February 28, 2010

Movie Scene Sunday: Best in Show

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Best in Show is one of the movies that I will sit and watch the whole thing if I see it on. This movie is the perfect flick for Movie Scene Sundays and while I always catch myself singing, "God Loves a Terrier," I decided to try to find a clip that wasn't based on a musical number: cue the May/December romance of Jennifer Coolidge and her old-man husband. I'll let her explain their love, but I think this sums it up best, "We could not talk or talk forever... and still find things to not talk about."

February 26, 2010

Reality Rundown: See You in Loser's Lodge

The Amazing RaceThe Bachelor: On the Wings of LoveSurvivor: Heroes vs. Villains

The Amazing Race - The teams spend a day traveling via different buses to Puerta Varas, Chile. The Cowboys, Team Big Brother, and Miss Teen USA take a different bus that arrives earlier than the others, but only the Cowboys catch their connection. It doesn't matter though since the next clue doesn't start until 7am and teams catch up quickly. The Detour is to dress a hostile llama in a scarf and blanket or dress like a condor and jump out to a buoy. It's fun to see llamas spit it people's faces.

The Roadblock is to retrieve a bunch of ingredients to make a dessert common amongst the German population that resides in Chile. Due to her lack of intelligence, Jeff takes the Roadblock since Jordan in no way could figure out how many eggs are in a baker's dozen. Grandma/Granddaughter are way behind but are able to catch up quite a bit (despite being kicked in the face by a cow) due to the detectives and brothers lack of directional skills. The Cowboys shock us all, checking in as team #1; not as dumb as I thought they'd be! To no one's surprise, Grandma/Granddaugher are eliminated and while their nice folks, they really didn't seem to have the competitive drive this race needs.

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love - I hate these stupid reunion shows and would prefer not to cover them, but I know people are clamoring to read about the "hilarious" outtakes and post-show drama. This episode was as exciting as I thought it would be. No wonder why I had to actually force myself to watch this episode, saying to myself "But the readers want to know!" So you better have read every bit of this Tell All torture recap.

If you think this Women Tell All special was meant to be anything but an all-out bashing of Rozlyn, you're mistaken. Despite this being at the end, let's tackle this first. All the girls bash Rozlyn, swearing on their dog's lives (because that's much more valuable than Roz swearing on her son's life) that they saw Rozlyn and the producer making out in the house, etc. Listen, do I think Rozlyn and the producer formed a strong friendship that one shouldn't have with a crewmember? Yes. Do I think this girl had an openly PDA-filled relationship with the producer? No. This is a huge scandal cooked up by the show. The girls who came forward now claiming to have seen it all were the same girls who 3 weeks ago told reporters they saw nothing and it was all rumors. It's BS concocted for ratings. Rozlyn puts Chris Harrison in his place, even accusing him of hitting on the producer's ex-wife. HA! This is just too much. I'm tired of talking about this and if you want an extensive recap, try Television Without Pity, cause I'm over covering this crap. If you want the truth about the Rozlyn scandal, listen to this 2 hour interview with Reality Steve who gets down to the nitty gritty with Rozlyn.

What else happened at the reunion: recapping the whole season very boringly for like 15 minutes. Then we see the usual footage of ex-Bachelors and Bachelorettes hooking up with each other, and then doing charity work because of course the kids of America are clamoring for a helping hand from people skanking it up on reality TV. If you watched this segment and didn't realize it's an obvious set-up for the announced Bachelor Pad, a blatant I Love Money/Real World/Road Rules Challenge rip-off, then you're blind. The girls all dish on each other, saying Tenley is straight out of a Disney movie, Michelle isn't crazy, and Ashleigh fake-tripped to get Jake's attention. Gia gets some solo-time and realizes she should've verbalized her feelings and knows that was her downfall. Ali thought Jake would want her back when she called and threw herself into work for fear of a broken heart. Jake gets the least screen time, probably because he's so boring, but confirms he's happy with the decision he made in the end. Next week: does Jake pick the Ginger or the Mary Ann?

Survivor - Tom and Colby worry about their status on the team, but Rupert is hoping for a rainy day in the shelter to force everyone into some team-morale-building games and bonding time. Well it doesn't rain, but the men bond while chasing after chickens. Candice also decides to play the game and approaches JT for a possible alliance; he decides to use this to place seeds of doubt with Cirie, telling Cirie that Candice says she can't be trusted. Candice goes a little nutty when Cirie tells her this and starts confronting everyone. Luckily this doesn't throw off the Heroes, because at the Immunity Challenge the Heroes demolish the villains in a Survivor version of American Gladiators joust. And in fun news, they also won luxury items from home- I hope people brought fun stuff and not lame photo albums.

