March 26, 2010

Reality Rundown: Cupcake Karma

The Amazing RaceThe Biggest LoserAmerican Idol
Survivor: Heroes Vs. VillainsProject Runway

The Amazing Race - The contestants stick around for another leg in France, tasked to retrieve their next clue at the only outdoor statue of Joan of Arc in the town of Reims. If you ask Jordan of Team Big Brother who Joan of Arc is, expect her to talk about a guy bringing 2 of each animal onto a giant wooden yacht. The clue sends teams to a Road Block at a wine cellar where they must search for a bottle marked with a teeny Amazing Race flag and then they get to open the bottle with a sword. It is awesome and now a task for my bucket list.

The clue inside the bottle leads several teams back to Reims, which is incorrect. Most make up the time easily. The Detour is a choice of 2 Champagne region tasks: find a bunch of grapes with another teeny flag or make a 15-level high stack of champagne glasses and successfully pour the champagne on top without it breaking. The grapes turn out to be a far easier task than expected and most teams select this option, though the brothers choose to do the glasses and succeed. They now plan to offer their champagne skills are bar mitzvahs and weddings. Miss Teen USA team can't make up their mind about the Detour and after breaking the glasses opt to search for the grape bunch. Team Big Brother appears to catch-up and stupidly choose the glasses and fail. As the sun sets and night falls, Jordan and Jeff search for grapes in the dark but it doesn't really matter and Team Big Brother is eliminated from the race.

The Biggest Loser - All the losers get to go home for the week and get so excited. Do they forget whenever they go home they never work out, pig out, and end of being full of shame? I guess not.

Upon arriving home, the losers find giant crates in their house. The contents of the crate: a work-out bike, a DVD, and a box of delicious mini-cupcakes. The DVD is Alison telling the losers they have an at-home challenge for a chance to win $10k. The losers will need to ride a marathon on the work-out bike, 26.2 miles, and whoever is first wins. Wait, no because there is a temptation too. For every cupcake the losers eat (100 calories each) they can add 5 minutes onto another player's time. Strong Sam is the main target, but tons of cupcakes are eaten. Michael eats 6, Drea eats 9, and Lance eats 17! His wife may have claimed she didn't play the game by throwing weigh-ins, but it's so obvious now. So everyone rides the bikes in front of their hometown and while Sam comes in first, he got 50 cupcake minutes. The winner is Sam's cousin Koli, who thankfully had no cupcakes eaten in his honor.

The losers return to the ranch and did pretty well at home, but Lance feels guilty for abandoning his family again. At no point does he express any cupcake guilt, and I'm assuming Bob doesn't know about it either. At the weigh-in, everyone does pretty well at home. The Black teams shocks the world by completing dominating the weigh-in; Sam even loses 14lbs at home. So the Blue team is faced with elimination and for a split second it seems like Michael could go home, since his grandmother is extremely sick. It looks like cupcake karma has come back to bite Lance and he is sent snacking- I mean packing.

American Idol - There a bigger stakes in this week's episode as whoever gets axed this week won't get to go on the Idols Top 10 Tour. The theme is Billboard #1 hits and their mentor is... Miley Cyrus. Because she's such a legend of music. In all honesty, she wasn't a bad mentor at all I just don't think she is qualified. Anyways, the most random songs are selected and I only saw the 1st hour and it was horrible. Paige Miles had one of the worst performances in the history of Idol and was rightfully kicked off. Also, Miley had a really cool color nail polish.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - The episode immediately kicks off with the Russell vs. Boston Rob rivalry and it appears tonight, one of them is going down. At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff informs the survivors that both tribes will be going to Tribal Council tonight so 1 person from each tribe will win immunity. Candace, who was next on the Heroes chopping block, wins immunity and therefore moves Colby up in the rankings. Boston Rob wins for the villains and I cheer happily- suck it, Russell! The 2 winners also battle head to head: that winner and their tribe will get to watch the loser's Tribal Council and chow down on some hot dogs. Boston Rob wins again- talk about a hero!

At Villains camp the vote is obvious: Parvati. B-Rob warns Russell in advance, in hopes flushing the Idol out of Russell but Russell ain't dumb. He approaches Parvati and plans to give her his Idol to take out Tyson. Tyson?! Nooo! B-Rob is smart though and decides they need a back-up plan to make sure either Parvati or Russell leave. The plan is to split the votes evenly between the 2 and force a 3-way tie between Russell, Parvati, and Tyson and at the re-vote get rid of Russell. But right before Tribal, Russell considers the fact that these people could be smart and force the 3-way tie, so he makes his move: Russell pulls Tyson aside and assures him he's finally dumping Parvati. Please Tyson, don't buy this! You're too good for this! He's not. Russell sticks to his word and gives Parvati the Immunity Idol, nulling all the votes for her. There should be 3 votes, but there are 4... because Tyson got duped. He basically voted himself out of the game. Tyson's torch is snuffed and his misses out of the hot dog feast (but I guess he can eat whatever he wants at Loser's Lodge).

Colby brings all the Heroes together and aknowledges that he's going home, no need to scramble, let's just relax and not give the Villains any ammunition at tonight's Tribal Council. Candace, Rupert, Amanda and JT all talk and wonder if they should dump James because his leg isn't bad, he doesn't help around camp, and eats all the bananas without sharing. Amanda is so desperate and arguign hard for James to say without specifically dropping his name. Amanda warns James, so James decides to prove his worth by having a Survivor Olympics foot-race with JT... I don't know. At Tribal, James implies that Colby is a loser and a shadow of his former self, like seeing Superman in a girdle. He thinks Colby has given up and that he should stay in the game. At long last, James' and his ego are sacrificed to hopefully bond this team before the merge.

Project Runway - In terms of challenges, this was one of my favorite ideas (too bad I was so tired I slept through half of it). Anyways, each designer will use their [product placement!) HP Touch Desktop to design their own textile and create a garment with it. I must say, it's pretty awesome. What comes out of those textiles... not as awesome (for some).

Maya, who traditionally avoids prints, makes this amazing black and red print with shots of orange; her dress really pops, especially from a side view. Seth Aaron creates this really cool pop art design and uses it on a jacket and it's tonight where I officially decide SA is my pick to win. Emilio wins the challenge, which surprises me; he made this print with his initials that the judges loved (or if you're me and Tim Gunn, initially don't understand it and think it has Seth Aaron's initials).

Mila leads off the bad looks like a design that looks like a 70's sheet and it's such a cheap 70's design that not even cool in that retro-chic way. Jonathan's look is described as a woman in a straight jack wearing dirty dishtowel fabric (and insulting the fabric really hurts Jonathan's feelings). Anthony had a cool textile to start with, but ruined it with one of his typical sweetheart neckline dresses. In a move that surprised me, Anthony is sent home. No more sassy one-liners!

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