January 14, 2010

Battle of the American Idol Original Song

1/14/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served 1 comment
Every season, some people decide that another artist's music can't express their true musicality and decides to audition with their own original piece. Most are horrible, but sometimes a catchy gem slips through. Perhaps it's because these original pieces are written by people way over the age cutoff for Idol; though good songwriting surely comes with age.

Last night in the Atlanta auditions for season 9 of American Idol, 62 year old Larry Pratt became an instant sensation with his song, "Pants on the Ground." I love this catchy song, yet it brings me back to fond memories of Renaldo Lapuz's "I Am Your Brother" from season 7 (also way over the age limit). I am now posing to you, my blogging public, one of the greatest questions of all time: which song is better? Below, videoclips for you to regale. Vote now in the comments!

"Pants on the Ground" by Larry Pratt

"I Am Your Brother" by Renaldo Lapuz


Unknown said...

I think Pants on the Ground won this one.