Boston Rob wisely interviews that the way to know alliances is who you sleep next to at night cause chances are you aren't spooning with the enemy. The obvious alliances are Parvati/Russell and Jerri/Coach, and everyone knows Parvati needs to go cause she's adorable and has a charm that entrances everyone. Coach and B-Rob try to convince Russell that Parv has to go and no one tries to boss around Russell. Once Russell sees those 2 trying to be leader he decides to take control by hiding their only machete in the woods so they can't cut, start fire, etc. His next target: Boston Rob's Red Sox hat. Nooooo! Russell is a Houston Astros fan and I didn't think they had any fans except the Bad News Bears.

After losing Immunity, the Villains prepare for their first Tribal Council with a decision to make. Vote off the weakest player with no bonds (Randy) or take out a strong manipulator with 3 possible alliance members on the Heroes tribe (Parvati). Jerri wants to punch Parv in the face, Parv thinks Jerri is a fake, and Randy forewarns Coach of the trouble they'll have if Parvati sticks around. Coach vows on the words of Martin Luther King Jr. to try and keep hope alive for Randy in this game, but it's pointless and Randy is the unanimous vote at Tribal. Knowing his torch-snuffing was inevitable and that no one would write down Parvati's name, Randy casts a vote in Boston Rob's direction to cause a little grief. Right now, Parvati's #1 fan, my Twitter bud @jacobjunior7, is breathing a huge sigh of relief.

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February 23, 2010

Small Servings

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February 22, 2010

Serving of the Week

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Name: Lindsay Jacobellis, US Snowboarder
SERVED: At the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin, Lindsay Jacobellis became famous for losing the gold medal by showboating at the end of the race. She fought her way onto the 2010 Olympic team, hoping to prove that she could get the gold and be a champion. Well sucks for Lindsay because in her semi-final heat, Lindsay went out of bounds right after the heat began and got disqualified, thus shutting out her Olympic dream. SERVED! Looks like karma still isn't over her showboating in Italy and SERVED her hard!

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February 21, 2010

Movie Scene Sunday: Hot Dog... The Movie

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The Winter Olympics have been going full-steam this week with some intense competition. The one sport that seems to be completely fillng up all air time is skiing. I can stay interested in skiing for maybe 15 minutes tops before I'm ready for a snooze. I think if the Olympics had a ski ballet event like in Hot Dog... The Movie I'd watch every second of it.

February 19, 2010

Reality Rundown: Heroes or A-Holes?

New! The Amazing RaceThe Bachelor: On the Wings of Love
SurvivorProject Runway

New! The Amazing Race - Are you ready to race? A new batch of racers meet in Los Angeles to begin their million dollar trek around the globe. The teams are the usual married couple, dating couple (it's Big Brother houseguests Jordan & Jeff), Cowboys, Lesbians, Stupid Miss Teen USA and her boyfriend, Grandmother/Granddaughter, and some others. First task: get to LAX for a flight to Chile via pubic transportation. The first 3 teams will get on a flight an hour before the others. The teams all access different modes, like bus and subway, but it's the first bus folks that get on flight #1 (though Jordan originally tries to get a flight to China). However, their flight has mechanical issues so everyone gets on the same flight.

Upon arrival in Chile, the teams board buses to Valpairaso for their next clue. The Cowboys have a bit of trouble paying for their tickets since they stupidly exchanged all their US currency to Brazilian money, since they didn't have Chilean tender. The Roadblock is to traverse a high wire over the town to the next clue and while there's a few shaky legs, most get the job done. The next clue instructs teams to take the funicular for their next clue (lots of clues!) Post-funicular, the detour is to grab a can of paint and finish up a section of a house part of a beautification project. The houses are hard to find, but most take their time and find their way. Bloopers here: the father/daughter teams mistakenly paints the inside of a random home, the brothers lose a paint brush (15 minute penalty).

