March 14, 2010

Movie Scene Sunday: Lucas

3/14/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served No comments
In sad news, Corey Haim died this week and it's such a bummer cause Corey Haim was such an 80's teen icon. Lost Boys, Licensed to Drive, and Dream a Little Dream (1 and 2) are all such 80's classics and it's a bummer that Corey (well, both Coreys) could never really get past the teen idol status. The Coreys are the epitome of bromance and BFFs and this news was a total downer.

Corey Haim's big breakout role came when he played nerdy outcast Lucas who joins the football team, almost dies from the game, and then wins respect of all the high school assholes who tortured him. I wanted the movie clip where Lucas gets Icy Hot rubbed on his junk, pushed out of the gym in just a towel, and humiliated but alas it's not on Youtube. Instead, enjoy Lucas totally SERVING some loser football coach. RIP Corey Haim!