March 19, 2010

Reality Rundown: What's Morse Code for "This Detour Sucks"?

The Amazing RaceThe Biggest Loser
American IdolProject Runway

The Amazing Race - Last leg's pit stop ends up being a bus ride to a mystery location, which ends up being France. The teams are sent to a boulangerie to retrieve a big ol' baguette (or "bag-you-ette" as the cowboys pronounced it) to retrieve the clue. Only Jeff and Jordan seem to be really perplexed in realizing you need to crack open the baguette to retrieve the clue inside.

The baguette sends the teams to the Detour where the teams can particpate in World War 1 by either crawling through an obstacle course under barb wire or deciphering Morse Code. I absolutely hate legs of the race where it's clear only 1 side of the Detour would even be attempted, but since the teams are warned "Caution: U-Turn Ahead" it's obvious the Morse Code task is to completely f-over the U-Turned team. The Detectives, in 1st place, choose to blind U-Turn husband/wife team Joe and Heidi, but it's not very anonymous since Joe/Heidi and the father/daughter knew the detectives were the only team ahead of them. They're obviously pissed. Meanwhile, other teams continue to pass Joe/Heidi, riding bikes 4 miles to the pit stop in old timey clothes and mustaches. The detectives are team #1, again.

Jeff/Jordan are way behind the pack, and the end looks inevitable after getting lost and having to do a Speed Bump challenge to build a stick fence. With some dramatic editing it seems like maybe there could be a bike race to the pit story between Jeff/Jordan and Joe/Heidi, but Joe/Heidi can't decipher the Morse Code at all and are Philiminated. In case you are dying to know, the Morse Code message was, "We will prevail. Viva le France."

The Biggest Loser - The Blue team wins a healthy food trivia challenge and a night at a fancy shmancy hotel, expensive healthy dinner, and spa treatments. The Black team has to clean the gym and the kitchen, which is torture since these people apparently live like slobs. They must've told them don't clean for days because there were rotten apples, broken glass, disgusting pans. Insane. The Black team wins when it counts, cooking the healthiest meal for celebrity chef/Celebrity Apprentice contestant Curtis Stone. They win a 5lb advantage at the weigh-in which is huge and much-needed.

To bad it doesn't help. The Black teams loses the weigh-in yet again and choose to send home the remaining old lady on their team, Sherry.

American Idol - I might not be watching Idol, but I did say I'd try to give you a quick update. This week the "singers" had to pick a Rolling Stones song to completely abominate. I watched the first hour and that is when I officially gave up. I don't even like the Stones and this was god awful. Lacy Brown destroyed "Ruby Tuesday" and was the first talent-lacking singer to leave this season.

Project Runway - The challenge this week is to create a day and evening look inspired by a New York neighborhood... is pairs! Jay and Mila have the unfortunate luck of hating each other and being paired by bad luck of the draw. Also, the ever-so-frightening Collier Strong returns for the obnoxious L'Oreal Paris product placements that I fast forward through.

Anthony and Maya were the team I liked best, with a Chinatown evening dress that was inspired by a paper dragon. The daytime look had a nice patterned jacket. Emilio and Seth Aaron drew Harlem and all I see is denim! I know the evening gown isn't denim, but it sure looks like it. The judges love it and name Emilio and Seth Aaron this week's winners. Jay and Mila were able to professionally work with each other on their East Village looks, but the quality wasn't there on Jay's end. His tank top was sloppy and the pants were ehh. Mila made her usual black and white and while it's nice, it's like, I get it! You're mod. Jonathan and Amy pull the Upper East Side and it's a far cry from the style of Gossip Girl. Jonathan's evening dress is overworked but receives some praise. Amy's makes supposedly a peach shirt dress with pleating- oh god, it's awful. Amy, a long-time favorite to make it to the finals, is AUF'D but I see this as a long time coming. Remember the clown pants?

Photo Credits: CBS, MyLifetime, NBC


Steve G. said...

It is weird to see the detectives on television - I had to interview one of them for a story once, like two years ago. Nice guy, although he is a BIG dude. He crushed my hand when he shook it, if I recall correctly.