Jordan and Jeff are team #1 (kinda surprising) and win a trip to Vancouver to try the skeleton run at Whistler- poor timing on that one, Amazing Race! Miss Teen USA and her b/f have a 30 minute penalty because they didn't take the funicular, but they shouldn't panic cause some teams are far behind. By some teams, I really just mean the husband/wife team where the overweight husband with a fear of heights thinks he'd be good at this: he's not. He falls twice and can't complete the task. They pray it's a non-elimination (in the 1st leg? Get real!) but Phil comes out to the Roadblock to Philiminate them from the race.

The Bachelor - Off to St. Lucia for fantasy suites and professions of love. Gia's first up where her and Jake frolic with "the natives," which includes Jake's amazing dance moves and by that I mean awk-waaard! Jake buys Gia a bracelet which she vows to wear forever (or til the end of this episode). They make out at the beach, have dinner on the beach, and cuddle in a conveniently located next to dinner hammock. Of course Gia accepts the Chris Harrison Fantasy Suite card where they smooch in a bathtub. By the way, isn't it creepy that Chris Harrison offers them a room to get it on together?

Tenley is date #2 and they take a helicopter ride to a remote area that looks like The Orchid Station for a picnic. In case you haven't heard, Tenley is divorced and never did stuff like this with her ex. We get it Tenley, your ex was a bum! Anyways, she's really smitten for Jake and he seems to like her back. They have a romantic dinner, dance (much better than his creepy street grinding), and have a romantic pool kissing session at the Fantasy Suites.

Vienna is last (and least in our minds, but not Jake's) and they basically spend the entire day drinking and dry-humping on a pirate ship used in Pirates of the Caribbean. Methinks the captain of that ship would need a big bottle of rum to tolerate all that PDA. I can't stand Vienna, but I can see why Jake might like her since she makes him act like a kid, and he's usually an uptight bore. At their private dinner, Jake talks about the kind of ring he should get her, and then Vienna admits she's in love with Jake. They head to their Fantasy Suites where Vienna slips on lingerie and closes the doors- ooooh.

While finally getting some alone time, Jake receives a "surprise" phone call from Ali who regrets her decision and wants to come back. It's as drawn out at last week's departure conversation, except this time it's so apparently fake and set-up that it's annoying. Ali laments that she'll regret this choice forever and will never find another guy like Jake. If that's not the most slap-you-in-the-face "I'm the next Bachelorette" foreshadowing, then I'll be a monkey's aunt.

The rose ceremony is elaborately decorated with tropical flowers and in terms of best dressed, Tenley looks adorable. Gia is glittery and Vienna... easy target. Anyways, Jake sends an extremely sweaty Gia packing (a girl that hot? He had to hit it and quit it) and while she understands and respects his choice, in her SUV ride away (no limo!) she is sad she's lost Jake. Next week: the women tell all! 2 weeks: finale!

Survivor - The Villains are in living hell with the rain and their crappy shelter. Boston Rob is the only one who seems to want to work, so much so that he dehydrates to the point of passing out. Luckily, medical and Probst deem him OK to play and Rob has a moment of clarity: no more Mr. Nice Guy. This works out great at the immunity challenge, which is to roll giant crates and stack them to spell their tribe's name. Rob takes the leadership role and calls the shots to a victory. And they win the necessities for a nice shelter- Rob's the hero! Of course Russell is threatened to catches a chicken to prove he can hang with the Rob-dawg.

The Heroes start the episode as a happy love fest, but with a breakdown in team communication at the immunity challenge, all is not well. James flips out on Stephenie, blaming her talking for their loss. Stephenie knows she's in trouble so her alliance (Tom and Colby) try to recruit Candice and Cirie to be their swing vote to vote out Amanda. This week the tribe will officially split in half and the drama will really begin. James is a total douche at Tribal Council and if it weren't for his Hulk strength he'd be out. The votes are cast and it appears Candice and Cirie chose a side: Stephenie is voted out 6-3.

Project Runway - Heidi struts onto the runway to announce the designers will have new models that are attractive little people. No, not the Roloffs- it's kids! Most designers are ready for the challenge, except Jonathan who fears children. Jonathan also does a deadpan impression of Michael Kors judging his dress: "She looks like a 7 year old waitress at Benihana!" "It's as if Memoirs of a Geisha meets Barney!" When Tim Gunn still hasn't visited for his usual consults, the designers know a twist is coming. The twist? Make an adult look to compliment the kids look.

