January 4, 2010

Reality Rundown: You're Excluded From Ravioli Night

1/04/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments

Jersey Shore - Snooki has been knocked down to the ground and her assaulter immediately gets snatched up by the cops. Vinny and Ronnie are furious and go after the guy's friends. The Situation takes a different approach: trying to convince a girl to go home with him. Classy! The roommates notice The Situation's skeezy ways and aren't too fond of him. Also not too fond of The Situation? The women of Seaside Heights. The guys bring some girls over knowing it will take some time with these girls because as Pauly D says, "they aren't whores." The Situation takes an actual interest in a girl, but she hesitates because the women are talking about "The Problem and The Situation" aka Pauly D and Mike, who are trying to hook-up with every girl in town. Their only reaction is to laugh with pride. Again, classy. And The Situation gets stood up; it's pretty hilarious to watch.

The day after the incident, Snooki's got a swollen lip that won't even allow her to drink her sorrows away. The girls go pamper themselves with more tanning and fake nails while The Situation prepares a house dinner to show Snooki how much they care about her (too bad Snooki can't chew any of it and doesn't like lobster murder). When the girls return and refuses to help, Sitch throws another hissy fit and refuses to clean up. Sammi calls him out for being a jerk, so The Situation vows to exclude Sammi from all future meals: no more surf & turf night, ravioli night, or chicken cutlet night. This could be devastating.

Ronnie's parents and little brother come to visit and Ronnie wants Sammi "Sweetheart" to meet them because he sees this relationship lasting past the Shore. She takes ages to get ready which pisses of Ronnie's mom who'd rather be tanning. Sammi finally gets ready and Ronnie, his family, Sammi, and Vinny (random) spend the day playing carnival games on the boardwalk. Mama Ronnie takes a liking to Sammi, which is good news; the roommates, however, are over the relationship. The guys would rather see Ronnie partying with them rather than smushing Sammi. The gang gets to go party on a boat at F Lake, the Lake Havasu of Jersey. While everyone else grinds with strangers, Ronnie and Sammi stay on the boat alone, that is until Ronnie wants to leave. He wants to leave so badly that he decides to throw Snooki into the water. Because nothing says, "time to go!" to a girl just punched in the face by a man than throwing her into a lake.

In drunken bar escapades, a bunch of locals call JWoww and Snookie fat, so JWoww defends her friend by throwing a drink at the girl and beating the shit out her; lots of weave pulling! Her boyfriend also sends her blue roses, despite ya know, her cheating on him like 4 days ago. Pauly D finally shows his worth by getting to DJ at a club; everyone dances like lunatics. And finally in "Wait, Vinny is still on this show news?" he hooks up with a cougar at the club and takes her home but she keeps babbling about some dude Danny she is dating. Who's Danny? Their boss/landlord. Oh Vinny's about to get SERVED an eviction notice.