January 25, 2010

Serving of the Week

1/25/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments

Name: Michelle, The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love
SERVED: Michelle has been dubbed this season's resident crazy on The Bachelor. She's a mere 25 yet desperate to be married and immediately have kids, and apparently believes Jake is the one for her. Her desperation for attention was grating to the viewers, constantly whining and crying in the most pathetic fashion.

All Michelle wanted was a kiss and then Jake would know she's the one for him: so Jake unwillingly complied and it was bad. It was awkward to watch and even Michelle knew it sucked. She complained about the kiss, comparing it to kissing his grandmother. Michelle then decided maybe she should leave, that it wasn't working out. But if Jake wanted her to stay, she totally would. As you watch her make this ultimatum, you can see in her face this confidence like, "Jake knows I'm his soulmate- he'll never let me go! He'll sweep me off my feet!" Jake's response, "I think it'd be best if you leave." SERVED!!! So awesome. For once, I liked Jake and thought he had a real backbone. Michelle gets escorted out heartbroken, but we the viewers get a good laugh in. Sorry Michelle, I hope true love finds you but until then you got SERVED by the dullest Bachelor ever.

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