Runway Show! I'm in complete shock that Emilio didn't make the bottom 3 because his kid's dress looked straight off Juniper Creek on Big Love. Jesse comes out of the woodwork to make an adorable Madeline inspired wool coat and dress. Jay makes a pair of purple outfits that are really sophisticated. Seth Aaron makes an adorable kid's houndstooth hooded vest then a really tailored jacket- he's the winner and I think he should really consider the kids wear market. As for the bottom 3, we have Janeane whose kid's outfit was plain, simple, and something you could find in a cheap mall store. Jonathan's dresses are just too out-there and his kid model is uncomfortable in her bolero. Amy, one of the best, really fails this week with an ugly color palette and clown pants. But it's Janeane who is auf'd, and it's no surprise since she got a lot of screen-time this week.

February 16, 2010

Small Servings

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February 15, 2010

Serving of the Week

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Name: The Korean Short Track Speed Skaters
SERVED: On Saturday night, it was a big night for Apollo Ohno. He was one medal away from tieing the record for most medals at the Winter Olympics. He easily won his first qualifier and was very close in the second, but it seemed like a forgone conclusion that Apollo would medal in the 1500. In the finals, at the 2nd to last lap, all 3 Koreans suddenly passed Apollo and it looked like a sweep by Korea and an Apollo-loss, until 2 Koreans took each other out, allowing Apollo and fellow American Short Tracker JR Celski skated into silver and bronze. SERVED! At any other qualifier, they would've moved on, but in the finals? Tough luck. These two speedskaters totally got SERVED!

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February 14, 2010

Movie Scene Sunday: Cool Runnings

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It's Olympic time folks! Bundle up, grab some hot cocoa, and get acquainted with the world's best winter athletes. Instead of giving you a lame Valentine's Day clip, I'm going with a Winter Olympics classic: Cool Runnings! Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, it's bobsled time!

February 12, 2010

Reality Rundown: Please Don't Gimme Some Sugar

The BachelorThe Biggest LoserProject RunwayNew! Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love - It's hometown date week so be prepared for awkward questions, professions of love (from the girls), and reuniting by jumping on Jake like a monkey. First Jake visits Gia in New York to meet her mother and step-family (including her step-brother who clearly dreams of being on Jersey Shore season 2). It goes well, but again, she is just way too hot for Jake. He also doesn't ask Gia's mother for a marriage blessing, clearly a sign Jake's just waiting for fantasy suites to hit in and quit it.

Second date is with Ali and I think they're kinda perfect together. In Williamstown, MA, Ali takes Jake to her dead grandmother's house, and then he again is a hit with the family. He asks Ali's mom permission for a proposal if she makes it to the end. Also, When does a bachelor visit the girl's hometown and they don't love him? There's a lot of Ali talking about how nothing has ever been this perfect and it's amazing being with Jake, so of course, foreshadowing.

Jake flies across the US for his only west-coast girl, Tenley in Oregon. Tenley shares her passion for lyrical dance by performing an original number for Jake, and I pray that it was the editors who put the wedding march as the music and not her. Lots of ex-husband talk, Tenley's family is glad to see her smile again, and Jake asks Tenley's dad for her hand in marriage. That's 2/3- sorry Gia!

Finally, Jake meets Vienna's family in Florida where he interacts with her overprotective dad, sees gators, and makes out with Vienna in her bedroom. Jake also brings up the Vienna-hate in the house, and he says it's because the girls are all jealous of Vienna. No, it's because Vienna is a spoiled bitch. Honestly, I don't remember what else happened on this hometown cause when I see Vienna, I tune out.

Onto the good stuff: Jake returns to LA for the rose ceremony and gets a knock on his hotel room door... it's Ali. It seems Ali must not have expected to make it this far because reality is callin: come back to work or lose your job. Now Ali has to decide between her job or Jake, and it's kind of a gamble especially since Jake tells her he can't definitely say he'll pick her in the end. It's a really drawn out cryfest and Jake does ask her to stay, but a 1 in 4 shot is kinda stupid so Ali wisely chooses her job. Jake seems heartbroken for about 2 minutes before he returns to the other girls and says how he's relieved to not have to have a rose ceremony. Yeah, what a relief! Instead of chosing who you want there a girl you potentially loved packed up and left for her job- total relief!

