March 1, 2010

Serving of the Week

3/01/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments

Name: The American Idol Season 9 Top 24
SERVED: I didn't get to see much of Hollywood Week for American Idol this season because I was busy watching the Olympics and Lost, but I put my faith into the judges and assumed they would pick the best talent. I guess I was wrong. This week my ears were ripped apart by 24 terrible singers that quite frankly, have left me at a possible ultimatum: improve this week, or I'm done. Sorry bloggers, but I can't let my ears by violently assaulted week after week by a bunch of wannabe musicians who must've been picked based on their cheesy personal story and not the caliber of their singing. I think I might need to blame Adam Lambert for this because if he didn't become the king of "making it your own" and remixing the songs, maybe we would have better singing and less contestants that are trying to make a statement. Idol, you've been SERVED your first warning. Another week like this and you're toast.

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