April 4, 2010

Movie Scene Sunday: The Room

4/04/2010 Posted by Mel Got Served No comments
If there's one movie you have to see before you die, it's The Room. It's perhaps the worst movie ever made, yet enthralling. It's full of terrible acting, confusing storylines, softcore porn love-scenes, and random non sequiturs ("I did not hit her!!... Oh, hi Mark!"). It's so awful, yet truly mesmerizing. The Room has become a cult hit, even getting the Rocky Horror Picture Show treatment with loud, outrageous, interactive viewings and once a year, on April Fool's Day, Adult Swim airs The Room in its entirety (and with awesome black censors bars for the graphic sex).

The highlight of the film is when Johnny, played by the film's delusional director Tommy Wiseau, confronts his "future wife" Lisa about her false accusations of abuse and how much it pains him. It's the line you'll be quoting for days and likely sending you immediately to Amazon to buy it (while you're at it, buy me a copy too!) You surely won't regret it as you will cry laughing at the unintended comedic cult hit.