The Biggest Loser - NBC is gearing up for the Olympics by sending the losers to the US Olympic training facility in Denver, Colorado. Along with a torch lighting ceremony, Alison drops a few bombs: 1. they're competing as individuals, 2. two people are going home, 3. one person won't even be voted out- whoever is the lowest falls under a red line and automatically goes home. The 2 under the yellow get voted off. Cue fear in all the losers, along with being whipped into shape by Olympians. Sam, Melissa, and Sunshine win the pop challenge which involves those slide boards circa 1992 (and appropriately, I remember it from the movie Heavy Weights - 3:32 mark) and get an advantage at the next challenge with immunity on the line. It's a twist on the biathlon with shooting targets; the 3 pop winners sabotage each other. After a lot of running in circles, O'Neal from the yellow team wins immunity.

The roadtrip ends fast and back at the ranch, the losers are getting more and more nervous about that thin red line. Now that the losers are individuals I realized this season is lacking in personatalites: I barely know any of their names. The dad from the Black team (Darryl) does really poorly and it looks like he'll be the victim of the Red line. The mom from Orange (Cheryl) also tanks but is slightly above Black. Melissa from Red weighs in last and is shocked to see a +1 on the scale; Melissa is eliminated after a long speech about her husband needing this.

It seems like it's time to write someone's name under that silver platter, but Alison's got another ace up her sleeve: at the Olympics, you don't vote, you have to earn a spot so there's no vote this week- it's head to head competition time! Loser goes home. Cheryl and Darryl have to balance a torch stem (pole) on their head; drop it and the flames goes out and they're eliminated. Since TBL won't be on during the Olympics of course it's To Be Continued- dun dun duuuuuun!

Project Runway - The designers take a field trip to the offices of Marie Claire magazine where the editor in chief gives them their next challenge: design an outfit for a celebrity to wear on the cover of Marie Claire magazine. Winner of the challenge will have their look on the April cover of Marie Claire (hint hint, PR wants you to buy this issue). The celebrity on the cover: Heidi Klum (the normal thin version, not preggers Heidi). After getting design advice like no black, patterns, focus on the top, they sketch and shop at mood.

The workroom is super quiet because this is a huge challenge, but Seth Aaron keeps it noisy to others' chagrin. On the runway, there are some great looks and of courses, hot messes. Ben makes a modern look that's brightly colored, but I would've preferred it without the brown/maroon part. Emilio's fuschia dress gets praise, but it still needs some tweaks to be perfect. Sassy Anthony makes this awesome turquoise dress that screams cover to me and to the judges: he's the winner! Quiet Anna made a tank top, vest, and shorts: it's like a low-end H&M look for a 16 year old. Janeane's inspiration was the beach, but it looks like dowdy bridal. Mila's was an ugly Band-Aid color, crotch-pointing arrows, and no detail on the top. Quiet Anna is told she's out, which isn't surprising since she's been in the bottom a lot, has little experience, and they focused on her all episode. I know your tricks Project Runway!

New! Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - 20 of Survivors most notorious players return to play again (or if you're half of them, again and again). The heroes have heavenly blue buffs, while the villains are of course given devil red. The castaways are dropped onto the Samoa beach and greeted by Jeff who has a mini-reunion Q&A session where Rob says, "I'm a villain?" Funny stuff, but no time for bonding: reward challenge. I could explain it all but basically the goal is to retrieve a sandbag and to beat the shit out of each other to get it. What this entails is manpiles, Coach outwitting Colby, figure 4 wrestling moves, a dislocated then relocated shoulder, a broken toe, and 2 women getting their tops ripped off and running bare-boobied. The Heroes win the reward (fire) and start the game off confident.

At the Heroes camp, there's an immediate bond and workmanship. They find chickens and capture them (rooster dinner for all!), Sugar annoys them during bedtime, and build a nice shelter. Broken toed Rupert decides he needs to be a worker bee to prove his worth, but can't start the fire with the flint; JT does it almost immediately. Alliances are already forming, especially those who were on prior seasons together like Stephanie and Tom, or Amanda, Cirie, and James (but he's focused on aligning with JT- as is Tom).

Over at the Villain camp, Russell goes immediately into game mode, making final 2 deals with Danielle and Parvati. Parv knows he's probably making lots of deals, she knows she wants the devil on her side. A surprising showmance starts up with perhaps the most unlikeliest duos ever: Coach and Jerri. Yes, the Dragonslayer and the Black Widow; it sounds like a weird fable. Coach might be in a love triangle though, since he's got a serious mancrush on Boston Rob (who started a fire by rubbing logs). Russell notes this in his head, seeing Boston Rob is a threat to him and we know what happens when Russell gets threatened.

