percentage will be the sole determination in who goes home. 1 team goes home (rather than 1 person). Crazy Eye's prize for eating the most cupcakes is she gets to select which teammate weighs in for all the teams. Instead of taking the high road, Crazy Eyes plays the strategy angle and backstabs everyone she made deals with, including the in-dire-need of this show Shay. Orange (Shay/Daniel) and Red (Antoine/Sean) fall below the yellow line, and the Red team falls on their sword, knowing they have the proper support system at home to help them continue their weight-loss.

Survivor - Despite last week's shit show where violence ensued, the challenge again involves tackling people but this time in water (and of course, a puzzle). Galu continues their winning streak, but finally a few minor tuffs. Russell S opted to choose the comfort luxury item for his tribe to please the women, and Shambo doesn't like the "90210" kids doing yoga at camp instead of working. Lucky for Shambo, she is the representative from her team to live at Foa Foa for a few days, which she loves.

Foa Foa continues to be the trainwreck that it is, with Jaison finally speaking up about Ben's racial comments and wanting Ben out no matter what. A-hole Russell wants to keep Ben around, so he and Ben try to team up to take out weakling Ashley- but he's so sneaky, no one suspects him. Russell is such an a-hole, yet so good at the game. Damn. To try and rally support, he even shows the immunity idol to Mick, but this is all moot. At tribal council, everyone finally realizes the plague that is Ben and becomes the 3rd Survivor voted off the island.

Project Runway - The designers are working in pairs this week to create 2 looks in blue for INC International Concepts for Macy's. All I am hoping for is a model to be painted blue and wear cutoffs like a certain fashion icon. Everyone pairs up kinda well, except Irina and Gordana who aren't having much meeting of the minds. Oh and Nicholas is thankful he has immunity, because he hates his partner Louise's designs. Ruffles? Gross. Personally, I didn't care for most designs this week. Irina wins the challenge, created a nice dress for flat-chested women and apparently this other look was sophisticated (I thought cheap). Christopher cries like a little boy who dropped his ice cream cone on the sidewalk when placed in the bottom 2 for a cheap looking top and a poorly done shirt dress, but alas, weeks of crappy design work finally sends Louise home.