January 29, 2010

Reality Rundown: Bada Ping!

The BachelorThe Biggest LoserProject Runway

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love - Jake sends all the ladies into RVs for a road/camping trip to Pismo Beach. Gia, the swimsuit model with the voice of Meredith Grey, gets the solo date with Jake, where they eat campfire food and look at the stars. Gia acts so amazed at seeing stars because you apparently never see this in New York City. Sorry, you can't see the stars and sky in NYC? Are you crazy girl? But the date is really romantic and Gia gets a rose.

The group date is the usual shitshow of "Look at me, Jake!" moments. They go dune buggying and sand surfing, which is pretty cool. After a day of activity, the 6 girls and Jake go to a hotel with a bunch of themed suites to have private chats. Spoiled brat Vienna requests her alone time be last (so she can be the last one to kiss him and get the rose), so the other girls get furious. Luckily, Vienna's plan backfires- adorable Tenley the divorcee gets the rose.

Ella and Kathryn are the girls going on the dreaded 2-on-1 Thunderdome date where only one will stay. Jake explains to Ella that if he doesn't feel a connection with her, he'd send her home Ella & Kathryn get cut from The Bachelorso she could be with her son, but they seem to be clicking. Kathryn feels totally blown off by Jake, but then talk and it seems OK. While briefly almost pulling a Mesnick outside of a cabin, Jake tells Ella he's not feeling it. Kathryn should breathe a sigh of relief- oh wait, Jake dumps her too! Double served! The girls are completely shocked while Jake does the oh-so corny move of dropping the rose into the campfire.

At the rose ceremony, Jake wants to take shots (cue music) which really means sips of champagne. All the girls think the jig with Vienna is up and she's sure to go (so of course, she's going to stay). Some random chick Jessie (sans the Rippers) tells Jake about Vienna's spoiled behavior, like how she constantly crashes cars and her daddy bails her out. Vienna urges Jake to base his decision on them together and not hearsay Jessie and Ashleigh get cut from the Bachelorfrom the girls. Good point, but she's still a bratty Haley Duff lookalike. While handing out roses, Jake has to take a break to have a mini-meltdown, where the producer tells him to get some advice from the wise sage, Chris Harrison. Jake has 2 roses left to hand out with 3 girls left, but he only wants to give 1 rose out. He cuts Jessie and Ashleigh (aka "Who??") and gives Vienna his last rose. 4 ladies cut in a matter of 48 hours! Dude ain't playin' around!

The Biggest Loser - For the first time, the pop challenge winner will get immunity so the teams have to retrieve hotel room key cards or something and scan them- first team to get 3 keys that work wins. This goes on for over 10 minutes of screentime and it's torture. Considering this show is about slimming down it could take its own advice and make it only an hour long. The Red Team wins again, which means Melissa will throw the weigh-in... again. The other twist is that Red has hand out to penalties to 3 teams: no access to gym (Brown, since he can't use the gym anyways- he uses the pool), no elimination vote (White, because he might be bitter from last week's vote), and 2lb disadvantage (Green, and they get pissy as they always do). Red and Bob/Jillian fight over the alleged weigh-in throwing for about 20 minutes and Red eventually decides to get over it because they need both trainers.

Using some science that I actually know (pulleys!), the first team to pull themselves to the top of some crane thingies wins a phone call home for themselves and 3 other teams. Gray wins and gives the other calls to Red, Green, and Brown. Later, Bob takes the losers to lunch at Subway, then makes them run home to the ranch followed by weights and wheelbarrow fun with Jillian. Torture is fun!

At the weigh-in, the immune Red team Melissa loses 11lbs, likely proving that she's been gameplaying for the past 2 weeks. Green team gets on the scale and only loses 5lbs, not counting the 2lb advantage so they get pissy at Red, even though the disadvantage didn't matter. Even Jillian is over these bad attitudes. Migdalia, the daughter, demands everyone send her home to be with her husband and kids and gets angry again. God, send them both home. Green team needs to diet on some fruit other than sour grapes. Red votes for Miggy the mom cause she's such an angry person, and while it starts to look like the votes will get rid of Miggy, they majority of the teams respect Migdalia's hostile demands and send her home.

Project Runway - The designers visit Tim at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and see all sorts of couture looks from some of the greatest design legends. The challenge is to pair up and create a signature look. While I could announce the pairs, I think we only care about one person: Ping. Ping is a team leader and selects Jesse as her partner; he's not happy. After buying fabric with a $500 budget and getting work done, Tim enters the workroom to announce another twist: they'll need to create a $50 look for less based on another team's design.

The top 2 teams are Jay and Maya, who make a really elegant couture dress along with a look for less that's better than the original (despite Jay's lack of work due to immunity) and Mila and Jonathan's modern yet classic pantsuit, but look for less babydoll dress failure. Mila's pantsuit deems her this week's challenge winner and grants her immunity next week. The bottom 2 are Ping and Jesse (shocker!) with a dress that literally has to be held up by the model and a poorly done look for less, and Anthony and Seth Aaron with an old-fashioned costumey ballgown and an old, thrown together lace dress. With the hilarious Anthony possibly on the chopping block I fear my worst nightmare of more Ping torture is coming true, but PR finally came through and gave Ping the heave ho. What a relief because I really thought she'd be around forever.


Real Blogger said...

Oh man: "Jessie (sans the Rippers"
That's a quality Full House reference if I've seen one.

I liked Jake booting four girls out in one episode, except he kept Vienna. She must be good in bed or something, because why else would he keep someone around who everyone has said is a terrible person?
I kinda liked Gia in this ep, even though you know he won't do the wise thing and keep her around, because she's A) not blond B) too mature.