The Heroes and Villains (no fun tribe names this season) meet for the immunity challenge which Jeff explains is to build a boat, ignite a torch, disassemble the boat, solve a puzzle, assemble and climb a ladder, light fire, win. The Heroes take a huge lead but blow it on the puzzle. Boston Rob and Sandra (who I think are going to make an awesome alliance) rock the puzzle and lead the Villains to a victory.

Time for some tribal council scrambling. Sugar is the first to throw out Amanda's name. Word then spreads that Sugar has to go and it seems like that's the consensus. Not so fast: Tom brings up Cirie's name since strategically she's a huge threat. As Cirie's name comes up, Candace throws Tom and Stephanie into the running since they are likely aligned from being in their original season together. Decisions, decisions! Most of tribal council is focused on what strategy does a first vote go: is it strategy or physical? Judging by the votes, it's physical and little Sugar, who I was kinda psyched to see again, is quickly sent packing. I can tell: this is going to be an awesome season... unless Rupert lasts a long time. Seriously, he's crazy. I think he has "the infection" Sayid from Lost has.

February 9, 2010

Small Servings

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My Tumblr is full of little links, photos, and observations I have that just don't warrant a full blog post here, but that doesn't mean I don't want to share them here. Welcome to Small Servings, where I'll give you the rundown of what I've tumbl'ed upon.

February 8, 2010

Serving of the Week

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Name: The Superbowl 44 Halftime Show
SERVED: I don't know if it's CBS or the NFL who books the Superbowl Halftime Show, but man, a nip slips a bunch of years ago and we've digressed to this? Don't get me wrong: I love classic rock. Check out my radio and you'll see I rock Oldies 103.3 nonstop, but this halftime show was horrible. The Who sounded like crap and it was so boring it made me fall asleep. Whoever thought a fun halftime show includes hearing all the CSI themes needs to get fired. With one of the biggest broadcasts of the year, I think CBS and the NFL need to get with the times. SERVED.

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February 7, 2010

Movie Scene Sunday: Up

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When it comes to seeing movies, it's not very often I end up seeing the Academy Award nominees (though sometimes I make an effort to). When the Oscar nominations were announced this week, I knew Up was a shoo-in for Best Animated Feature Film, but was pretty excited when it was also nominated for Best Picture. I don't think it stands a chance at winning Best Picture, but I'm so glad it made it into the prestigious category (the 10 nominees really allowed some different films to make the cut). Enjoy a clip of Up while I try to make a plan to watch the other nominated movies.

February 5, 2010

Reality Rundown: Chicken Soup for the Hot Mess Soul

The BachelorThe Biggest LoserProject Runway

Photo from BuddyTV.comThe Bachelor: On the Wings of Live - Jake takes the ladies to San Francisco and since he's got mostly blonds, I'm hoping they'll re-enact the Full House opening. Right away, Tenley is taken on a 1-on-1 cable car/Chinatown date where they get along really well (aka Jake is boring) and wear racist hats. Both even wrote "Kiss me!" inside their fortune cookies- perfect match! Jake admits to the camera he's beginning to fall for Tenley.

The date card arrives for the 2-on-1 date and after a near-scare of an Ali/Vienna face-off, it's actually Gia and Vienna going to a vineyard/castle in Napa Valley. Gia originally feels like the 3rd wheel until Jake takes her for alone time and assures her he's falling for her- then they make out. The clingy pony (Vienna) takes it upon herself to search for Jake in the wine cellar hallways, calling out "Jake?! Honey?!" She is pathetic and when she tells Jake she's falling for him, he doesn't respond. Since it's a castle sleepover, Vienna sneaks down to Jake's room with wine and he assures us viewers it'll stay rated G (like we doubted that!) Vienna ends up leaving, thinking maybe this hurt her chances with Jake.

Jake takes Corrie (who?) to the park where the take a boat, awkwardly don't kiss, head to the Science Center, Corrie admits she's a virgin, Jake's OK with that, and then they kiss. She's a sweet girl but it's so obvious she's 5th out of 5. The final solo date is with Ali, and since she lives in San Fran, she gets to play tourguide. It's the most natural date and they seem to have a blast; I think Ali is the best fit for Jake. But he has to bring up the Vienna-bomb, since Vienna told Jake how Ali hates her and blew up at the last rose ceremony. Ali is trying to let go of the Vienna hate and tells Jake she wants him to be happy.

