January 11, 2010

Serving of the Week

1/11/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served No comments

Name: Kate Gosselin
SERVED: With the new year beginning, it's time for new beginnings. People head to the gym, cut back on cupcakes, or put down the cigarettes. If you're Kate Gosselin, you go out of your way to announce you're starting over by getting on the cover of People magazine. I'm sure America saw the "I'm starting over!" cover and said, "Who gives a rat's ass?"

But I guess "starting over" simply means getting rid of your hideous hairstyle, which as ugly as it is, is basically her brand. It's iconic! That's the "Kate Gosselin." Kate has traded in the reverse mullet for long, fake extensions. I don't want to be ageist, but this is a hairstyle for a 25 year old, not a 35 year old. You're just asking for those kids to yank on your hair. Of course in true Kate Gosselin fashion, she didn't pay for them; she got them for free. Kate, you're such a famewhore that's desperate for attention from anyone else but your family. For that you are SERVED.

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