March 22, 2010

Serving of the Week

3/22/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served 1 comment

Name: Jesse James
SERVED: Just weeks ago, Sandra Bullock won her Oscar for Best Lead Actress and gave a big thanks to her husband and inspiration, husband Jesse James. You might know him as the ex-host of Monster Garage, contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, and star of some show called Jesse James is a Dead Man. Well Jesse, you're a dead man now cause you got caught cheating. This week it came out that Jesse's been cheating on Sandy with some tattooed porn star. Poor Sandra Bullock! This really came out of left field and it sucks that she thanked this cheater in her Oscar moment of glory. Jesse James, you might not have been SERVED divorce papers (yet), but you are getting SERVED here!

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Photo credit: NDS Emulation


Summer said...

this is such a sucky situation.