At the Rose Ceremony, Jake lets Corrie know her situation won't impact his decision because, "It's not about sex appeal, it's about heart appeal." Gag! In case you were hoping Vienna would be gone tonight, Jake gives her a tour of his hotel room and balcony so clearly she's staying. In his bro-talk with Chris Harrison, Chris brings up the house drama and Jake says he's ignoring it. I find this hilarious since last season, Jake spent every minute of that show diming out Wes and pointing out what a bad person he was. Hypocrite alert! Jake prepares to handout his roses to narrow it down to 4 for hometown dates. The ladies all look so classy until you see Vienna who looks so trailer trash; I really don't get it. Anyways, no surprise, Corrie gets cut and cries in the limo (which passes by the Mrs. Doubtfire house!) So a trip to San Francisco, yet no a single Rice-A-Roni factory tour- seems like a failure to me!

The Biggest Loser - Upon the departure of her daughter, Miggy returns to the house only to be sent to the ER. We later find out she had her appendix, as well as a cyst and a mass, removed. She also learns from Dr. Hzuinga that she's got about 8lbs worth of salt water in her, so her fears of going home are elevated.

30 days have come and gone on TBL campus, and the Yellow and Blue teams (sent home day 1) return for a weigh-in: whoever loses the most gets to return to campus to compete, has immunity, and has the only vote that will be cast at elimination this week. The father/daughter Yellow team gets to return to campus and realize they need to get into game mode now. Lots of workouts and crying (as usual) this week, and at a challenge pushing football tackle pads, the sole member of the White team (Michael) wins immunity; last place pink gets a 2lb disadvantage.

At the weigh-in, Miggy reveals that because of surgery all she can do it walk, so she walked like 17 miles in a day. Yikes! She's safe. Pink's 2lb disadvantage doesn't matter and it's the sole member of the Brown team that's eliminated. Thank god for immunity, because Yellow was the team with the lowest percentage of weight-loss.

Project Runway - The challenge this week is to create an evening dress for an inspiring woman, which we find out are women who suffer from heart disease. In a big ol' product tie-in, the designers will create red dresses for the annual Campbell's Soup campaign for heart disease prevention. Oh and of course the dresses need to include Campbell's Soup branding. You would've thought a reality show promoting soup might be say, The Biggest Loser? But Andy Warhol made some sweet artwork inspired by the iconic can and so can our designers, right?

Wrong. While all the designers are inspired emotionally by the struggles of their models, they designers are far from good. In fact, I pretty much hated every look this week. Amy is declared the winner with a flowy, ethereal dress that flatters her model (I liked this look, I guess). Young, soft-spoken Anna is in the bottom 2 with a really ugly dress with a creepy flesh-toned top; it fits poorly and makes her model look terrible. In his official spot of the season, Jesus is also in the bottom 2 with a whorish red dress complete with tacky rhinestones that even Deb wouldn't sell. We're mercifully saved from having to look at Jesus' abominations from fashion again. He expresses that he's shocked he's no longer in the competition; umm, you've been in the bottom every single week and you're surprised? Someone get this kid a clue... and a copy of Vogue.

February 1, 2010

Smaller Servings - Now on Tumblr!

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I realized that I come across hilarious things all the time on the web or in real life that just don't warrant a full blog post here, so I decided to create a Tumblr for Mel Got Served. Visit my Tumblr page often for hilarious/ridiculous websites, photos, TV recommendations, random comments, and other posts that have a smaller serving size.

Serving of the Week

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Name: Ugly Betty
SERVED: In its 4th season of air, Ugly Betty had a creative resurgence. I found myself each week excited to see what would happen to Marc, Wilhemina, Amanda, Daniel, Justin and even that drab whiner Betty. But when the fall season started, ABC clearly lacked faith in the show and placed it on Friday nights, aka the timeslot of death (RIP Dollhouse). ABC smartened up and moved Ugly Betty to Wednesday nights in its new successful comedy block, but it was too late. It was announced this week that this season of Ugly Betty would be its last. SERVED. It's such a shame that a show with such talent and finally some good stories (and Betty finally got a makeover!) had to go out now especially with crappy shows like The Deep End still being on their line-up.

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