January 10, 2010

Movie Scene Sunday: Boogie Nights

1/10/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served No comments
I've done a Boogie Nights scene in the past that was tense, but now let me share with you some joy: the Boogie Nights pool party. If you want to know a scene I quote all the time and dream of re-enacting, look no further than the introduction of Eddie Adams (soon to be Dirk Diggler) to Reid Rothchild. I once received a voicemail with a college friend just reciting this whole scene as a message and it was the best message I've ever received. And I think it's a bonding experience for me to share it with you. Now after you watch the clip, let's answer at the same time how much we bench. 1-2-3... you didn't say!

Make sure you stick around til the end for Reid's amazing bee poem and the official naming of Dirk Diggler.

Warning: Contains nudity and sexual content!